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Sebastian Bently - Everything Ends

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Basic Information


Name: Sebastian J. Bently

Place of Birth: London, Sutton. Terra.

Date of Birth: June 16th, 2276

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3"

Official Will:




  • Father: John Bently [Alive]
  • Mother: Chloe Bently: [Died on 28/12/2297, Terra.]


Physical Description:

Weight: 185 pounds.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown


  • Large scar going down the right side of his face, starting beside his eye and ending at his chin.
  • Missing half of his ring finger.
  • Stomach is horribly scarred from a mixture of necrosis and plasma burns.
  • Scars littering his Torso. (Gunshot/Stab wounds.)
  • Back and right leg covered in burns.
  • Scar on his left forearm. (Stab wound)



  • Right index and middle finger.
  • Left leg.


Military Information


Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

Branch: Mobile Infantry

Date of Enlistment: 20/06/2294

Years of Service: 4

Service Record during his time in the 103rdRct. - Pvt. - Pfc. - LCpl. - Cpl.

Service Record during his time in the 112th: Pvt. - Pfc. - LCpl, - Cpl. - Sgt. - Cpl. - LCpl. - Cpl. - Pvt. - Pfc. - Cpl. - Sgt. - Spc. - Sgt. - SSgt. - 2Lt. - Lt. - Cpt. - Maj. - LtCol. - Col.




    [SSgt. Sebastian J. Bently on an RnR with the 112th. 12/05/2298]

    "Something beginning with 'E'..."


    Bently's Background: 

    Sebastian Bently, a Lieutenant Colonel and the Commanding Officer of the 112th A Company, has been serving in the Mobile Infantry for over four years, but he wasn't always a member of the 112th. He wasn't even going to be an Infantryman. 


    Growing up, Bently was raised in an upper class family in London with his Mother and Father, having a fairly normal, if not uninteresting life. He went to a private school until he was 18, at which point, due to some issues with his family at home, he signed up to the Mobile Infantry, joining the 103rd Battalion.


    He served there for three years, reaching the rank of Corporal despite being unhappy with the condition of the unit. Upon reaching the rank of Corporal, himself and a Company Staff Sergeant dedicated 13 months to attempting to fix and better the unit to little success, watching countless people come and go and seeing hundreds of people die to mistakes made by poor leadership or simple incompetence.

    Bently served the 103rd for three years, the height of his career there making him a Corporal. He spent a large chunk of his time working hand in hand with a Staff Sergeant, attempting to fix the reputation and performance of the below average Platoon. These efforts were all, unfortunately, to little success. This resulted in the deaths of countless men and women over the years, something that Sebastian carries with him to this very day. 


    During August of 2297, Bently and the rest of the 103rd were sent to defend an FOB on a bug planet. This operation would later be known as 'Operation Hammerfall' to those who were there. The 103rd took heavy losses in this event. Of the fifty men that dropped, Twenty died, five were reported MIA (Assumed dead), and Twelve were injured, Bently included. 

    After recovering from his severe injuries, Bently requested a transfer from the 103rd Battalion and found himself placed in the 112th in early November of the same year, serving there ever since.



    Pfc. Sebastian J. Bently (Left) with Sergeant Richard Smith (Right) 

    [Picture Taken 12/03/2296.]



    Strength: 15/20
    Dexterity: 17/20
    Constitution: 16/20
    Intelligence: 15/20
    Wisdom: 16/20
    Charisma: 12/20


    Combat Rating: 8/10

    Leading Rating: 6/10


    Drop Gear:

    On combat drops, Bently is seen carrying a large bag, as well as several pouches that are attached to his belt. In these are:

    Several Morita magazines. (3 Spare in his bag as well as a bundle of Mark Three magazine.)

     A canteen full of water and Four MRE packs.

    A dozen Chemlights of various colours, mainly green and red.

    Red and green smoke grenades.

    A flare gun with several flares.

    8 frag grenades.

    A tactical bungee cord (5 meters long) attached to the back of his belt and Kevlar, used for repelling up or down surfaces.

    A helmet mounted pair of binoculars with Night Vision capabilities and a flashlight. 

    A customized Belcher Shotgun with several drum magazines.

    A holstered Peacemaker Sidearm with several magazines. (Two containing standard Ammunition, the rest loaded with explosive tip rounds.)

    A Morita Carbine.


    Personal Items:

    A set of Dog Tags belonging to a Sanctuary Corporal, usually seen around his neck beside his own. [LOST]

    A silver Zippo lighter with three sets of initials on the side. 'M.W' 'B.D' and 'K.S' [LOST]

    A Peacemaker Sidearm with an engraving along the side reading 'SSgt. R. Smith. 2297.' [LOST]

    A black watch always seen around his left wrist. [LOST]

    An engagement ring around his left middle finger. [LOST]



    Character Description:

    Bently comes across as an emotionless and bitter man to some. Being quiet, apathetic and flat in tone as well as showing a lack of facial expressions, mostly being emotionless or straight faced. He avoids most social interaction, not being one to engage in small talk and seeming rather awkward and stiff around people when actually seen conversing with others. When around people that could be considered as stupid or useless, Bently is seen being very blunt, perhaps even harsh or aggressive towards them, showing a clear distaste towards them.

    He is very rarely seen showing any signs of affection or care for people around him, only ever coming across as 'friendly' or 'kind' to a select few members of the Grant when in private. He is usually considered a difficult person to connect with or even talk to, described as 'intimidating' or 'distant' from the majority of the ship. His respect for superiors and authority is limited at best, only being shown when either forced, or, again, with a select few people above him. However, he is never outright disrespectful to superiors unless the circumstances are severe.



    [Sgt. Sebastian J. Bently reading a book on his tablet. 12/04/2298


    Emotional and Mental State:

     As of Mid January 2298, Bently has begun to do irregular meetings with Medical Staff to discuss his well being.

    —Notes are to be placed and replaced here— 


    Session one:

    Corporal Sebastian Bently has been struggling with grief following the fall of Terra and the Federation. This has been common among staff on the Grant, but Bently seems to be a more troublesome case. As of now, he has made some clear progress towards moving on and overcoming his down period. He has shown some enthusiasm towards his job as an NCO, as well as a few minor hints of passion towards improving himself and the rest of his unit. While they are very small steps in the right direction, they are a very promising start and under the right guidance and watchful eye, Corporal Bently could make some huge strides towards his own recovery. However, a very close eye will be kept on Sebastian in the form of these counselling sessions. 


    Session Two:

    Corporal Bently has, unfortunately, taken steps in the wrong direction. His hints of passion towards helping his unit seem to be gone. I have, admittedly, no idea what has caused this but it is worrying. He has openly stated a disliking towards most members of his unit, as well as stating that he is going to focus on himself now over others. While it is good to see that he is working on progressing himself, this is not what I had hoped to see.

    I have requested that our sessions become more regular now as his sudden shift in mentality is very worrying. I can only hope this doesn't end poorly for Sebastian, or anyone else. 


    Session Three: 

    Sebastian has recently been demoted back down to Private after making, as he calls it, "A huge misjudgment." He's playing the situation off as something he doesn't care for but I can't help but notice that this may not be true. This is made quite obvious by his seemingly desperate attempts to fix up his working relations with those he has wronged. I think this may be a great thing for Bently. A fresh start from the ground up. My only concern is that last time he tried this, it made him a very bitter aggressive person. I can only hope he has learned his mistake from that, which he claims he has. From what he tells me, he is socializing far more now. I'm more than thrilled to hear this as I think a few shoulders to lean on may be just what Sebastian needs. Some people to set him straight and guide him to being the great man I know he can be. I wish him the best of  luck and wait eagerly for our next session to see his progress.


    Session Four:

    Sebastian has shown great signs of progress. His look on people in his unit seems to have changed significantly. Expressing a liking for more squad mates and a genuine care for his fellow troops. However, there have been a few set backs. He has expressed a lack of interacting with people. This does not concern me too much as he may simply need a break. He claims it is time for him to reflect and have some breathing room, which is completely normal for one in his position. He has expressed a desire to hold his squad higher than he has in the past. Explaining that he has learned, or at least taken away from his situations over the last two months that his loyalties were with the wrong people in his mind. I will monitor him more over the coming weeks to see if anything new arises. For now, this is a promising step in the right direction. Perhaps one day Bently will become a better more respected person. I can see a good person beneath the persona he wears and simply hope he finds out how to show that kind individual he's hidden away for so long.


    Session Five:

    Sebastian is a Corporal again, this pleases me. He's lost his left foot in combat but was granted a Biotech which he seems very pleased about. He's told me about some friends he has made and how social he's been with the other soldiers in his unit which is fantastic! He 'blames' a Sergeant Jack O'Neill for this change of attitude but I couldn't be happier. If this progress keeps going at this rate then he may do a full turn around. I feared that the loss of his foot may have a set back on his mental state however that doesn't seem to be the case; thankfully. I will monitor him over the next few weeks and speak to him whenever he feels the need to talk. 


    Session Six: 

    Sebastian has been a Sergeant for a few weeks now, which I'm very glad to see. He also tells me that he has found himself a Girlfriend. I must admit I am shocked. However, also overjoyed. He seems better now, a little more upbeat. Though he has also described having a rather consistent state of anger the last week or so. This only elevated by the loss of one of his legs. However, Sergeant O'Neill, the man he had grown close to has died in combat. A case I was very disheartened to hear of when it came to me. Bently seems to be taking it a little better than expected. Already seeming to have moved on. I'm glad to see that, though he obviously did not want to talk about the whole thing so I assume he is bottling things up. This is... not quite what I would have liked but I don't want to force things out of him. If he chooses to speak to me on the issue I will be glad to listen, until then, he is certainly doing better. I wish him the best of luck with the Sergeant and his new found relationship. 


    Session Seven:

    Staff Sergeant Sebastian Bently. A new rank that Sebastian seems very proud to have. Looking back on notes it's easy to see why. Staff Sergeant Richard Smith, a member of his old unit, the 103rd seemed to be a big role model of his. An inspiration and someone he looked up to and admired very much. I imagine having sharing a rank with him would be hard to come to terms with but also something he would and rightly should be proud of. He's come a long way in these last few months and it's impressive to say the least. Looking over his file it says his relationship with a Lance Corporal Anni Jarvinen had been recently terminated. He was reluctant to talk about it too much but from what I understand she has left the Mobile Infantry all together. He seems saddened by it, perhaps angry or holding a feeling of betrayal. It's difficult to tell with out him giving me more answers however I will not press onto topics he does not wish to discuss. That aside, he does seem to be under a great deal of stress. Understandable all things considered but the man certainly does need a break at some point. I'm not sure how much longer a man like himself can really carry around all of these burdens before it consumes him and I really hope I don't see his limit or breaking point. 


    Session Eight:


    [A recording begins to play, a female voice being heard.]

    "Good afternoon, Staff Sergeant."


    "You requested to have another session with me, correct?" 

    "I did."

    "Right, well before we begin I must in form you, we've had a change in policy. From now on I must record our conversations. Is that okay with you?"

    "That's fine."

    "Good. Well, let's begin. How are you feeling?"


    "I see. And why is that?"

    "I lost some people who were very close to me." 

    "Ah. Would the former Marauder lead happen to be one of those people?"

    "She was. Yes." 

    "And who else did you lose?"

    "A Specialist O'Casey and Sergeant Gargano."

    "And these people were close to you? How close?" 

    "Captain Bailey was a close friend. Someone dear to me. As was O'Casey."

    "And Gargano?" 

    "He was... close to me. I saw him as someone who could replace me when I leave this place."

    "You plan on leaving the 112th?"

    "One day, yes."

    "One day soon?"

    "I'm not sure." 

    "Well, what would drive you to leave?"

    "I've been in this job for a long time."

    "You have. Your record shows you're reaching four years of service. Quite impressive." 

    "I wanted someone to be able to replace me when I leave. Someone who could pick up my job and continue to do it as well as I do, perhaps better." 

    "You'd say you're good at your job?"

    "I'd like to think so, yes. I try to keep things running smoothly. Keep everything organised and well working."

