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Quinn Caffrey -- Degenerate Psychic

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Quinn E. Caffrey


Character Summary
Chaotic Neutral

Renegade<████████ | ████████>Paragon

Awful<███████|██████|██████>Not Awful







Name: Quinn Elizabeth Caffrey
Aliases: Caff
Age: 25
Birthday: May 04
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birth Planet: Terra
Heritage English
Hometown: Whitechapel, England
Gender: Female
Specialization: Psi-Ops Specialist
Height: 5.9 Forearms
Weight: 9.6 Stone (135 Lbs)
Build: Ectomorph
Eyes: Steel Blue
Hair: Brown
Skin Tone: Pale

Tarot Card / A Quick Consensus


The Seven of Cups
A psychic and lady - at least to some degree - with an attitude that could only be described as 'in your face'. With a degenerative and narcissistic take on life, Quinn finds herself out of touch with many people as a result of her crude nature. A drinker, a smoker and a mix of humor bordering brooding with a hint of dark sarcasm. A woman with a care greater for her men than her own well-being mixed with an all-business attitude in the field. Despite this, she has little care for the well-being of those she does not know, and one may find her praise hard to acquire, given that she's the personification of critical.
Rapscallion, vagabond, bitch; these were but a few words to describe Quinn. Standing at roughly five foot nine, the young lady was of average height for her gender. Her body was composed of smooth skin marred over with the occasional scar. Her body could have been described by a physician as having an ectomorphic body type - one typically ascribed to dancers, gymnasts, athletes or troubadours. Framing a pale complexion was a tuft of dark hair that came down to roughly jaw length. Her shoulders sat broadly; also bearing long limbs, and even wider hips. Her jaw was sharp, her cheekbones high that contrasted a pointed chin, and swooping hawk-like nose.

Sat in their sockets were two grey-blue eyes that have watched in admiration the exploits and glories of bold deeds, both within her family and without. She was left with straight and distinctive eyelashes, as well as thick eyebrows. Quinn was not very hygienic, with her front teeth stained yellow and crooked, poorly-groomed hair, and with minimal discoloration under the eyes or about the cheeks. Her voice carries a low, hoarse contralto, which compliments well her joyous expressions of merriment, or accompanies hoarse shouting that might follow the drawing of steel.


Lax * Degenerative * Foul-Mannered * Open-Minded * Facetious * Extrovert

Marital Status: Unmarried


  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Rolling Shoulders
  • Slang Vocabulary



  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Reading
  • Eating
  • Psychic Workouts
  • Learning New Things



  • Glossophobia - The fear of public speaking



  • Openness
  • Psychics
  • Liberal Thinking
  • Emotionally Stable People
  • Breaking Protocol
  • Damp or Cold Climate
  • Realistic Perception / Ideology
  • Spicy Food
  • Alcohol & Tobacco
  • Moto People



  • Protocol Sticklers
  • Heavy Emotional Baggage
  • Overly Friendly People
  • Overly Macho People
  • Domineering Attitudes
  • People Who Shouldn't Be In The Infantry
  • Overachievers
  • People Who Want To Be 'The Guy'


History & Misc

General Skills:

  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Small Arms Training
  • Heavy Weapons Training
  • Basic Psychic Ability Proficiency
  • Intermediate Psychic Ability Proficiency
  • Advanced Psychic Ability Proficiency
  • CLS Certification


Face Claim: Kaya Scodelario
Criminal Record: Public Intoxication (x4), Drug Possession (x3), DUI (x4 - License Revoked), Solicitation (x1)
Anything Else:

  • Quinn's accent depicts her being of cockney origin.
  • Quinn is Ambidextrous
  • Quinn is an only child.
  • Quinn has a long family history of psychics.
  • Quinn has a minor case of resting bitch face.
  • Quinn has a tattoo sleeve.


