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John Freeson

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John Freeson
- John is top right, only photo that can be found in the fednet's sources. During his deployment alongside friendly militia and the 37th MI battalion during Operation Steel Thunder -
Theme :
General Information
Name: John Dimitri Freeson
Date of Birth: 16/11/----
Age: 29
Family: (Find out IC bb)
Place of Origin: Dallas, Texas, Earth
Height: 5'11''
Hair Color: Light brown/sandy
Eye Color: Vibrant green eyes
Motto: "----------------"
Assignment: 78th Morita Rifles, 3rd Marauder Detachment, 1st Penal Battalion
112th Morita Rifles 
Morale: " Is aight.. "
Health: Alive
Campaign record :
Operation Freedom Fighter
Operation Firestorm
Operation Steel Thunder
Concrete Jungle Campaign
Edenwell Campaign
Epsilon Eridani Campaign
New Wellington Campaign
Operation Restoring Hope
Operation Knifepoint
Campaign Holdfast
Operation Desertfire
Operation High-head
Collection of pictures from deployment










- The glue sniffing Kastner




- The dong inspector Maclagan




- From left, Franco Sorrentino, John Freeson, Trey Winter, Alive Vickers, bottom, Maclagan




Left, Alice Vickers







unnamed planet within Sanctuary space
-Local Refugee onboard a naval ship
-- 112th watching OB -- Unknown planet



Joker - Most people think of him as a foolish, almost annoying person with the jokes he'll play on those around him.
Medals and Awards
- x5 Purple hearts -
- General Specialization Ribbon -
- Federal Defense Ribbon -
Loved / Family / Respected / Cordial / Neutral / Distrusted / Hate / Deathwish


Rosangela : Noemi Rosangla - Well. She's something else, kind'a like a little sister that you just can't get angry at no matter what it is she might pull off. And lately, when I've been around her I think of my little sister back on Terra.. It kind of pains me to think about it, some girl is in the MI. All of the horrifying things she must see on a daily basis.. And yet, she act's like nothing's ever happened, just care free and oblivious of what's going on around her. I'm kind of jealous of that.


Cassandra 'Cass' Rhodes : I like Rhodes. I fuck with her, and she fucks with me, to a degree. She can at least take a joke. And a damn good medic at that.. Can't say much more then that, I ain't know her enough.


Heard she bit the bullet, doesn't surprise me anymore.. All the goods one die, I hate it.


Dallas 'Cowgirl' Edwards :  One of my superiors. Not for long though, I've got my eyes on Corporal just as much as the next guy. And plus, I mighty fine respect the lass for what she's been through.. And I mean, I've got a soft spot for Texan women, they sure know how to grab reigns of the bulls. That bein' the men around them.


Where'd you go?


She's back! And now a sergeant! Jesus fucking Christ, I was going insane.. Nobody from the old group has been around, they've all fucked off to the edges of the galaxy, and here she is. Making a name for herself.. To be honest, if she didn't come back at the time she did, I would have lost my mind with boredom. I hope you think the same of me as I do you.


Kenneth Harrell : A medic that's part of the 112th. Haven't really talked to him, though I've been a patient of the man as much as Rhodes, and he does a mighty fine job at what he does. And for that, I respect him for patching everyone in the MI up, and saving lives.. Of course.


DeShawn Biggums : DeShawn, my duuuude. Honestly, every time we're around each other, we act like complete fools and don't even care as to what others think. And can I trust him with my life? Ehhhhh. Yeah, I'd say so. One of the only guys around this company that can take a joke and not get a pissy fit, and for that. I much enjoy.


So my main dawg Biggs is now a fucking Staff Sergeant, I'm happy that the man is moving along the ranks, make's me god damn proud of him.


Gabriel Logan : A private that's with the 112th MI, alright guy. He's not much of a talker, and I rarely talk to him outside of combat, I mean - There's been a few conversations here and there. But nothing worthy of remembering..


He's now a Staff? Fuck if I know how he got there, he's an odd one.