    "And you thought Gargano could do that too?"

    "I hoped so, yes."

    "But why him? Files say there are a fair few Sergeants you could have picked. What made him special?" 

    "A lot of things. He was kind. Fair. He cared about the people in this unit. All of them. Wanted to be better. To learn from everyone. He wasn't greedy or selfish. He didn't demand or ask for respect from people, he tried to actually earn it."

    "And you think these qualities make a good leader?"

    "I think they're a good start to making a good leader."

    "And you think Gargano could have been a good leader?" 

    "He could have been a great one."

    "How does his death make you feel, Sebastian?" 

    "Pff- what kind of a fucking question is that? Awful. Helpless. Useless. Pathetic. It makes me feel like fucking shit." 

    "Useless? Why's that?"

    "I couldn't save him. I let him down and he died because I couldn't save them. Just like O'Casey." 

    "Why couldn't you save them?"

    "Because I wasn't there for Gargano when he needed me. Or Bailey. If I was there then maybe they'd still be alive. Maybe I could have stopped them from dying." 

    "But you don't know that. It isn't your fault that they died, Sebastian. You couldn't have known they would die. There's no way to even know if being there would have prevented them from dying." 

    "But I could have at least fucking tried to!"

    "Sebastian. Please, sit down. Calm yourself. There's no need to get angry."

    "I'm not angry. I'm fine."

    "Sit down, relax." 

    "No. I'd like to leave now. I.. don't want to talk about this anymore." 

    "As you wish. You're free to go, Staff Sergeant."

    [The recording ends.]


    Session Nine: 


    [Recording begins with a Female voice.]

    "Hello Captain. You asked to see someone?" 

    "I asked to see my usual person."

    "I understand, unfortunately she has been transferred elsewhere. I'll be seeing you from now on."

    "Oh course she fucking has." 

    "Well, my name is Specialist Jessica R--"

    "Read. Yes, I know you."

    "Just Jessica is fine, Sir."

    "I'll stick to Read." 

    "Right. Well, what brings you here, Sir? What's bothering you?" 

    "Many things, Specialist. Work. Life. The usual."

    "From what I understand you've spent most of your time in your Office. Why is this?" 

    "I'm busy. I have an entire Battalion to manage and not much free time."

    "Sounds rough." 

    "Well, I barely sleep. I haven't spoken to my friends properly in weeks and my Partner and I have been distant."

    "Is this by choice?" 

    "Not overly. Just don't have any time." 

    "And this bothers you?" 

    "Somewhat. I miss being able to talk to my friends. To connect to those under me and grow bonds with my Men. I barely know anyone these days and those I do know I just barely recognize them or know what to say." 

    "I see. I'd recommend trying to get out a little. Make time to go relax. Sit in the Bar, try taking time to sit with your Men and talk with them. Just take some time to relax and be yourself. You've certainly earned it, Sir." 

    "I guess I'll give it a shot."

    "Anything else, sir?" 

    "Not right now. I have shit to get back to. Thanks, Specialist." 

    "Of course, sir. Take care."

    [The Recording ends.]


    Session Ten:


    [The Recording Starts]

    "Good afternoon, Major."

    "Hello, Specialist."

    "Please, take a seat. How have you been?"

    "Decent enough. I can't complain too much." 

    "I see. Congratulations on your promotion."

    "Thank you." 

    "How are you finding it? Being away from Platoon command and such?" 

    "It's... refreshing. Being able to take a back seat. Obviously, not completely. I'm now the Executive Commander of the Battalion, working with Colonel Shaw."

    "How's that?" 

    "Different. I live behind a desk now, which, admittedly isn't all that much different from before. Though there isn't that same stress of appearance. Social ties, the likes." 

    "You weren't a fan of that?" 

    "Not really, no. Vickers, however, seems much better at it than I am. Being in the spotlight. The face of the 112th, so to speak."

    "So you prefer this? Being in the background?" 

    "A lot more, yes. Means more work, more papers, but I can manage it. It's refreshing too. Being able to take some time away from combat." 

    "You didn't like combat then?" 

    "Does anyone really like combat? Being shot, stabbed, blown up, burnt alive. Who truly enjoys that?" 

    "Yeah, I suppose. But you're well over your two years, sir, why not leave?"

    "I didn't want to."

    "But you didn't want to fight either?" 

    "No. That's not what I said." 

    "So what are you saying?" 

    "I didn't want to fight. I didn't want to kill people, at least. Nuke bugs? Sure. But there's only so many of my friends I can watch die. Only so many injuries I can take. I watched Terra burn, I watched Humanity go to war with itself. For what?"

    "You feel this was all pointless?" 

    "Not at all. We took back Terra in the end. We got something out of it... it just wasn't enough. Not enough to justify all this death. This killing."

    "Do you feel guilty?" 

    "Of course I do. I killed hundreds of Infantrymen last year." 

    "They were traitors."

    "Were they? Were they really? Or just people on the wrong side of war?"

    "They followed a murderer." 

    "And we didn't?" 

    [A long silence passed, lasting several seconds.]

    "That's it for today, Specialist. Probably for the best. Thank you."

    "Goodnight, sir." 


    [Recording Ends.] 



    'I'm not the only one who'd fuck a Brain Bug, right?'

    'I think Bently here would.'

    [Pfc. Anne Walsh and SSgt. Richard Smith talking to LCpl. Sebastian Bently on the UCF George Marshall, 20/09/2296]



    Diary Entries:

    1: New beginning


    Entry One: I've managed to settle in at the Ulysses Grant, home of the 112th. So far, after a few drops, things seem good. The unit is competent, work together well and most of them that I've seen are actually somewhat likable. I got my Corporal rank back last night, so I can start writing in this old thing again. It didn't take too long, but it feels nice to have these patches back. While this means I'll probably have to start leading more, I suppose I can live with it. I can't say I've made many 'friends' but I don't care too much. Social ties tend to hinder workflow anyways, so I'll continue to focus on my job. That doesn't mean there's no one aboard that I dislike, in fact, they're all fairly likable from what I've seen. Suppose it's mostly my lack of interest to actually make it passed the work talk phase. However, I did meet a Warrant Officer last night, Sorrentino. A pretty good guy who wasn't all that unpleasant to talk to. Might have to ask him for a drink at some point.

    2: Sergeant now.


    Entry Two: The unit got a new Captain and a fair few people got bumped up. Seems I'm one of them. Got some Sergeant patches now, time to try and make the most of them. A guy from the 103rd has joined the Unit; St. Claire. I didn't know him too well back then, but he seems okay. Had some slip ups and a demotion due to his attitude, but he looks to be trying to improve. Best of luck to him. I've managed to make a few friends of sorts. This unit is full of quite a few decent people, and I like that. Time to sit and process being a Sergeant for a while. Wish Smith were here to see it..

    3: Terra is burning


    Entry Three: Terra is under attack. The Progenitors hit Europe hard. I have no idea how bad yet, or how far it's spread, I just hope we can push them back. Radio silence has set in so there isn't much I can do to try and contact home. I can't even fight, I got messed up earlier. Imagine that, I can't even help protect my own planet. It's pathetic. Just hope my family are okay... this is the last thing I need right now.


    4: We lost...


    Entry Four: It's gone. The weapon didn't exist. Terra's done for. The Federation is done for. I don't even know if my Parents made it. I don't know what to do anymore. There's nothing I can do. It's over... We've lost. 

    5: Civil War.


    Entry Five: A lot has changed. Seems we’re in a Civil war with Sanctuary and a bunch of other factions. Honestly it all seems a waste of time, we have enough enemies already, but if people want to try and divide our species then we’ll do what needs to be done to stop them. Personally, things have been pretty rough, but I think I’m starting to pull through. I’m not gonna run away, not this time. I’ve made that mistake before and I’d be a fool if I hadn’t learned from it. This unit needs all the help it can get, I just hope I can provide some myself. 

    6: Time to change.


    Entry Six: We're currently set up in some camp site. I took this as a chance to go off and sit alone at the top of some small mountain to "Provide over watch." The truth is, nothing sounds better than sitting hundreds of meters away from the people in this unit. Something about the majority of the people in the 112th annoys me. Perhaps I'm just stressed. Who really knows. I'm being reminded why being social was never my thing though. To top things off, I can't shake the feeling I'm letting people down. I'm considering saying fuck it and giving up trying to please people. Who gives a shit at the end of the day. I'm not here to be liked. I'm not here to make friends and be the golden boy everyone's oh so fucking proud of. I'm here to kill things and keep morons from getting killed. Though, why even bother risking my life for these people anymore. I've spent the last three years of my life trying to make things better, look what good it's done. I think it's time to stop breaking my back to help out and focus on me. Yeah, sounds like a damn good plan. 

    7: Back at square one.


    Entry Seven: Back to Private. I tried to raise my issue with civillians being blown up and causing riots and shady sweeping it under the rug behaviour. Ended up getting me locked in a freezer and beaten half to death. It is what it is, I guess. I knew the risks and honestly didn't expect any different. Why I even tried is beyond me. I had every chance to turn back or pretend it never happened like everyone else but didn't. Though, I don't regret what I did. I'd do it again knowing the outcome. Gonna be fun working for a unit that probably wants me dead, can't wait to see how these next few weeks work out. I think it's been made more than clear now though, I misjudged this unit. All of it. I thought I could trust people, I was wrong. Or maybe I'm the problem. Maybe Walcroft's right. Maybe I am a disgusting human being. Fuck it.

    8: It's time to change.


    Entry Eight: It's been... about a month, I think. I've been taking a lot of time to sit alone and think. Mostly staying well away from people to self reflect. I've got a few things I want to change about myself. Gonna make a little list here that I can maybe cross out in the future. Who knows.

    1. Drinking.

    I do it too much apparently. I disagree but either way, I need to cut it back.

    2. Be more social.

    Make friends. Just... I don't know. Be less Bently. 

    3. Climb back up the ranks.

    I'm sick of jumping up and down the ladder. I can do way better than Private, I can be so much more and I will. This time I'll do it right and I'll make it work. I'm not gonna give up, even if the higher ups won't give me the time of day or the chances, I'll make the fucking time. I'll create my own chances. 

    4. Fix my relations in the unit.

    I'm sick of being paranoid that people hate me. Most don't, but it's always nagging at me that some still do. I don't need their respect or loyalty. I don't need to be best friends with the whole ship, I just need them to work with me.

    9: Got my patches back.


    Entry Nine: Well, I'm back to Corporal now thanks to General Larsen. It feels pretty good, honestly. 

    I think I've made progress on my list too, which is good, get to cross some of those items off. Just got to sort out a few relations with the Commanding Staff and everything should be good. However, I highly doubt that will happen. General Larsen might have my back, even if it's just the smallest bit. Or he chose me at complete random. Not gonna get my hopes up on that. Regardless, I'm gonna hold the rank this time. Well, do my damn best to at least.

    10: Yesterday was... Something.


    Entry Ten: Yesterday was... hectic. Not only did York almost blow us up with an M55 but I almost died. Twice, actually. I was leading a squad and one of my men were left behind. I went back for them and they'd been taken hostage by a Sanctuary trooper so I managed to talk them into letting the girl go and taking me prisoner instead. People think it was a dumb idea but... They were under my command, my job is to keep those I give orders to alive and in one piece. Well, that's how I see it. Luckily we had one Hell of a Sniper to save my ass though. I found the guy who took me prisoner later, bleeding out in a back room. Krenneth Bolodin was his name. I have his dog tags as a little keepsake. Not out of spite but more as... a reminder, I guess. Looking at that man reminded me a little of myself. He'd lost his family too and was, in the end, following orders. Looked to me like a man who had lost it all and didn't care anymore and, honestly, I could see myself in him more than I'd like. I'll keep his tags. Maybe holding onto them will work as a nice little reminder not to slip off the moral track like he did. I don't want to become a monster. I just want to see that the men and women of the 112th stay alive and safe. Is that really too much to ask?

    11: Sergeant again.