Awards & Commendations:

  • Purple Heart
  • Meritorious Unit Medal
  • Meritorious Service Medal 
  • Distinguished Service Medal
  • Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon
  • Mobile Infantry Specialization Ribbon


Theatre Ribbons:

  • Operation HELIOS
  • Operation λambda
  • Operation Dawn
  • Operation Restoring Hope
  • Operation Breadbasket
  • Operation Holland Road



Stole from McMann


- Friend   Liked - Approval - Acquaintance - Neutral - Mixed - Disliked Hated -


(#'d Left-to-Right)

1. Thoughts of you professionally

2. Thoughts of you in general

3. Relationship Status

4. Interest in you (Attraction, Amiable/Friendly, None, Curiosity, Professional, Secretive)

5. Do you have a personal use to Quinn? (Yes, No)

/ † = Deceased / ® = Retired/Transferred




W. Saint-Claire:



Originally competent and thorough with his attempts to better his former comrades, Saint-Claire has not since taken any measures to try and be useful or convene like his fellow intelligence colleagues do. It would be safe to say that Quinn's personal opinion of Saint-Claire inhibits her from viewing him as anything more than a trash bag with officer's pins taped on.


On a more personal level, Quinn's relationship with Saint-Claire could be described as 'someone she knows' at best, something much graver at worst. She does not necessarily care for his well-being, nor would she mourn his passing. He remains as a face in the hall that she feels the need to watch out for, given his position as both an officer, and a member of the intelligence committee. Quinn hates spooks, and will go out of her way to spite them or avoid pleasing them at any opportunity. She originally considered William an exception to this rule, however she was proven wrong. Quinn has gone so far as to refer to Saint-Claire as 'a washout douchebag who couldn't hack it in the infantry' as a result of him selling out his NCO status for an intelligence commission.


In summary, Quinn does not respect Saint-Claire and pretends he does not exist.



® D. Elswood:




Elswood is held in high regard by Quinn in a professional medical environment, stemming as a result of him having saved her life during a psychic-seizure in the field after having been disregarded by her section leader. She view him as both capable and good at his job, as she does with most medical personnel with some personal exceptions. Pleased that he is a medic, Quinn holds no professional gripes with Dorian.


Personally however, Quinn once held mixed feelings for Dorian. Though they were not inherently negative at the time, she felt wary from the get-go. In time, this came to change as he grew to be one of the closest accomplices. She values him as a close friend and confident. Emotional baggage has never been an intrigue of hers, and she can't help but feel that Dorian is packing much of it behind his fake smiles and pretend confidence. She still views him as a scared boy filling shoes several sizes too big. Though negative in tone, these perceptions lead Caffrey to feel empathetic for him, sparking a desire to see him flourish as both a person and a soldier; This is something Quinn has never aspired to do for another person in her past.


In summary, Quinn enjoys Dorian and would like to be a part of his life.




K. Layland:



Viewed as a professional disaster, Quinn took an immediate disliking to Layland as a result of his comments directed towards Westervelt after the loss of Corporal Carter. While Quinn is not particularly savvy when it comes to being professional, as shown when she raised her rifle on him, she does not enjoy nor tolerate outward hostility towards friends or comrades. Flights of fancy in the field are dangerous, and even someone as flimsy and whimsical as Quinn knows this to be fact. As such, she does not trust his stability or the ability to keep a cool head in dense situations, stemming from the need to have calmed him down in the middle of a platoon-wide disaster during their return expedition to Terra Neue. Quinn is wary of his mental state and takes solace in the fact that he does not outrank her.


Quinn has seen significant improvement in Layland's performance which has led to her recommendation for a commendation. She feels he has performed admirably in several occasions, resulting in a complete turn-around from what she saw on Terra Neue. Caffrey feels confident with Layland in the field, and would rather no other watching over her section.