Halima Nasser : She went and died on me - I was.. Able to express my feelings to her atleast before she died. I wish I was able to see her one more time - I was able to nab her hijab.. I don't think anyone has noticed it around my neck.. Heh.. Perhaps for the best.


Blake 'Nyx' Triggs : I like the woman - Kind of reminds me of myself currently with how she acts.. Zoning out and simply not socializing with a large majority of the ship, probably fearing to create a lasting relationship with others and to just-.. Just-.. Agh, anyways.. I can relate with her, so there's that.


Aiden O'Farrell : So the man apparently died, and now he's back. I don't know - He's sort of gone on the deep end with what I've been hearing, acting like a one man army in his suit and acting too careless.. I hope our detachment doesn't get more shit from his recklessness, that's the last thing we need.. Again..


Ji Song : Ji Song, again. One of the newer Marauders that's joined the 112th's Marauder Detachment. I don't know him much, but like O'Farrell. He show's quality that can't be matched.


Valentina Pacheco : We rarely socialize out of the field sadly, we have talked, on some rare occasions in the messhall and the bar. Which well-.. Let's just say we got nowhere when we spoke, it was just about a few daily events that had occurred. But from what I gather and see, she really cares about the Platoon's well being, which I greatly admire. I hope to get to grow closer to her, she seems like a person I could grow to respect easily.


Garret Swift : He aight.


Daisy Bailey : I was a complete thorn in her side - And it wasn't even for the right reasons, I harped on her for the wrong reasons and it pains me for what I said to her.. Hopefully I can repay her in something..


TSgt. Lerwick : He's the XO for the engineers/yellowjackets, a pretty amiable guy. I like him more than the other sergeants, he can take a joke.


Jericho K'Ortan : He's dead.. Can't say I miss him much. Did his job.


Alyssa Melodie : A newer Marauder that I've /attempted/ to look out for, didn't work to well. Oh well.


Robert 'Marlboro-Marine' Hillenbrand : My man Marlboro, he's the coolest dude around that was from the E-4 mafia.. I miss those days, ain't been the same ever since he disappeared for awhile. Most of the E-4 mafia is gone, we might be the only remnants left.. Jeez, we're old aren't we?


Naomi Vond : She probably doesn't even know who I am - Though I remember when she first came aboard.. And when she left.. And guess what? She's back, I wonder how many times she'll leave and come back.


Well, we've talked here and there. She's a nice lass - Though I can't really tell if the lollipops, her smell.. Is a facade? I honestly can't get over that there's something off.. About all of it. Who fucking knows, she's alright in my books. Free shit.


Anthony Stafford : Wonder where he went.


Jong-su Park : A crazy Asian that was actually a fucking separatist, weird shit. Don't really know the details of it all.


Frank Esposito : A corporal that doesn't shoot the shit. He'll simply order us around and expect everyone to /respect/ him, doesn't bother to interact with the grunts..


Alfred C. Smith : An alright marine that loves to enforce the law, he took my place about glassing a planet. Fun stuff to watch, I thought he'd get punched from the Sergeant - I was sadly incorrect.


Claire Øyvind : Some Corporal among the MI NCO's, don't really know her, but from what I've heard. She's got her head screwed on right, so she's got that going for her.


Guess you bit the bucket - Sorry to hear that, may you rest in peace.


Graham 'Cunt' Maclagan : A cool sergeant that I've known for awhile, he seems to push me a bit to get my shit locked, but. I'm not complaining, he's been the one that's trained me from the DMR to well - Just about everything. He's got my respect for sure, one of the only competent NCO's around, besides eeeh. Two others? Matene and.. I'unno, actually.


Amelia "Pigeon" Wordekemper : She's an engineer that's currently worth her salt, I like the woman. Kind'a got a thin' for her but not something I'd really chase after. But props to you on /actually/ knowing how to be an engineer.. Though.. I haven't really talked to her off the field now that I think about it, might have to get to know the woman, nice girl.


So she's not a marauder anymore.. Don't even know as to why she was kicked out - Must have fucked up more than myself if she was.. I just hope she's going to take it well. I'll be there for her if needed.