    Entry Eleven: I've been remade a Sergeant again. It's been this way for... a few weeks now. Same day as O'Neill died too. I'm... sad that he's gone but- I guess I'm moving on. Or trying to at least. He was a good man, really was. I still miss him to this day. Finally got the papers signed for me and Anni too. Which is nice. I have no idea how this is gonna work or what to really do but... hopefully she'll be okay with that? 

    I lost my leg a few days ago. Got out of the coma yesterday and I'm working through therapy to adjust to the BT. I thought the foot was hard to control but the whole damn leg is just... well, it's something else. Sorrentino is helping me with it though which is nice. He's the Master Sergeant now too. Solomons has been transferred. Hope Sorrentino does well in his position, I'm sure he will. 

    Hope I keep Sergeant this time. Once I'm sorted with this leg I can get back to work with Section Two and leading drops. Not sure how much higher I'll go, or if I'll even get higher but as long as I can help out I'm happy.

    12. Staff Sergeant


    Entry Twelve: I was made Staff last night. I'm not sure how to feel but I just hope I do well. If I'm needed here then here I am. If Richard ever saw this I'd never hear the fucking end of it I could say that much. I'm trying my best though, Staff, I really am. 

    My relationship with Jarvinen has ended. She's transferring and I'm not going to hold her back. I'm sad about it but I can't leave with her and I refuse to force her to stay here. I wish her the best though. I'll miss her more than I'm willing to admit. 

    I think this Civil War is going to end soon, I really hope it does. Not sure how much more fight I have left in me or how much more of this shit I'm willing to take. Time will tell but it's also really testing my fucking patience. Suppose we'll see. I just hope it's sooner rather than later.

    13. Things are Going Okay.


    I've been Staff for a few weeks now, a month maybe, and it's been good. Stressful, but good. I've also started dating Alicia White from Medical. Papers are signed. It's nice. She's nice. She's been making all of this hard work worth it. I care about her a lot. I care about this job too though. Things are just going right all around. Minus some major stress from dealing with the sudden increase of stupid people on ship. However, that's fine. At least I'm in a position to fix them.

    14. What the fuck have I gotten myself into?


    I don't... know what to say. Second Lieutenant Bently. What in the fuck is this? I'm seriously questioning what the Hell I'm supposed to do now. From what's happened so far I don't know if I like it. The Deer in the headlights stares, the cardboard personas given by people. The way things just stop when I come in. I can't stand it. People call me 'Sir' or Lieutenant like I'm something special but I don't want to be. I don't WANT to be another generic Officer. Another respect demanding Infantry hated Officer. I know where my loyalties lie, but I just don't think everyone else knows it too... What the fuck have I gotten myself into this time?

    15. Guess I'm the Captain Now.


    Bently's Bandicoots. Kinda stupid name but it's better than Deathmaker. I don't know if I deserve this position but I know that I'm gonna do my best to make this unit better. As good as it can be. I have Verbeck and Young helping me out so it can't go that bad. I can't even imagine how Richardson would react to this rank on me. I hope he'd be proud at the least. 

    Good news as well, my Dad's alive. I got a message from him last week. I need to try and get time off so I can go visit him, but not right now. Too much going on. One day though, I'll try. I want to see him again, just make sure everything's okay on his end. We'll see how everything goes.

    16. We Won.


    I can't believe it. I've just spent the last few days processing. Thinking about everything that's lead up to this. Countless shitholes we've been to and places we've fought for to get to here. Terra is ours. We beat the Progenitors. Beat them off our planet. Destroyed the Ark. All these long, painful months have lead up to this moment and it's a relief that we're here. Finally. It almost feels like it was worth it... Almost.

    Still Captain. To my own surprise. I'm starting to ease into it a little now. Maybe, eventually, I can actually say I know what I'm doing. 

    17. An Update.


    It's been a while since I've done this but here we are. Things with the unit are going well. I'm busy as all fuck, never really get time to talk to people which can be frustrating at points, but I suppose I should have expected this when I agreed to take the 112th. It's worth it though, I think. Although, it still hurts to see my Men die or get hurt, I don't know if I'll be getting over that at any point. In fact, I don't know if I'd want to get over it happening. What kind of person would it make me? Seeing names of those I know or command symbolizing yet another life lost. Another meaningless death that, in the grand scheme of things, changes nothing. I don't want to think of it like that. Impactful or not to the overall Universe, they were still my Men. I still care and hate to see it. 

    18. Moving Forward


    It's been a strange year. I started out at rock bottom, Alone and with no purpose. Now, I'm handing off the 112th to Vickers and stepping up to Major. Finally getting that 'retirement' I wanted in a way that works. I'm still with this Company, helping out where I can, but I'm free of combat. I don't wish to be seen as a coward who's afraid of war. That's not true. Part of me will miss combat. Miss fighting beside my Troopers, but I can't do it anymore. I've fought Arachnids for four years. I've protected this Federation for four and a half years from countless evils in this Universe. Progenitors. I've fought and destroyed them. Mobile Infantrymen of a different belief. I've killed countless soldiers just like me in the name of the 'Coalition.' I've lost limbs, bled and almost died for the 112th time and time again. My body aches, my everything hurts now. I'm done with it now. Sure, I may not want to sit in the CiC behind a desk, but it's the only way I can see myself staying here. 

    I'll miss all of those who I knew here, whether they died or simply moved on with life. I simply hope I did the best I could in the last 365 days I've had and, luckily, survived. Not everyone can say the same, it seems. I still remember telling Gargano I planned to leave on my Birthday. That my time here was over. Then, six months on, I'm still here. I guess I just don't want to leave. Regardless, First Platoon of the 112th are no longer in my hands. I wish Vickers the best of luck in continuing on and keeping their legacy as the reliable, fearless and courageous unit they're known as. Good luck. 

    19. Back in Command


    After a brief time away from leading Alpha Company I'm back. My time behind a desk was shorter than I expected or wanted, but I'm okay with that. I'm glad to be back in charge of the Unit and deploying again. I was starting to miss it quite a bit. Hopefully things will go well, I have high hopes, we'll see how it all pans out. 

    20. We're 'Heroes' now.


    I'm not really sure how to feel. We found and hanged Choi, finally. But, following this Larsen held us back, promoting me to Lieutenant Colonel and awarding me and the platoon Hero of the Federation. I'm speechless, to say the least. Honored, certainly. Grateful, definitely.

    I can't help but think back to Terra. The people who died, the Ark blowing up in front of us all. I'll never forget the sight. It was... glorious. But sad. If only we'd done it sooner... maybe the universe wouldn't be how it is today. But, we did it at least. Everyone. I just wish the true heroes were still here to accept this medal with me. 

    21. Back in the Saddle


    I decided it best to finally take a break from the Unit. People have been advising I take some shore leave for well over two years now. But, finally I decided to. Ten days to spend on Iskander with my Father has been quite pleasant. Helped me take my mind off of recent events. Killing someone, well, murdering someone felt wrong. It's a path I refuse to fall down. It will not happen again, and should it, I will seriously consider my position in this unit. They should not be lead by someone who abuses their power for evil. I refuse to become what I hate, not again. Going forward, I'm going to do things differently. How, I'm not sure yet. I'll try speaking to Asper on it, get her advice.

    22. Bandits


    The Grant is gone. Second, Third, Fourth Platoon. Lipton, Haddad, Tanaka. Three great men I've worked hand in hand with for Months now. Gone. To make it all so much fucking worse, our beloved Sky Marshal has fucking betrayed us. She sent us into the AQZ and started another war, and says it's our fault. That evil, lying, cowardly bitch. I hope to see her in a fucking noose. I will not stop until I see her in a noose and the glory of the 112th is restored. I did not sit by and watch so many of my friends die, all so some whore could take that from them. This unit deserves better than that, and I'll see that it gets it. See you soon, Ortiz.

    23. Everything Ends.


    A few weeks ago I was put into a coma by a tank. Ten days. I was out for ten days. During that time, I had the strangest dream. I was retired, living in a nice little cabin away from the Infantry. It was only me and White. We even had a kid. Alex, was his name. It felt so... real. So real in fact that, for the first few minutes of being awake, I was confused as to where I was. I was confused and wanted to know where my not real son and wife were. Over time, I suppose I've adjusted. Recovered, been helped to get back the memories I lost. And, after all of that, I think I'm done. 

    I can't stay here. I've given everything I can, almost my life, countless times. I gave my life, I was announced dead for twenty three seconds. I have died for this unit, and now..? I don't want to die here. Not like this. I gave everything, did all I could for the 112th. We saved Terra, we ended the Civil War. We got Ortiz into the chair she used to cast us out. Now? We're being hunted by the Federation. This will only end two ways. Either they find us, and we die. Or we somehow clear out names. In which case, they will just throw us back into the meat grinder to die for yet another Bug War. One that, even if we win, will be for nothing. Another war will come after this, then another, until Humanity, or the Bugs, are extinct. 

    Sometimes I wonder if the Progenitors should have won. Is life really better with them gone? It doesn't feel better. It doesn't feel like we won anything. It never did.


    All I know is that I am leaving soon. Leaving the 'Infantry' and the Bandits. All of it. I'm leaving with White to go and find some sort of peace for us both. I have served for almost five years, but I suppose everything ends eventually. I hope Asper can save these people. I trust that she can. But me? I can't do this anymore... To all of those who believed in me, who fought for or beside me. For those who died for me. I'm so, so sorry.


    Video Log: Transmitted to London, Terra, 223 Westway Avenue on December 16th, 2297. 


    Bently_Cam.jpgThe screen sparks to life, a young man shuffling back to sit in the seat behind him. He looked uncomfortable, perhaps even awkward at a closer glance. He seemed to be looking off to his right, hiding a large scar on his face that would have been visible while he moved to sit back down. He awkwardly fiddled with his hands, clearly trying to figure out what to say.

    "Hey Mum." He finally spoke up, somewhat hesitantly. "Hi, Dad." He continued on, sighing before looking straight to the camera, still looking awkward. 

    "I promised you both I'd do one of these so... here I am. Hey." He raised his right hand, waving it a little, glancing to the missing fingers while he slowly lowered his hand back to his lap.

    "Still Infantry. Corporal. New unit though now. The One Hundred and Twelth. It's a... decent place, actually. I'm in the En-Cee-Oh bunks actually. That's my bed behind me." He lifted his right arm, jabbing his thumb to one of the beds behind him. 

    "I don't really know what to say. Uh... I'm here, safe. Still going career like I said before. Things have been a little rough lately, if I'm honest, but, you know me. I'm pushing through it like I always do. I don't even know why I'm doing this." He'd look down, letting out a long sigh. "You're probably not even gonna watch this anyways. Well, Mum won't at least. But uh- Dad... Make sure she knows I miss her, and you. I love you both still, even if you don't feel the same anymore." Sebastian kept his gaze on the floor, not saying anything for a dozen or so seconds before shaking his head. "Forget it." He muttered before leaning over, reaching towards the screen before the video ends, the final frame showing Bently's pained expression behind his hand as it reached out for the camera.



    [SSgt. Sebastian J. Bently on an RnR for his 22nd Birthday. 16/06.2298.]



    Trust Me:





    In the distance, the final explosion would erupt. Bently couldn't see that one due to the thick smoke clouds that had rolled in from the intense bombings. However, the screeches of Arachnids had stopped finally. He'd sigh with relief, poking his head out from the back alley, Morita in hand. Bently took aim down the street, barely seeing a few meters in front of him. 

    "Clear!" He'd call out, raising his right hand and pointing across the way, keeping hold of his rifle's grip as he did so. From behind him, three civillians ran by. Two kids and their Mother,  accompanied by his Staff Sergeant, Richard Smith. 

    "Keep pace, Corporal, we're mobile!" The man called back. Bently nodded, pushing off the wall and jogging to keep up. 

    "Our car is just over here!" The mother of the group called, pointing to a beaten up looking car parked in a driveway. 

    "Right, get in. Corporal, cover the West, I've got East." Smith called out. Bently would turn on his heels and crouch down, taking aim down the street and staying dead silent. 