Personally, Quinn's views of Layland are a stark contrast to her professional ones. Viewing him as a new-found friend and a dedicated comrade, Caffrey appreciates Kyril's attempts to reach out to her in order to promote a friendly relationship. She worries for his well-being, despite the fact that she would likely never be caught saying so. She reaches out to him on a subconscious level through her affinity more-so than through physical confrontation in order to accommodate her own dislike for confrontation.


In summary, Quinn worries for Layland as a potential danger to those around him, though does not shun him despite this.





P. Stevenson:




Stevenson has let Quinn down as a leader more often than he's built her up. He has however, expressed desire to remedy both their relationship as well as his competence as a non-commissioned officer. These statements have molded Caffrey's perception of Stevenson to a less negative light, despite still being wary of him until his desired competency is witnessed first-hand.


Caffrey's professional opinion of Stevenson has increased, of late. Under the impression that 'anyone can get better, so long as they resign their status as a useless non-commissioned officer', she views Stevenson as a responsible individual who knows his place as a combat infantryman as opposed to an element of leadership. With the belief that he is far better when someone 'thinks for him', Quinn has come to depend on Stevenson as a Marauder far more than she would as a leader, and far more than she ever anticipated in a more general context. There are few tasks she would not trust Stevenson to perform on the battlefield.


Personally, Quinn holds mixed feelings for Patrick. Though she's chiding and often light-mannered in his company, she does not do this because they are friends. Quinn holds little inherent respect for Patrick and as such, does not treat him as seriously as she treats the other non-commissioned officers. She considers him neither friend nor adversary, but more-so as another obstacle to be mantled if she desires to stay alive. She has no desire to get to know him on a personal level.


With a new light shed on him professionally, Caffrey has come to appreciate Patrick more as a person rather than as 'someone who will get her killed'. It has allowed the possibility for Quinn to get to know Patrick; His likes, dislikes, and more importantly -- what makes him tick. She is neither biased for nor against him, nor does she have any intent to spend any sort of private time alone with the man. He could be best described as someone Caffrey knows, but is not opposed to.


In summary, Quinn has little faith in Stevenson as a leader, and their personal relationship does not stand to improve - though she no longer views Stevenson in a negative light, and holds a certain degree of respect for him which surpasses the average infantryman.





A. Vickers:



An exemplary non-commissioned officer whom Quinn feels both pleased and privileged to know. Able to maintain morale, momentum and mutual respect among subordinates, Caffrey admires Vickers' ability to do as she does, viewing her as a model to which never non-comms should aspire to follow. Quinn's accomplishments are acknowledged by Vickers, and for such she is appreciative to her attention to detail. Though not quite meticulous, Caffrey feels confident sailing into battle with Vickers at the helm.


An officer who Caffrey admires perhaps a little too much for her own good. Vickers has shaped and molded Caffrey into the non-commissioned officer that she is. Almost all of her mannerisms for dealing with others on a formal basis have been created in the limelight of Vickers' example - or in her shadow, depending on one's point of view. Always seeking the approval of her superior officer, Quinn does not shy away from the opportunity to impress.


Though Quinn does not know Alice very well outside of their professional relationship, she strives to know and understand Vickers on a level that is deeper than that of a simple mutual understanding between superior and subordinate. Though she cares for her well-being, Caffrey is unlikely to push too hard for any kind of friendship as a result of not wanting to tarnish her image with the only person in the infantry whom she admires. Of late, Quinn has taken small steps in order to gauge Vickers' response to emotional stimuli outside of the workplace, namely with offhanded compliments and provocative statements. She has adopted an ideology that her mentor is in fact, not a robot; This has provoked Caffrey to take measures in an attempt to coax her superior out of her shell.


Under proper circumstances, Quinn might hesitantly admit that her feelings surrounding Vickers bleed into the workplace, despite her attempt to keep them under wraps. Completely platonic, Staff Sergeant Caffrey has come to form a bond with Vickers unlike that with any other trooper in the platoon. What originally began as a mutual understanding between enlistedman and NCO has progressed into what some may point at as nepotism. Quinn and Alison's relationship could be viewed as a 'teacher's pet' or 'favorite child' bout when investigated under the wrong light. Formalities aside under the table, frequent talks and more than a single haphazard conversation about life, there is no other that Caffrey would turn to in a time of need.


