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Avacyn Moon 🌘

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  My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.
- Kanye West  



Basic Information


Name: Avacyn Moon

Place of Birth: Wasau, Wisconsin

Date of Birth: 12-25-2271

Gender: Female

Height: 5'9"



Physical Description:


Weight: 70 kg

Hair colour: Dark brown

Eye colour: Blue



Military Information


Rank: Warrant Officer

Branch: Federal Forward Research Laboratory, Mobile Infantry - Medical Detachment



Personal Relationships


Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated

Falco - Falco and I are really good friends. Considering we have the exact same job, it makes sense.


Oberlin - You know when you meet someone new, and the two of you bond over hating the same thing? Oberlin and I are like that.


Hartwick - We've definitely grown closer over the past few days.  He's talked me through some rough patches, and I'm grateful for that. He's a great guy, for sure. 


Emmett - I dominated him physically, and I think he's attracted to me because of it. I've already rejected him once, but I don't think he got the hint, or he doesn't care.


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