    Behind him, he could hear car doors opening and closing, people fumbling to get inside the car. He didn't look back, he just kept his eyes East and his hands steady. Arachnids had swarmed the small city, to the extent that intense bombing had begun. Richard and himself had been split off from the main squad in the blast, running into a group of stranded civilians. From the moment Sebastian saw them, he knew Richard wouldn't leave them behind. The two Infantrymen had their orders. Reach the Extraction point 2 miles South. "They're coming too." Richard would tell Bently. He wouldn't argue. 


    "Bently, pull it back, get in." Richard called out, already moving to get in the Driver's seat of the car. Quickly, Bently hopped up and jogged over, pulling the Passenger seat door open and jumping in, setting his rifle down and slamming the door. Richard would grab the keys from the Mother, putting them in the ignition and turning. The engine of the car would whir to life for a few moments then go dead. 

    "Fuck." The Staff Sergeant muttered, giving it another shot. Nothing. In the distance, through the distant gunfire and rumbling of TACs overhead a few screeches could be heard. 


    Bently span around, looking out of the back window. He could hear them, screeching and crying. They were coming.


    "Well, That's not good." Sebastian muttered.


    With out a second thought, Bently swung his door open and jumped out. 

    "Corporal!" Richard would yell, looking to Bently as he got out. 

    "When I start pushing, turn the keys." He'd call out as he slammed the door, just in time to muffle Richard's yelling.

    "Bently, get back in this fucking car, now!" Bently ignored him, moving around to the back of the car and pressing his hands on the boot of the car. He began to push, slowly. He'd let out a strained groan as he did so, the car slowly starting to move.

    "Corporal, the car is fucked! Let's go!" Richard yelled after opening his door and looking back to Bently. The screeches suddenly grew louder. 

    "Hold one!" Bently called back, straining and groaning as he pushed, the car starting to move a little faster now. "I've got it!" 

    "Bently! There isn't TIME. We're ditching the car, let's go!" Bently continued to push. He could see the two children in the back of the car, crying and clutching to their Mother for protection. One of them, a young girl, no older than eight would look back at Bently as he pushed. Behind his mask, he cracked a brief smile and gave a playful wink to her before he began pushing more. Harder. He put everything he could into moving the car. 


    "Trust me!" Bently would yell. 


    Slowly, the car would pick up speed, rolling along the road as Richard got back in and started turning the keys in the ignition again. Nothing. He'd try again, then a third time and finally, the engine would start. 

    "Right, we're moving! Get in!" Richard called out. With a sigh of relief Bently ran around the car, yanking open the door and jumping in, slamming the door behind him as the car sped off, the shadows of Arachnids seen getting closer through the fog. 

    "What the Hell were you thinking?!" Richard yelled as they sped off, but Bently ignored him. 


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    Personal Relations:

    Love, Admire, Respect, Trust, Close Friends, Friends, Like, Neutral, Dislike.

    (Request to be Added)


    The People Closest to Bently:


    Kristina 'Odin' Sigrun:


    A Warrant Officer and the former Technical Sergeant of the Marauders. One Hell of a warrior too. I've seen her charge lines of soldiers with nothing but a fucking battleaxe and honestly, I can't help but pity anyone on the receiving end of that thing. She's about as close to an ancient Viking as you'll see in 2298 and it's pretty damn awesome. She's big, she's hardcore and all around pretty kickass. She does her best to protect my men too and I respect her for that. Even survived a TAC strike. She's a tank in and out of the suit as demonstrated when we sparred. Fight took almost an hour and while I may have 'won' I call it luck. One more hit and I would have been down. Certainly the toughest fight I've ever been in and I'd hate to face off against her for real. She'd tear me into pieces no doubt. Keep up the great work Warrant Officer, you've still got some left in you as you said yesterday.

    She's been Technical Sergeant for a while, but we haven't properly spoken during her time as it. I do want to talk to her again, as I do enjoy her company. I might free up some time to sit and catch up, just to see how she's been.



    Alicia White:


    A Specialist in Medical. Damn good one too from what I've seen. Hope to see her do well. She wants to become more specialized in something and I recommended her to her Lieutenant, hope she gets to pursue what she loves and keeps doing it well. Aside from that though she makes fine company. I'd call her a friend, honestly. She manages to pick me up when I'm down or at least tries to cheer me up. Whether it's by forcing me to hug her or just listening to me talk about things. Regardless, I appreciate the gesture. Keep being great, Chin.


    I don't really know how to thank her for making that RnR more bearable. She helped out a lot. Good company and all around fun. It was... well, it was something new but I enjoyed it. I didn't find myself feeling weird or uncomfortable for whatever reason and I wouldn't mind it being a more common thing. She really has helped a lot. I feel like there's a lot more pain behind those eyes than she lets on so I hope I at least help her like she helps me. I'd honestly say that I care about her. How much, I'm not certain and in what way exactly I don't fully know. It's scary kind of. I don't want to make the same mistake as I did before and ruin what we have now but just being around her makes me feel different. Like I don't have to be so cold or distant or just me. It's an odd feeling but one that I really do welcome. She's far more than just a little distraction from all the shit I have to deal with and I hope, truly hope, she doesn't go anywhere. 


    I didn't expect this, I'll be honest. It was all so sudden but- when I stop to really think about it it makes sense. I can't say I don't want to go through with this. I'll admit I'm scared. I'm worried that this may go wrong like before but... right now I actually feel happy. Because of her. I'd be stupid to turn her away. I said I wouldn't do this again but Christ has she made that hard... fuck it, I'll take this risk, as scary as it might be; I know I have her to help me. 


    I don't know how to describe this. I don't even know what words would accurately portray the feelings I have for this incredible woman. I love her. A lot. She's just... perfect. Just thinking about her now puts this big, dumb smile on my face. I'd be more than happy to spend all of my life with her and can only hope I'm lucky enough to do it. She's even got me listening to all this cheesy love music now but most of the songs honestly make me think of her. God, when did I become this sappy..? See what she's done? Her and those fucking chins...


    Our papers are finally signed and it's a huge relief. Not that it really changed much but it's just nice to know it's all official and legally done. I'm not regretting it or feeling hesitant over it all in the slightest. I'm still scared of losing her, of course, but I know that as long as I still have a breath in my body I will keep that woman safe. I'm not going to fail her like I did so many others. She'll probably never see any of these notes and that's a relief, she'd make fun of how sappy I can be, but if she ever does I hope they at least somehow show how much she means to me and how much I love her. Not that any of these words really properly demonstrate it. I don't think any words ever could. I really am a lucky bastard. 


    I'm so sorry I couldn't save you faster... I'm just glad I got to you before it was too late. I hope those fuckers burn in Hell for what they did to you. Wish I killed the smiling fuck slower. I'll be right here beside you until you recover fully. I love you, White. 


    [SSgt. Sebastian Bently and Specialist Alicia White in his Office.]

    Managed to get this picture of us. I've never really been one for pictures but I like it. Even if it's just for me and her to see. She really does look beautiful. Even with that big forehead and giant chin. 



    Joshua Edwards



    The Marauder Technical Sergeant. He was always the member of our little clique I spoke to the least but as of late I'd quite like to change that. He's a talented Marauder and seems like a relaxed down to Earth person. If Faust sees something in him then I'm sure he's a good enough person. Excellent taste in music and a fabulous singing voice. He'd make Whitney Houston proud of his incredible vocal range at 4am. 

    Edwards was an interesting one. The last of those I hold dearly to speak with, but the fastest that I truly bonded with and grew close to. He's a very close and very dear friend and someone I trust with my life. Simply spending time talking to him or fucking around is always a pleasure and a lot of fun. 

    He's taken Marauders now, which I'm more than fine with. I'm sure he'll be a good job with it. 

    I'm glad you came back. Hopefully we can spend some time catching up and talking to one another. You're one of the only people I have left.

    He's looking to join the Infantry. I think he might do well, though we'll see. I don't have any doubts in his capabilities. 

    He's gone back to the Marauders now, but as a Sergeant, so he still has his uses for my NCO roster, which I'm glad to see.


    Jodie Cutter:


    From what I know she's new. Like, straight out of Boot new. I saw her once leading a squad as a Private. I believe her record says that was her third ever drop, actually. She didn't fuck up so I gave her Lance. I'm eager to see if she improves from this point on. I don't know much about her personally, but she seems alright. I wouldn't mind talking to her though I suppose. 

    After returning to command I've found that Staff Sergeant Cutter might be a safe bet as my right hand for this run of Commanding Officer. We had a spar yesterday which went quite well, though I need to take some time to properly sit down with her and talk. Make sure she's the right fit, but right now, I have pretty good expectations. 

    She spent some time as my Master Sergeant and did an excellent job, however with the recent massacring of Third Platoon, they needed some Senior NCOs to help train replacements, and I handed them Cutter. Due to that, she had to step back down to Staff Sergeant, but her efforts for the platoon won't be forgotten.


    Aaron Holtz:



    A Warrant Officer from far before my time. He's a talented trooper with a more than impressive record behind him. I can safely say I'd trust him with my Men, whether it be working with them, helping them or just generally being around. His company is well liked too. Manages to make me laugh quite hard, something I really don't do much of these days, but... I don't know, our petty meaningless shouting competitions always put a smile on my face.  

    He's one of my Sergeants, and a very trusted one at that. Someone I can look to when I need shit done and need it done efficiently. I hold a lot of value for him as a person and as a Trooper. Hopefully he continues to impress. 

    I trust that he can keep these men alive when I am gone. I hope he can. With all he has lost, I get nervous sometimes. Perhaps he will break. But, it's more than that. I get nervous that if I stay for any longer, I will become him.


    Elaine Asper: 




    She's new, but competent enough that I often forget that. She seems nice. From... Canada, I believe. We haven't had many chances to chat and bond, but I would have to put the time we drank Canadian Whiskey as one of my more fond memories of the last few weeks. I believe she was also the woman who got incredibly drunk during an RnR where we played card games. I will keep in mind that she is not the best at handling liquor. Despite that though, I have little to no complaints on her as a Trooper, or as a person. She's someone I'd like to get to know a little better, what with her position in my Senior staff.


    She's my right hand now. I trust that she'll do a flawless job, as she had with the rest of her career aboard the Grant. I'm not sure if I want to get to know her better, but I probably should. I am, admittedly, still looking for someone to replace me, and work wise she can fit. Personality wise, I'm not sure yet though.


    I couldn't think of a better person to keep these people safe and lead them back to their former glory. Do what I couldn't Asper, not just for me, but for all the people who are no longer serving with us. I'm sorry that I have to leave all of this on you. I just hope you can forgive me, or at least understand why I must go.


    Arryn Falco:


    Warrant Officer Falco is an odd one. Her record here is something to write home about, that can not be denied. A dinosaur compared to most others aboard the ship, with enough injuries to Honorably Discharge two men, perhaps even three. Until recently, I did not like her that much. Outside of her uses to the unit as an excellent Medic, there wasn't much to like. A class clown who had no real value outside of being a good medic. However, recently I decided to properly approach and talk with her on an RnR and found that, for the first time, I was around someone who understood me in a sense. More so than most. She's someone I can relax around and be myself with, or at least try to be. One could say she brings out the worst in me, but I'm more than okay with that. Her relationship reminds me of my old friends. York, Edwards, Odin, back in the Civil War when I was a simple Sergeant. The fun we had, the laughs and jokes, fucking around doing... well, nothing. The only concern I have is getting too close with her. Not in a romantic sense. But as a friend, or a trusted ally. Falco is a person who certainly has an expiration date, and she isn't far from it. Part of me wants to say 'fuck it' and enjoy the time there is, which I will most likely do. But, until then, I'm happy to have some genuine company to keep me sane and remind me who I am, which is far too rare in my current position.



    Zealious 'Odin' Edwards:


    He made Sergeant and continues to do well. I can see him going far, I really can. He's a funny guy too, makes damn good company when we talk. I'd say we're friends. 