In summary, Quinn depends on Vickers more than she would ever dare admit.




P. Westervelt:




Caffrey feels confident working with Westervelt both on and off the field as a result of their proximity, having worked together so many times in the past. While there are others she holds in higher regard, Westervelt is by no means near the bottom of her list. She has continuously had success working with the other Sergeant, and would go so far as to call her, her first choice as a colleague.


With a rocky career both ahead and behind her, Quinn has lost confidence in Westervelt as a leadership figure in the platoon. Originally a candidate for Staff Sergeant fallen all the way down to Lance Corporal, Caffrey has made an effort to distance herself from Westervelt in order to be disassociated with her antics. With several attempts being made by her peers in order to 'teach her how to behave', Quinn has decided that Westervelt is most certainly not an example she would like to follow, nor a colleague she would risk her reputation on.


Personally, Quinn views Paula as a friend with whom she enjoys speaking. Her only discrepancy is that they do not interact with one another outside of the workforce as much as she might like. Though Quinn is yet to open up deeply to her, she finds intrigue in the fact that she really doesn't know anything at all about Westervelt, despite their positive relationship. Quinn makes efforts to try and gauge Paula's disposition to little avail.


With a professional distance from Westervelt also came a personal one. Caffrey does not enjoy the way Westervelt has been painted by her peers, and as a result of both first and second-hand information, has changed her opinion on Paula for the worse. Though there are no grudges or deep-seeded issues between the two of them, Quinn is hesitant to make an effort to rebuild the relationship they once had, in fear that she will become associated as either nepotistic or undesirable as a result.


In summary, Caffrey and Westervelt have had ups and downs. Caffrey believed West had all but stopped trying until she started to pull her act together.

There's hope for her yet.




H. Eley:


There are plenty of things Caffrey would have expected for Eley. Being her protégé was not one of them. Frequent delegation, assignment and opinion-taking, Caffrey has come to utilize Eley above any other of the non-commissioned officers under her as a result of his trustworthiness, mentality and overall disposition towards the political nature of the NCO cabinet. Caffrey appreciate's his distance from the typical 'schoolyard bullshit' that plagues even the best members of the platoon, she has come to want to see him succeed where others have failed before him.


On a personal level, Caffrey does not know anything about Eley outside of the fact that he holds an innate curiosity for things which he does not understand. She has picked up on the fact that he enjoys educating himself and asking questions in order to garner information about policies or topics which elude him. Quinn has a desire to change this.


Overall, Caffrey trusts Eley to meet any goal, or accomplish any task set out before him one way or another. Though her expectations remain realistic, she holds a certain 'je-ne-sais-quoi' towards him, in the hopes of garnering some kind of personal satisfaction in grooming someone who 'makes it' in similar fashion to how her and Vickers' relationship has turned.



E. Bellic:


Every teacher has a 'favorite student'. In this instance, Bellic finds herself the student under Caffrey when it comes to psychic instruction. There have been a few which Quinn has begun to instruct during her time as a senior psychic, though so far Erae has proven to be the most amiable. Polite and punctual, though also humble enough to recognize her own shortcomings and ask for help when necessary. With a certain appreciation for the methodology which Bellic employs in order to achieve her goals, Caffrey cannot help but see a little bit of herself in her underling. 


Despite not knowing quite as much as she would like about Bellic, Caffrey knows enough about her once-superior to have garnered her own opinion. Labelled a war criminal and imprisoned for quite some time, she is able to relate with the woman as a result of being a penal-trooper herself. Though this information is yet to be disclosed to Bellic, Caffrey would figuratively jump at the opportunity to get to better-know Erae as a person, rather than just as a soldier.