Henry Westfield : He's a cool dude, he's a Lance at the moment and will probably be stuck around that area. He does his job good enough, and can take a joke. Always fun to have around.


Ezra Hernandez : My dude Ezra. I like him a lot, whenever he's leading a drop I always make it my priority to get second-in-command and assist him with everything. And he's looked out for me a million times, mad respect.


Katie Pine : A new face I've gotten to /slightly/ know around the Audie Murphy. She seems alright, and I remember her from awhile back.. Can't really put my thumb on it but, eh. Who fucking cares, I sure as hell don't. She's aight in my books, can take a joke.


The guys also love to swarm'er and her little compadre that follows her around. Poor gal must be gettin' hounded.


Carter Vert : Carter Vert is a corporal that's shown up about a month ago, he's an alright man from what I've gathered, and is pretty social and amiable. Something I appreciate in-terms of being easy-going within the 112th, since everyone else seems to love creating drama.. Or getting involved, so good for you. Vert.


Annabelle K. Bohannon : A Bohannon that /was/ a medic, I won't go into detail as to why they lost their medical badge - But let's just say it was a good thing that happened.. Other than her chain smoking as much as Marlboro and I.. I don't know the woman.




Kristina Sigrun : One of the Marauders that I've talked to on a few occasions, and remembers me from the days I was still a marauder. She's got her head screwed on straight, for the most part that is.


We've talked, more. And she finds my relationship with Rain awful.. Don't know what else she must think of me...


Alastair Takugawa : The technical sergeant is an introvert from what I've noticed - Though I will say he does an amazing job with medical. By far one of the most competent medical staff in this entire company. And he help's the marauders every single time something happens - Always running to aid us. Never talked with him, but mad respect.


Radoslava Tchaikovskaya : She's a medic.. So, yeah. She aigh', though I did poke fun at her while we had been deployed in the most recent campaign, hopefully she doesn't think too ill of me.


Trey Winters : By far my favorite warrant officer that's currently on-board the Audie Murphy, don't really know what he does. But he get's shit done when needed, that's all I care about.


Makenzie Farrstone : A new face that's popped up while aboard the Audie Murphy, seems to be a journalist, and quite bubbly at that. They never seem to stop talking and taking photos in such a innocent manner..


Franco Sorrentino : My man, if anything. One of the only officers aboard this ship that I respect more than my father. We started on this ship both at privates, so we were able to shoot the shit for awhile until he shot up the ranks. It's good seeing him as our company CO, I'll follow the mans orders even if it means death.


Travis young : Corporal Travis Young.. Uh - I believe he's an engineer that's done a good job so far when it comes to leading and blowing shit up, so. He's got that going for him.. And he follows my lieutenant around like a puppy, probably trying to get between her legs. Don't blame the man, I'd do the same if I weren't in my current situation.


Vinitharius Angelos : A new Italian Marauder, I like the man.. Though he gives off a mafioso vibe -- That might be me being racist though..


Artyom Kholvok : Another marauder that I keep forgetting about.. Heh. He's interesting, though I rarely see him around the ship nowadays.. Where'd you go, man?


Another marauder gone, a shame.


Joshua A. Caine : .. I believe he also had feelings for Rain - Which made me wary of him.. To be honest, and I feel as though I misplaced my trust for him until recently. The man is intriguing when it comes to conversation, though rare. 


Jackie Knoxx: Knoxx - I like her a lot, kind of like a sister to me, though I don't know exactly. She's funny, can take jokes and is a joker herself. Like me when I first started out in the MI, hope she goes far.


So far she's improved immensely from when she first started out, even a Lance Corporal at this rate! I hope she continues doing well, I'd hate to see her stray from her current path and continue the old fuck-ups that were so common.. Here's to your improvements, eh? 


Maxine Valentine: I met her -- She's a new face and was being shown around by the Terminal Corporal Vickers, hope she doesn't end up like the rest of the Mobile Infantry, seems like an alright lass that just got caught up in the Federations manpower grab.





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