    Handed off Second Section to him completely a while ago, seems to be running it just fine. He's an talented Sergeant and someone I have faith in to run his squads and anyone under him, sometimes I feel he even does it better than I do. He's a dear friend and someone I hope to talk to far more in the future. We could certainly be closer than we are now and with a little work I think we will get there. Right now it's just about finding the time to sit down and talk with him though.

    He's a Marauder now, just like his Brother. 

    Part time Pathfinder, full time Infantry Sergeant. Over the last 12 months that we've known each other I can safely say he's one of the most reliable people on the Grant. A steady pair of hands I can always rely on to get shit done. I appreciate the work he does for the unit as a whole. Next chance I get, I'll try to sit down with him. I haven't spoken to him properly in too long, I'd like to change that.



    Liliana Verbeck: 


    Lieutenant Verbeck is a woman I've always looked up to and seen as my boss until lately. Though I still have an unlimited amount of respect for her. She's an incredible leader and trooper. Someone I'd even go as far as to say I admire. I wouldn't pick anyone else to have her position nor would I want anyone else to. Outside of that, I'd go as far as to call her a friend. Or maybe an acquaintance. We have some fun or interesting talks and I feel confident in her and a sense of trust. Not in a professional way, more in a way you would trust a friend. She reminds me of myself in a way. We went through some rough things with ranks but bounced back. Her apathetic personality is very reminiscent of my own as well. Though I do sometimes see more of a real person break through from time to time. It's rare, but I do see it happen. I hope to see her do well and climb even higher than she is. I know I'd have her back every step of the way. I have her back to the end and hope she can at least rely on me or know I'm there to help however I can.

    Liliana Verbeck is a woman I always have and always will respect. A fine trooper, an excellent Officer and someone who truly deserves to live a long and happy life as a Citizen. However, she decided not to leave. Why, I'm not too certain. However she's taken the route as a Warrant Officer, and a fine one at that. Her company is always appreciated and she has her moments where she can be quite funny, now that she doesn't have to hold the Officer Persona. Makes me rather envious if I'm honest.


    If there's anybody I would give my life to save, you're one of those people. I could have died that day happy, knowing that I was able to save you. Stay safe, Verbeck. I'll miss you dearly, friend.



    Carson Sawyer:


    A Fleet Lieutenant, I think. We haven't spoken too much, but she's requested that I deal with my mouthy Infantrymen. I'll be sure to do so, as it pisses me off as much as it annoys her. I wouldn't mind talking to her in the future, just to see what kind of person she is. For all I know, she might deserve the shit of my men. Not that it makes it right, but I'd be less eager to shit down people's throats.

    I've grown quite fond of the Wing Commander as of late. These last few weeks have been quite rough, but her company has been some of the few highlights. She's a pleasure to talk to really. Someone who is also quite interesting to pick apart. It's been a long time since someone has genuinely fascinated me as a character, but she's caught my interest.



    The People Bently Likes:


    William St. ClaireClaire is a man I knew from my time in the 103rd. A Lance Corporal if my memory is correct. Now, he's a Corporal in the 112th, like me. We didn't know each other too well in the 103rd, but I'd say we're somewhat close now. I see him as a Brother in Arms. A true teammate, someone who will have my back until the end. He has his issues, but so do I. We work together well, and I honestly feel a sense of respect is between us. It's unspoken, but it's definitely present. Sure, his stupid mouth gets him in trouble quite a lot, but he's a good soldier.

    It's good to have you back, buddy. Hope to see you around and climbing up the ranks again, I know you can and your work leading on your first day back only encourage me of that fact. Welcome back, Claire.

    It's funny, for someone who talked about changing himself for the better he really hasn't changed all that much. Not that it's bad, I appreciate it. He's still the same old person but... better? He's different but the same. Still manages to amuse me and make good company and I'm still glad that he's back with us.

    He's been in that strange Intel Liaison thing for the past Month or so. I can't say I've spoken to him much, or at all during that time. Might just be my hatred for Intel and Officer ranks working against me. Even in my current position. 

    He's been a Medic for quite a while now. A good one at that. I never really saw that line of work in him, but I suppose after all these years he's still full of surprises.


    Emily Ziola: She's a Colonel now. Good for her. 


    Jackie Knoxx: Surprisingly, she's starting to turn around a little. I don't know how much, but it's an improvement. I hope to see her keep at it. I have no idea what made her change but I'm pleased she did. Keep it up, Knoxx. 

    Still doing okay. At least her attitude is fixed up a bit. 

    She's now one of my Sergeants. One I trust a fair bit too. How she managed to turn around so much is beyond me, but I'm impressed. I hope she keeps up, at this rate, she really could go places.

    She proved her worth in the AQZ and has continued to do so to this day. I have no regrets making her a Sergeant, truly a surprise to see her do so well for herself. I'm honestly proud of the leader she's become. She has my respect.


    Charlie Scott: One of our most trusted and talented Medics on ship. He has a firm understanding of what he's doing and apparently has been around for a long ass time. I don't doubt it either. He's a valuable member of the unit and someone I trust with not only my life, but the life of others. Not too bad company either, which is always a bonus. 


    Maxine Valentine: One of our Gunnery Sergeants. She's quite active in presence and what she's doing, throwing up random training constantly. It's exactly what I'm looking for from Gunnery Sergeants, someone who can keep the men busy on ship. Hope she keeps up the good work, that aside though, she's alright. We spent a large chunk of the RnR together and it was pleasant. Her company is quite enjoyable, so I can't complain. 

    I think we're quite close as friends, in a way. She's a Corporal now, and a rather decent one at that. I know I can at least rely on her to keep me in the loop on any lower ranking bullshit that I need to deal with. I'm more than certain that she's not doing too great mentally, but she does an excellent job at hiding it. Well, from me at least.


    Sarah Redbrick: I must admit, I think I was quite wrong about Corporal Redbrick. Things may not have been as they seemed. I'll try to speak with her about it at some point, where somewhat roommates now so it's not like I won't have time. I've warmed up to her over the last few days. Suppose I could only remember the bad about her and forgot about the good. I'm somewhat glad she's back, let's hope that nothing happens to her in the coming weeks, I'm finally getting used to having her back.

    I might make some time to properly sit and talk with her soon. I haven't exactly sat down with anyone to just talk and catch up in a good while. From what I've seen though, she's been doing fine so far. Hopefully she keeps the good work up. I'll find some time to talk to her in the next few days.


    Vito Dominiko: Another newer member of the 112th. It seems that lately the newer batch of members is a group of damn fine troopers. If it keeps up like this, I think the 112th will be on track to being the best it's been in months. As for on a personal level, I've spoken with Dominiko a few times here and there. From what I recall he was lashed, however he quickly turned himself around and sorted himself out which is certainly admirable. I enjoy his company when in groups or at the bar, though I haven't had chance to have a proper one to one talk with him. Who knows, perhaps one day. 


    Valerie Faust:

    She's back now, thankfully. Haven't really spoken to her yet though. Haven't really spoken to anyone lately. I should probably get around to that. 



    A German girl, rather young but seems competent enough. She's a decent person, nice to talk to and reliable on the field. I really can't complain too much about her. Spearheads the joke of me being a zombie which is uh- honestly pretty funny. 

    We've been talking a fair bit more lately. I like her. She's a good trooper and a pretty good friend. Moron tossed herself on a grenade to save her squad and honestly, as dumb as it was, can't help but respect her for it.

    She's out of the medbay and is up and kicking. Glad to see it. She's been good company these last few days too, I'd definitely call us friends, perhaps close friends.

    Definitely one of my closer friends. Her company is always enjoyed and appreciated. I trusted her with knowing about White and she seems interested and/or willing to help out which I appreciate. Taken her previous wounds in stride and is already over them. I can respect and almost admire that. I trust her with my life and I'm more than certain that should it come down to it, we'd stand together until the end taking down as many Progenitors, bugs, Skinnies or Sanctuary fuckers as we can with us. 

    She lost her brother. I'm feel so sorry for her. Losing family is hard, really hard. Especially ones you're close to and love like she did her Brother. I hope she recovers fast. I need her out there in the field, it'll be tough with out her. I'll be here for her if she needs it and hope she recovers and goes back to the same badass little Kraut she always was. Good luck, Faust.

    I don't know if she'll ever be the same. It's been a few weeks now and she's certainly not getting any better. I'm letting her sleep in my office to stay away from people and get some proper space and I try to talk with her whenever I can, though I'm really not the best person when it comes to those kinds of things. I'll keep doing what I can though. 

    She seems to be doing better, thankfully. We don't speak as much though I've been rather busy. Which is a shame. I'll try to free up some time in the future to talk to her, I suppose. Until then I can simply observe from afar, and my main observation is that she's doing better. Which is good to hear.

    She transferred out. It's a shame. She was one of my first friends on the ship and we've been through highs and lows together. She's a very dear friend who means a lot to me. I do hope I get to see her again one day. I'll miss her, truly. 



    Lily Parker: I only spoke to her today when I made her Lance Corporal and after her first drop as Lance. She's an interesting one. Seems to have her shit together, I have pretty high expectations for her to go far during her time with us. Though, she has an interest in assisting me in improving my social capabilities. I can't say no to the offer, of course. I'm in dire need of some help getting out and talking to people. I'm turning into Davidson or Ramirez, I can just feel it. Hopefully she can help me out with getting better. She... reminds me of Richard in a way. I'm not sure if I like it or not yet... Suppose we'll see.

    She was wounded and put in the Medbay today. Something about her leg. Broken by the looks of it, or, the looks of her protruding bones when I first walked in. I didn't speak to her right away, decided to wait a bit before saying hi. The conversation was, again, nice. I told her a little bit about myself, about my old unit, Terra. Talking is surprisingly easy with her. One could say I get along with her to an extent. I suppose I would even call her a friend, perhaps. Though, it's hard to say that. I found an old picture a few weeks ago. Me and three other people. Three close friends. I'm the only one still alive in that photo. Put things into perspective I guess. How many people have died other this 13 long months I've been here, the four long years I've served. Guess it makes calling people a friend hard. Knowing that they could die any second. I do hope she doesn't die though. I do quite like her company. 



    Quinn Caffrey: One of my Senior NCOs as of very recently. I can't complain, however. She's always been a reliable NCO and someone I have a lot of faith in. She knows her shit, even if she doubts that she does. I quite like her. Admittedly, we don't talk a lot but I can say that about everyone. I'd at least like to talk to her more. Our interactions, though limited, have always been enjoyable. I might seek her our next time I'm free. I guess we'll see. #

    She left but came back now. A Warrant Officer no less. I imagine she'll be quite helpful.


    Veronika Harth: A fairly new member to the 112th, but a welcome one I'd say. She seems alright. Has a decent head on her shoulders and doesn't manage to bug me too much. She holds a conversation better than most too which is a bonus. I wouldn't mind talking to her a little more, suppose we'll see what happens though.


    Aoife 'Achilles' YorkShe became the Technical Sergeant to Engineering. Quite a shift but I suppose it makes sense. Working hand in hand with York and such. I'm not quite sure how she's been doing in the position, I haven't really asked. But, the limited times I've seen her in the field as she was an Engineer she's blown me up and almost killed me. So, that's something I suppose. I don't mind her all that much, we don't talk a lot but, as I've said in the past, when we do it's pleasant. She's difficult to read though. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

    We don't speak much, though we never really did, I don't think. 


    Lowell Hartwick: He's one of my Sergeants and one of my better NCOs of the roster. He's a decent kid, not too bad company wise. He manages to amuse me here and there I will admit. He has issues that need work, but I think he's more than capable of improving, and I think he wants to too. 

    He's improved I think. I hear less complaints about him at the very least. I'm fairly sure he took my advice to heart and worked to improve and I'm thankful. He might have just made a decent NCO out of himself.

    He's still been working hard as an NCO, probably one of my most valuable troopers. I trust him with my men more than most.

    He's a bit of a fucking idiot. I know he can do better, and I expect him to soon.


    John Williams: He's one of our newer members. He's a Corporal, and a damn good one at that. I can see him going far here, and I hope that he does. I don't know him too well on a personal level and I'm not sure if I plan on seeking him out. Probably not.