In summary, Caffrey holds high expectations for Bellic and will work to see her in a position to achieve them.



A. Tyberos:


Caffrey's first pupil, Tyberos has proven to be nothing if not a determined individual when it comes to bettering himself. An earnest, though seemingly solitary individual, Caffrey has had the most one-to-one experience with him over any other psychic. He has shown that he is comfortable bringing problems to her and asking for assistance when necessary, perhaps the most eager when it comes to training, exercise and the overall concept of improving oneself. Quinn has an innate desire to see him succeed.


An 'uncomfortable' relationship would probably best describe Tyberos and Caffrey, the kind you might have with your college dean or a school principal. They have never spoken informally nor spent any sort of 'quality time' with one-another outside of the workplace. A purely professional relationship, Quinn does not really have any desire to change this as a result of being what she can only describe as 'incompatible'.


In short, Caffrey likes Tyberos as a soldier and psychic - but would like to keep their relationship purely professional.


J Knoxx:


What originally started as a mixed bag quickly turned into a pet project when then-Sergeant Caffrey was told to discipline Knoxx after a rambunctious bout in the mess hall. With a long history of being a 'problem-trooper', Caffrey has never been particularly close with her. In the time it has taken Caffrey to elevate herself from Lance to Platoon Sergeant, she has noticed her former colleague stagnate. Quinn believes there to be some sort of inherent charismatic talent hidden away in Jackie, which she makes an attempt to coax out to the surface. Mouthy and quick to anger, Staff Sergeant Caffrey takes extra time with Knoxx in order to try and instill within her the fundamentals of leadership and the core values of being a soldier, aiming to equip her with the tools necessary for success.


On a personal basis, Quinn likes Jackie as a result of her demeanor and desire for self-improvement. Quinn's time as an NCO has shifted her world view from hedonistic to conventional utilitarianism. Having quickly realized how much losing her rank meant to her, Caffrey extended an olive branch without the consultation of her superiors with the intention to groom and mold the young lady, so long as she's willing to take the strides herself, using the tools given to her.


In summary, Caffrey has an inherent respect for Knoxx' desire to improve and make something of herself. Caffrey's own shift in mentality came more from a push as a result of the position she found herself in, rather than the desire to self-improve. Despite a large gap in rank, she envies this quality in Jackie.

To be done. I will only be adding people Quinn has actually interacted with.

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13 minutes ago, cat danny 25 said:

I made some updates to relevant relationships. Less the colorscheme and more the accompanying flavor text.

Anything on Troy or does the two need to talk more? :3

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5 hours ago, cat danny 25 said:

literally never spoken to him

Oh did you spoke to Izla at all? If so pl0x add him.. I'm confused as fok. How come she never talked to him xD

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have you guys considered rping and having ur character ask the other person's character for their opinion instead of relying on spacebookRPTM

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2 hours ago, Tony said:

have you guys considered rping and having ur character ask the other person's character for their opinion instead of relying on spacebookRPTM


Because people can lie IC Tooooony :c


Usually it's at least honest here! Usually. Sometimes. Every so often.

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9 hours ago, saiphun987 said:

Oh did you spoke to Izla at all? If so pl0x add him.. I'm confused as fok. How come she never talked to him xD

If they had a meaningful conversation you wouldn't have to ask if they spoke. I don't like adding people where all I have to say is "idk who that is I've never talked to them before."

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9 hours ago, The_Harmacist said:

Because people can lie IC Tooooony :c


Usually it's at least honest here! Usually. Sometimes. Every so often.

then u create roleplay based off of that. ur characters thinks they're lying, bam, there's ur relationship.

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5 hours ago, cat danny 25 said:

If they had a meaningful conversation you wouldn't have to ask if they spoke. I don't like adding people where all I have to say is "idk who that is I've never talked to them before."

Okie then I'll get them to know Quinn more WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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