    Wendy Goodwin: A Third Specialist I met recently. She seems nice, good company and enjoyable to listen to. Especially when mixed with Dumont. Not sure how well we'd hold a conversation with out others around but I'm not one for one on one chats anyway. Her and Dumont are definitely together. She called me her favourite NCO but that could have been a joke or something I dunno. She's nice though. Pretty kind person and a general pleasure to be around.

    Goodwin came back not too long ago. It's nice to see her again. I do enjoy her company and find it pleasant, hopefully I get to see her more often. What with Dumont not around as much it has become more just myself and her talking, meaning I've actually gotten to know her a little. Welcome back, Third Specialist. 

    Seems she's gone again. A shame, I liked her.

    Glad to see that she's back, I need to sit down and talk to her at some point, but we'll see when both of us are free.


    Tatsuo OkazakiOne of my Sergeants. He's a decent one at that. From the times we have spoken, I've grown to like him quite a bit. He's smart enough, or he appears to be. His company is quite good as well, a pleasant person to talk with. I believe he respects me, or at least he tries to. He listens intently when I talk, I can tell that much.

    The first of the Bandits. One of my most trusted NCOs. He proved himself in the AQZ, more than most. I value him and feel grateful that he's by my side for the times ahead. 


    Naomi Hawthorne: The new Technical Sergeant of Psychics. Consumes the fun and joy of babies and Infantrymen. She's okay though, probably good at her job but I have no idea how to tell, but I'll assume she's fine. Not sure if I trust her but then again I don't have reason to.

    She's the Lieutenant now, has been for a while now. I'm sure that at this moment in time, she's quite conflicted with her feelings to me, but I'm grateful of her work, and hope that we continue to work together, despite the most recent bump.


    Mira Oberlin: I don't know much about her outside of her record. She's a Psychic who likes to keep that fact hidden. Which I don't blame her for. She requested an office instead of hiding away in some storage space on the Technical Deck, which is understandable. Besides, we have plenty of rooms to spare at this point.

    She's a Warrant Officer now, continuing to keep her abilities hidden, which I don't blame her for. I do quite like her though. Her company is oddly pleasant, though I'm not sure if it's something I'll actively seek out. Although, it isn't something I would avoid.

    She left. Can't say I blame her.


    Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz: One of the newer members of the ship. He's a big man, dumb as bricks, but big. Quite a fun spar we had, until he slammed me into the ground and knocked my lungs out of my throat. But, he seems decent enough. Reminds me of a dumb and gentle giant. Like Hodor or something.


    Christoper Miller: He's... odd. I was unsure about his gender for a while, but he has clarified he is indeed male, and was born one. He's a member of Medical, and not a bad one either. I've yet to see him work up close, thankfully, but I'm sure he would do fine. I don't mind him as a person though. He's quite pleasant and enjoyable at times. Better than most.


    Hecle Phan: This name sounds familiar but I can't place where I know it from. I'll remember at some point, I'm sure. 

    I know him quite well now, I think. An Engineer. He seems like a good kid, I just hate that he's trapped up in all of this mess. It's people like him that I'll fight to redeem now, I suppose. Whether he stays with us or not.


    James Reacher: Someone I never really spoke to before the Grant went down. Most of the time I've seen him, he's been wounded. But, he seems nice. His company isn't too terrible, admittedly. I appreciate his loyalty and want to help keep my men alive. I hope he survives all of this.

    I haven't had chance to speak with him in a while, which is quite unfortunate. I hope I'm able to catch him before I leave. He seemed nice enough.


    Amanda Winters: The Lieutenant of Engineering. She's a bit of an odd one, but I don't mind her. She's had her moments of stupidity, but she's really come into her own as of late. I feel like I can rely on her to help rebuild the Engineering Division, and I hope she won't let me down. We'll just have to see, I think.


    Jeremy Nash: I was honestly thrilled when I saw he was back. Something about seeing him around being a moron reminds me of how things used to be. I did miss him quite dearly, but seeing him around again has made these last few weeks all the more bearable. I hope we can sit down properly when this all cools down.


    Noemi Rosangela: A rather short woman, but a decent Corporal. She earned her patches by taking down a Separatist force with a squad of four. Better than most, I will say. It's a surprise, but a very pleasant one. I don't know her too well on a personal level. She seems to have managed to keep that... happiness to her. That glint in her eye of youthful innocence that most lose after their first few months in Combat. She's looking at about as many years as me and still has it. It's impressive, but... sort of odd.


    Solomon Murphy: Another new Sergeant. I don't know much about him. He's had some complaints leveled against him, but he seems to understand his errors. Hopefully he'll learn and improve. I don't doubt that he will.

    He's been doing okay so far. I can say he's one of the people I trust to leave this Infantry with. I hope he keeps it up, even when I'm gone.


    Robert ShawI've always had an odd relationship with Shaw. For the longest time, I didn't think he liked me at all. Though, perhaps it was a misunderstanding. I'm not really sure. It was a shock when he asked to be a Warrant under me though. A surprise, but a welcome one. He's a good man who I've heard endless praise for over the last few years and I don't doubt the praise was all well earned. I don't know too much about him as a person though. I suppose we've never really talked properly. By the looks of things, we might never get the chance.



    The Neutral:


    Tallie Vega: Fresh face in the unit. Spoke to her for a while yesterday and she seems alright. I don't really have too much to say on her at this moment in time, but she's at least decent enough to not make me want to shoot myself when she opens her mouth. Promising start.

    She's a medic I'm pretty sure. Not sure if she's around much but the more red vests the better.


    Anton Volker: He's a Corporal, I don't see him too much but he seems alright. Can't say I have any complaints about him thus far. Hope to see him being more active, I sure could use more Corporals right about now. 


    Mikail Kuznetsov: One of the units' DMR users. Seems decent enough. Wears his Ghillie suit all the fucking time and enjoys trying to scare people with it. Caught me off guard one time while I was piss drunk which was kind of amusing. Seems decent enough.


    Kyle Lowel: One of the Lance Corporals of the unit. I can't say I've seen him all that much. Maybe like... twice. I don't really remember the times we met either. Suppose we'll see how he performs in the future.


    Alexander Tschenkowitsch: Lick, as people call him, which is easier than Tschenkowitsch, has been around for a while now. I've never properly spoken to him but he seems alright, though not someone I'd seek out to talk to. Though I've never really had any trouble with them so I can't really give any real complaints. 


    Sylase 'Fucker' Freeman: I don't really speak to him much, but he seems alright I suppose. A Medic, so I can't complain. The more of those the better.


    Cornelius Zeem: He came back somewhat recently. I haven't had a chance to really sit and talk with him. He made Corporal again though, so I can only assume he's doing something right. Hopefully we won't have a repeat of last time. 


    Tzipora Bronson: I heard whispers that she was in a relationship with Claire, I'm not sure if that's still the case but if so it was never run by me. I hope for her sake it's not true. Other than that, not much comes to mind when I think of them. 


    Cait Donovan: She has a habit of wearing nose rings. I've almost ripped one out of her nose yet, to my knowledge, she still persists. She was a Medic, though I don't know what happened there. I THINK she left? I can't recall her combat effectiveness, I assume it's not bad as I've never heard complaints, though nothing remarkable. That's the best way I can describe her, I think. Not bad, but not remarkable. Average. 


    Shane Emmett: He's a newer trooper and quite young. It certainly shows as well. He's naive, reckless and lacks that combat awareness that comes with time. But, it comes with time. I just hope he doesn't die before he learns to be a proper Infantryman. 


    Bradley Tanner: He was a Sergeant, but recently demoted himself to go join the Engineers. A mature and respectable choice. Can't say I know much else about him.


    Grace Corbin: A Senior Specialist in Medical. I don't know too much about her, but she's most likely good at her job to reach the rank she's at. I can respect that she keeps my Infantry alive in the field, and from the limited interactions I've had, she seems to be in the right place moral wise.


    Chase McKnight: Seems he didn't die. What a wild Universe.



    The People Bently Doesn't Like:


    Eric ShepardHe cut someone's ear off. What a fucking retard.



    The Dead:


    Richard Smith: You always said you'd die for that unit. Seems you finally did. I'm sorry I couldn't stay there to carry on what you started. You were a Brother to me and I'll do my best to make you proud.

    I'm starting to realize the mistake I made coming here. I let you down, I let them all down. We had a deal, one that you fucking DIED for, and I betrayed you. Please... I just want to know that you forgive me. 

    Wish you were here to see how far I've come. I imagine if you saw me with Staff Sergeant patches you'd have a fucking heart attack. Can't say I'd blame you, being called 'Staff' still feels weird and wrong but here I am. 

    Trying to imagine your reaction to me as Captain is impossible. Part of my is certain that I wouldn't even be at this position if you were alive. Captain would have gone to you long before it reached me. I met someone today. She reminds me of you a little. Seems she's just as eager to make me a social butterfly. Let's hope I don't fall for the bow-tie trick a second time.

    I don't even know what you'd think about all of this. All I know is that I lost your pistol, but I will get it back.




    Ozias Manderly: While I cannot say much combat wise, since he seems to be pretty decent, socially, I quite like him. It’s rare for me to pick up on and appreciate someone’s personality, but something about him is quite enjoyable. May just be the relaxed change of pace he offers that no one else really does, almost makes you forget how shit the Galaxy really is.  Died on a drop. Didn't see it happen, don't know how he died, but he's gone. It's a shame. He was a decent kid.


    Johnathan Price: Don't know much about him. First impressions: He's a lying, drama making, smug idiot. Can't say I care too much for him. Reminds me of some of the 103rd, and that's the last thing I want to see. He lost his spot in Engineering and is being Court Martialed. From what I hear, this isn’t the first time it’s happened recently either. Stinks of a liability we should just cut loose, or stick in a noose.  Well, he's dead now. Pretty crap way to go, but it was quick at least.


    Carlos Martinez: He seems like an alright person. I believe he thinks we are far closer than we actually are. His division has been a cause to my back pains as of late, and I pray to God he unfucks the people in it before I get involved again. I can't complain about him as a person though. He does his job and he does it well, but on a personal level there's nothing too remarkable about him worth writing about. Just another person in the Unit that I don't mind. He just happens to run a Division. 

    Another one dead. It's a shame, I wish we knew each other a little better but I hope he at least enjoyed his time here. Rest easy, Hombre.


    Rowan Burke: I don't know much about Specialist Burke. She's currently in a relationship with Edwards. So, I suppose, in a way, she reminds me of Achilles, mutual friends through being partners with a close friend. Though, she seems alright. We'll see. She seems... kind. Too hopeful and cheerful for the Infantry, but then again, many are at first. I just hope that with her it lasts longer than most. Edwards could use something like that, I think.

    Seems she wanted the papers ripped. I'd rather not ask the details as it isn't my concern, or business. Whether we now drift apart and stop talking because of her severed connection to a mutual friend, I'm not sure. We'll see. Either way, she's a talented medic from what I've seen.

    I'm sad to see you on that wall, Specialist. Rest easy. I wish I could stay to try and keep Murphy in one piece.


    Jack O'Neill: Gave a good word my way on being a Sergeant, I'll be greatful if it pays off. Told me about his wife too... not really sure what to say. Part of me wants to press him for the full story but- well, I know how unpleasant digging into the past can be. I got the patches! I’ll show him later when I see him. Kind of excited to work beside him and do him proud. Hope the old man can keep up.  Why him? Why fucking him? I can't do this anymore... you were my best friend and I couldn't even say goodbye. Couldn't even show you those patches and work alongside you. I wanted to try and make you proud but... now I won't get the fucking chance. This... This is why I don't make friends. Why the fuck did you have to come sit with me? Why did you have to be such a fucking good man, Jack? You deserved better you... you old fucker. I miss you already.


    May Belle Fitzgerald: She seems alright. She's very to herself and, for lack of better words, shy. Apparently she's trying to get over it and is getting help with it but who knows. I haven't seen her make any huge mistakes as of yet so who knows what'll happen with her. She has an interesting taste in music though. Showed me a band on the radio and I liked them quite a lot. Might pester her for more music to check out at some point, I dunno.  First person to die under my command... She was taken prisoner and fucked up pretty bad. We had to A6 her. I just hope she finds peace now. No one deserves to die in a dark tunnel with none of their friends nearby. Gonna hate telling Dex about this.


    Lindsey Mardezano: A Specialist Engineer. She seems like a nice kid. I traded my life for hers a while back when she was taken hostage. It was uh... I think it was worth it, personally. It's good to see her around the ship safe. She seems like a decent person, I might talk to her a little more, just to get to know her properly.  She died. I wasn't there to try and save her this time. I'm sorry for that. Rest easy, Mardy. You were a good kid. 


    Ashley Rose: Tech-Sergeant in Engineering. She's an odd one. It's not that I hate her, she just gives me a weird feeling. I can't tell if she wants to kill me or try to sleep with me. Both are less than desirable. At least she dropped that stupid nickname. She's gone. Died with Mardezano. I'm sad to hear it, we were starting to properly talk and stuff. I'll miss that crazy Crowbar swinging woman; and her so called 'dancing.'


    Johnny Kelp: A uh- Private, I think? Haven't seen him since our first meeting. Good.

    Heard he Died. Eh.


    Aiden O'Farrell: A Specialist in the Marauders. He charged a tank and ripped out the crew so he has my respect. I believe he also helped fuck with Richardson which was amusing. Seems like an all around decent person. 

    Died during the Retaking of Terra. It's unfortunate. He was one of the more likable people. 


    Ravette Blackwell: A Private. She's... unique. Been in the Infantry for eight years apparently which is interesting. Somewhat impressive too. She's decent company. I imagine we'd have some lengthy talks about life and what we think of it. I could see us sharing a few mentalities or things like that but I'm not sure. I want to talk to her again at some point, get to know what her thoughts a little more.

    Heard she died.


    Glenn H. Reynolds: She died a few days ago. I guess I never got to see if she'd wise up which is more than unfortunate. She may have been difficult and... well- a huge pain in the ass but she didn't deserve to die. Just hope it wasn't too painful.


    William Beans: What kind of a fucking name is Beans? 'Cool' Beans? Sounds like an idiot. Stories of him hitting on everyone don't help. Is this guy gonna rape someone next? It's not very often I'm wrong about people, definitely not to this degree but... he went out a Hero it seems. A lot of people speak highly of him too. For doing what he did he'll always have my respect. Rest easy, Specialist.


    Jee-Un Choi: I remember first talking to her at the base of the stairs on the Hab deck when she first arrived. She seemed quite uninterested in conversation. She's in Fleet now though, Lieutenant there too. Honestly, I don't mind. I'd rather it be her than any of the other cunts on the Bridge. At least she treats the Infantry with some common fucking decency. So, thanks for that. 

    She asked if we could be friends. Odd, but I accepted her request. 

    God I hope they shoot you already so this shit storm can be over with. 



    Mikayla Kowalski: Our Lieutenant. I honestly wouldn't pick anyone else given the choice. I respect this woman more than most and she's probably one of the only CO's I trust and feel completely loyal to. I don't know how she feels about me as a trooper. My track record seems to proceed me and I doubt she hasn't heard the negative things I've done but I hope that one day, someday, I can gain her respect or appreciation.  Whether the orders you gave were right or not, she'll always have my admiration and respect and the platoon won't be the same without her. Rest easy, Ma'am.


    Daniel Dumont: He's back, again. I'm thankful, in a way. Something about his moronic charm has been dearly missed. Plus, having another useful and talented medic is always appreciated. Welcome back, Dumont. 

    Another person gone. I'll admit, lately he was starting to push his limits and step out of the funny area to just straight up disobedient. But... I'll miss him. I regret the fact that one our our last interactions involved me pushing him down the stairs. I just hope he didn't think I hated him, because I really didn't. Not even the slightest bit. 


    Victor Von Klauster: He's back. One of my Lances I think. Heard he died on Terra in the recent Operation. Sad to hear it, he's been around a long time. 


    Patrick Stevenson: One my most active Sergeants. His time here was iffy at first. I heard some less than pleasant things about him but I can safely say it was a right call to stick by him and let him have more time to impress me. Though, I don't mind him too much. We've had a few talks here and there and most of them are fine. I feel he gets the brunt of my aggressive outbursts which is somewhat unfair on his part, but someone has to deal with it I suppose, and he takes the abuse on the chin far better than most. Which is almost respectable.

    He stepped down and moved onto Marauders. Honestly, he's doing a pretty good job there. Might be better for him but time will tell. NCO isn't really for everyone, whether they're good at it or not. Hope he enjoys it though, should help him ease down and become more relaxed. Ya know, blowing shit up. 

    He's alive and kicking still. Almost fully recovered at that, which I'm glad to hear. I was just starting to warm up to him so it'd be pretty shitty timing if he went and died on me. Glad to see him back though. 

    And like that he's gone again. Shame. 


    Annie Brewer: Doctor Brewer is a talented medic, patched me up more times than I care to count. After her short leave and stepping down from Med Lead I think I'm one of the only familiar faces she knows, might be why we started talking more. Can't say I can complain, her presence is appreciated and her company is enjoyed.

    We spent the last RnR together talking over life and such. It was pretty enjoyable. I'd consider her a a close friend, honestly. I'm more than glad she came back to the unit. Hopefully we'll be able to talk a little more frequently, I'd enjoy that. 

    You were back for a while but ended up getting yourself killed by Larsen. I feel somewhat guilty for letting it happen, but you did it to yourself. I wish I had chance to say sorry, but at least it was somewhat quick. But, thank YOU for being a good friend to me. I know I didn't deserve it, or you. 


    Devin Saiphan: Saiphan is a Specialist, one that at first to me seemed to be another generic person I expected to come and then eventually die. However to my surprise he's still kicking. He's a pretty nice guy, a kind one I'd say. You don't see many 'kind' people in the Mobile Infantry. He's from... Thailand, I believe? And his English isn't exactly perfect but it's good enough to be able to talk with him with no issues. Actually makes him somewhat more enjoyable to be around thinking about it. I do like the man, hope he stays around. 

    Another man gone. This one hurt though. More than most others. He was hardly a best friend or a person I cared deeply for, but something about him made seeing him go hurt so much. He was nice. Funny. Good to talk to. I at least got to speak to him before he left us. Hopefully his last day was enjoyable. 


    Elizabeth Taylor: A DMR user, or, is for now. She seems like a nice kid. A little quiet and such, emotional at times too from what I can tell but... who isn't nowadays. She seems to have good intentions though and avoids causing issues. Just a polite person really. I couldn't see us talking or hanging out often but I wouldn't ignore her if she tried to talk to me. She's a good kid, hope to see her go far or at least stay around for a while. Killed herself. Not sure why but I'm sad to hear it. She was a nice girl and had potential as a Lance Corporal. Sad to see them gone.



    Michael Finch: I don't really know to much about him outside of professional relations. He's a decent leader and keeps shit in order on the ship. The small times we've had none work related chats have been alright. His company is pretty decent.

    He messed up and paid the price. He isn't a criminal, not even close. One of the most loyal and dedicated Sergeants I had. Just one more reason why Davidson can go and fuck himself. 

    Was in a Penal Battalion. Died in the battle for Sanctuary. He'll be missed. 


    Miguel Lorenzo: He's a Specialist. Not too bad a person, I suppose. We had a rather bumpy start but as long as he continues to turn himself around and keeps his hands off of his own dick I'll have no issue with him. Hopefully he keeps up whatever he's doing now, could make a fine addition to the 112th.

    Had some sort of mental break down today. Poor bastard. Some people just see something that breaks them, I guess. Can't say it's never happened to me but... not like that. Guy looked truly terrified. Hopefully he recovers soon or gets some help.

    PTSD had him for the final weeks of his life and that truly is a shame. Hopefully now he truly finds peace.


    Tina König: One of the Master Specialists. She's a pretty solid person. We don't talk much but I don't mind it when we do. Not really been close lately but that's fine.

    Died recently. Wish I got to know her a little better before she passed but regardless. She may have got someone killed as of recent but it doesn't mean she deserved to die how she did, or at all. Hopefully she finds peace and I hope her fiance doesn't take the news too hard. 



    Lyndsey Carter: Carter is a member of Engineering. A pretty decent one too, certainly one of the better ones. She's reliable on the field and decent company on the ship. She has some weird fetish for a cone and naming inanimate objects but everyone has their own little 'thing' I guess. That one's just hers. That aside though, I like her. I'm not sure I'd call her a friend but she's more than just some random cunt in a yellow jacket. 

    She's a Corporal now and I can say she's doing well. Has a few things to iron out in order to improve but I'll be there to help her learn. She's in a low spot, after the death of Specialist Parker. Unfortunate, but it happens. Makes me think of how I'd be if I lost White, probably no better than she's doing now. So, I can not fault her at all. With time she'll learn to cope, that I'm sure of.

    She died recently. I'm saddened by it, more than I can really describe. She was a nice girl, Carter. It was sad that she had to spend her last few months living with such pain and torment. She certainly didn't deserve it. If there's a heaven, I hope she goes there and is reunited with all those that she loved and lost. She deserves peace more than most. 


    Jason Marsh: One of the newer members of the unit, and one of the most recent to fall. I'm sad to hear it, he seemed to show potential. I didn't know him too well, but perhaps that's for the best. Makes his passing easier to bear in a time when so many people are dropping. To me he's just another name, but to more I know he was much more. He'll be missed. 


    Johnathan Skye: One of the newer Marauders. Pretty good at his job. Reliable enough that I can't say I have many complaints. Spoken to him briefly once or twice while off duty and he leaves little to dislike about him as far as I can remember. 

    I told you not to make that fucking jump. Regardless, you didn't deserve to die for it.. It's unfortunate. Hopefully you rest easy, Skye. 


    Noah GarganoSeems like a decent enough kid. Little bit unreliable and clumsy in the field but I'm sure it'll be ironed out over time. He's nice at least, can't see him causing too many problems among the other enlisted but we'll have to see.

    Really shaped up into a decent soldier. I won't say I called it but, I kind of did. Made him a Sergeant myself and his genuine excitement to take up the role is encouraging. He could use a bit more help to smooth out the edges but I think I could get him to where I want him to be. We'll see. Good luck, Sergeant.

    Decided to take him under my wing after a lengthy talk with him on my Birthday. I need someone who can replace me should I ever finally leave the Mobile Infantry, whether it be through death or retirement. I think he's more than capable of replacing me. Hopefully he can prove me right. 

    Why you? Why the fuck did it have to be you? You were supposed to replace me when I leave this fucking place, not die in some distant galaxy on some scum fucked planet. I miss you already, so fucking much. You were a good kid, too good for the death you got. You'll be remembered, and I'm sorry I couldn't be there to protect you and keep you safe. Just another person I couldn't save... Another person I've let down. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I just don't know anymore...






    Daisy Bailey: Captain of the Marauders. Been doing it since before I even arrived and I don't doubt she'll still be doing it long after I'm gone. Sure, her personal life gives her a reputation that far proceeds her but we're a Military unit not a bunch of kids. I don't give half a shit who she does or does not sleep with as long as she does her job and does it well. Which, for the most part, I'd say is true. She demands respect for the most part but does not get in your face and yell at you for it. Her views on how we Enlisted should view her division are conflicting with my own and other NCOs viewpoint. However, it is not my place to attempt to correct a Captain so I won't do so. That's simply an argument I refuse to touch on with a ten foot pole. She's a decent enough Officer. 

    We sat together in the bar to 'talk' as was her request. It was odd. Pleasant, but odd. Her company is one that I could easily find myself enjoying given the chance to have it more often. She's a decent person once you get passed her Officer mindset. I'm not even sure if 'get passed it' is the correct term. More, if she allows you to see passed that mentality. However when she does there seems to be a genuine person under there. One I'd be glad to talk to more regarding anything really. Whether she wants something from me or not is uncertain at this moment. I could very well be a simple pawn to get whatever information she requires but if that's the case then so be it. I certainly look forward to our next chat; out of curiosity for what's to come if nothing else.

    We speak more often now, usually just sit and share a glass of Bourbon. It's pleasant. I don't mind her company, honestly. It was a little odd at first, just sitting and chatting with a Captain but I'd say I'm used to it now. I'd at least hope she trusts me to get things done and is aware she can rely on me for things. I hope so at least.

    Seems you finally left us, Ma'am. You'll be missed. Truly. They're bringing in a new Captain to replace you but no one ever truly can or will. I'm honored to have called you a friend for so long. I'll be sure to put those drinks to good use when we kill those glowing fuckers. I hope you rest easy and undisturbed. Please serving beside you, Ma'am. I'll miss you dearly. Goodbye. 




    Jennifer Hayes: Staff Sergeant Hayes is, to put it simply, my plus one. She's the person I go to when I need help with getting shit done and she pulls through every time with out fail. A competent NCO, a relaxed, tolerable person and good company. I can't really find anything to complain about with her. I hope to see her continue to do well and impress more people. Best of luck to her, she just might need it. 

    She's been there for me when I needed her both professionally and emotionally. I appreciate that greatly. 

    Another one gone. You didn't deserve the horrifying end you got... You were my right hand in my days of being a Staff. I couldn't ask for a better partner and friend to make dumb comments with. I'll do my best to keep Hughes safe. I promise you that...





    Cierra O'Casey: An LMG gunner, good at what she does. Dedicated enough to damage herself by pushing her rifle to the breaking point. She's decent company, quite funny too. She knows what drink I like and makes it me before I even ask. I can respect that. So, thanks, Specialist. 

    We talk almost daily at this rate. Certainly someone I would call a friend. She's an odd one, but I don't mind. Her over-sexual nature, whether a joke or serious, is actually somewhat amusing. I find an odd sense of entertainment out of pretending to be far more clueless than I actually am just to watch her and whoever else is present try to explain mundane things. I don't think she's caught on to me doing it yet though.

    I don't see her as much nowadays which truly is a shame. I miss her over-sexual nature and weird remarks. I miss the coffee too, actually. She makes a damn good cup of coffee. I'll probably start chasing her up a little more, see how she's doing. She might still need help finding some 'good company and stress relief.' 

    Died today. I haven't properly spoken to her for a while, but it's still unfortunate to say the least. She was a talented troopers regardless and she'll be missed. Hope she's in a better place and her death wasn't too painful. Sorry I couldn't get to you faster, O'Casey. Hope you'll forgive me. 




    James Chevosky: Chevosky is a fairly new member of the 112th. However he is a talented one. A decent trooper, all around rather decent guy and pretty good to talk to. His company is bearable, more than I can say about some. Hope to see him keep up the decent work and go places here. He's definitely capable of it.

    Since he lost his hand he's become a little more mopey. Seems far too attached to it, needs to try and push passed it and bounce back. If not he's going to be caught on it for a long, long time. 

    He's Corporal now and I'm glad to see it. He certainly deserves to be there and maybe, just maybe, one day he'll be a Sergeant too. Not right now, but some day. He's continued to be an interesting companion these last few weeks that he's been here. Not one that I dislike but not one that I love to be around. He's... likeable. More than decent with conversation but I feel I need to be in the right mood to talk with him. I'm not sure though. Suppose we'll see.

    I'm going to be plain and simple. This man needs to unfuck his shit and fast. Directly denying a Sergeants orders, and then mine. Fucking moron. He needs to learn a lot more before I even consider him going to Sergeant. At this rate he's barely clinging onto his current rank with that blatant inability to keep his mouth closed. Also his very public relationship and inability to act professional or control his feelings. How fucking hard is it to control emotions? It's not just an issue with him I'm seeing it more and more and I'm losing my patience for it.

    Chevosky Needs to learn when he should and shouldn't big dick people. Just a personal opinion but when you constantly show your mean side there isn't much to threaten people with should they piss you off. However, whatever works for him.

     He's a Sergeant now, which is surprising. Hopefully he's learned his lessons and can finally start to do what I know he can do. Be a damn good Sergeant. So far though, the signs have been quite promising. 

    Truly a talented Sergeant. He had a bumpy road to get where he is but I'm happy with the NCO he's become. Hopefully he continues to do well and impress. I know I can rely on him to get shit done which is far more rare than I care to admit. 

    He's on his final chance with me. Needs to pull his attitude in but I'm sure he'll figure it out in due time. At the end of the day, while he may have far more uses to this unit as a Sergeant, if he fucks it up again that'll be it. I'll find someone else to replace him and all of his uses. That aside. he's still okay. Someone I value, which is rare these days. 

    He finally slipped into a coma I heard. Whether Doctors can save him or not I don't know... I can only hope. I wish I spoke to him a little more. I was just scared, really. Really fucking scared... I don't know what to do, how to handle this. Fuck, I don't even know if I CAN handle it. I feel like I'm about to break... Fuck. Please, Chevosky. Please wake up.

    They took him off life support. Guess that's it. Fucking Hell. Another name to add to the fucking list. Hope you rest easy, Chevosky. I'm sorry.





    Erae Bellic: 

    She was one of the first people I remember of this unit. Someone I expected to outlive me and I hated seeing her go first. She was one of my best NCOs and I miss her already. I risked everything for her and I'd do it again, just to be sure she got her final wishes. It's the very least I could have done for her. At least... I hope it's what she wanted. And that it was the right thing to do. May she find the peace a Hero like her deserves. 



    The Missing or Retired:


    Anni Jarvinen:  You're gone. I wish you weren't leaving but I can't ask you to stay and I can't come with you. Please don't die. Please. I'm going to miss you, that much is easy to say but maybe this is for the best. Good luck, Anni. Hope you get to see your Mum again soon. I'm sure she'd be proud of the person you've become, I know I sure am. Goodbye.





    Rear Admiral Hux: I first spoke to him properly through O'Neill about Humpty-Dumpty. Since then I was there to assist him after the death of his bird, Echo. He's, to be honest, a very kind man. You'd expect someone of his rank and position to be far more different than he actually is, but he's one of the most respectable people I've seen on the ship; and also one of the humblest.

    He's leaving the Grant behind to go elsewhere. It's a shame, really. I truly will miss him running our ship. Hopefully life treats you well, sir.




    Sam Ruse: A newer trooper onboard the Grant. She's an Engineer with one hell of a shot on her. She's quite good company too. Playing the piano and bringing a general life and cheery atmosphere into the room whenever she's around it. Her company is quite pleasant, really. Something I don't get to say about many people.

    I don't even remember who this is. 


    Anderson Kayne: He’s a Staff Sergeant now. Pretty damn sudden but I’m sure he’s doing fine. Unlike most though, he hasn’t really changed much. He still seems to be interested in my well being and tries to help so I appreciate that. I Hope he continues to do well. Thanks for everything, Staff. I appreciate the help more than I can really explain. I'm here if you need anything, just hope that you know that at the very least.

    He's finally back. I'll have to talk to him soon, see how he's holding up. 

    Pretty sure he's taken his leave to go serve elsewhere. I imagine Senior NCOs are quite thin nowadays and other units needs all the help they can get. It's a shame. He's a good trooper, but it's how it is. I hope he makes it. 

    Seeing him today was a damn pleasant surprise. I'm glad he's back though, I've missed his company. I'll try to get some time to sit and talk with him alone just to catch up, assuming I can get the free time.

    Bye. Again.


    Dorian Elswood: One of the newer members of Medical and certainly an appreciated addition. He's a talented medic in the field and a great person off of it. Someone who I feel great trust for and appreciation. He's been a helping hand for the last few days, albeit probably quite begrudgingly at times. I should probably thank him properly at some point, or at least apologise for being such a difficult twat to him. He's greatly appreciated and someone I could definitely call a friend or someone I trust. I do thank him for his help, but I don't really know how to thank him, I've never been good at doing that, which is certainly a complication. I'll try to talk to him at some point and show gratitude, however I can imagine it won't work out too well, but we shall see.

    I'd say that I'm quite close to Elswood. He proves time and time to be a more than capable trooper and a damn fine addition to the unit. I haven't been able to properly speak to him over the last few weeks which is unfortunate. I actually sort of miss his company. Though, I haven't spoken to much of anyone as of late. I'd like to try and take the time to talk to him again, not professionally, just.. as a friend, I suppose. 

    Shame to see him gone. I quite liked him. Hopefully he's doing well. 


    Franco Sorrentino: Transferred to go lead somewhere else. Left the Unit in my hands which is, admittedly, rather daunting, but I'm doing as best I can. 

    Warrant Officer Sorrentino. Now where have I heard that before?



    Richard Barret: Transferred apparently. 


    Ichigo Okano: Gone


    Eric Mcdowly: McDowly is a Specialist, I don't know him all too well but I believe he went away for a while. He's back now though. Not sure if I'd talk to him but then again I don't really know him.

    Who is this?


    Matthew Squires: A fellow Infantryman. He moves between Corporal and Sergeant a lot which leaves my faith in him questionable at best. He can be quite a uh... selfish individual, I think. He seems to only work for himself and not others. However, he has moments of being a decent and likeable individual. We had a rocky start but I'd say I can consider him a person I am fond of, perhaps a friend. Though his small group of issues do put me off. I feel unable to trust him not to let his feeling get the better of him and cause him to make a very, very stupid mistake. Fucked up one too many times I guess. No idea where he is now but I hope he finally learned something.

    Finally come back to the 112th. Whether it's for better or worse I'm unsure. He's a Sergeant, so we'll see how that goes. Though I need to see if he's really learned from his mistakes yet or not. Hopefully he has, but I don't quite trust him yet.

    Not sure what happened to him. Might be for the best he's gone. 


    Vinera Rose: Almost died saving her on her first drop, but it was my choice. She seemed to appreciate it and learn from her mistakes. She's related to uh- Markings, or whatever. Small Universe it seems. I haven't spoken with her in a while. From my understanding, she joined Engineering, most likely to be alongside her sister.

    She has an eye patch now. No idea how it happened.

    Nope, she's gone. Shame.


    Joey Bryant: Seems to be an old member of the 112th from long before me. He's still alive so he must be doing something right. The man shows some sort of concern for my well being, which is unneeded, but appreciated nonetheless. I see a sort of- eagerness in his eyes. A desire to be more than he is, to accomplish more and I might just help him get there.

    Never mind, he vanished too.


    Allison Walcroft: She hates me. Not much more to say. I made a poor choice and paid the prices. It happens.  Left the unit. Can't say I'm sad about it or particularly care. Honestly the place feels better with her gone.


    Elrad Davidson: He’s our Colonel. Mixed opinions on the man. He gave the order for my beating and demotion for reasons I am somewhat uncertain of. I assume it was to put me in my place but who knows. There are plenty of reasons why he could have done it. He’s lost my respect and trust but he still has my loyalty, just not in the same sense as before. 

    He's back. Threw some new "War cry" our way to learn and show all the troops. Honestly, I never have and never will get behind that forced hype bullshit. Other NCOs and such can do it but I'll be avoiding it as much as I can. 

    Those who constantly demand and expect respect and loyalty don't deserve it.

    He's handed the unit over to Sorrentino. Hopefully I see a lot less of him. 

    He's gone, thank fuck.


    Helena Clenmore: A fairly new member of the unit I made Lance Corporal recently. She was saved by a Private on her first drop, he died saving her and I think she took it to heart. If anything it certainly drove her to improve and work her ass of, and do that she has. From what I've seen of her she's a fine trooper, I can't complain too much. Corporal material? Perhaps. Though I'm not sure yet. We'll see.

    No idea what happened to her.


    Lisa BennetMedical's shiny new Tech Sergeant. Can't say she doesn't deserve it, a pretty talented medic. Admittedly I don't see her all that much lately, odd, almost miss her oddly sexual comments and sly remarks. I'd assume she's still the same nice, kind and caring, and pleasant to talk to. A real pleasure, really. She's patched me up a good few times, assisted me with some stupid, petty drama between Enlisted and even been there to sit and talk when I wasn't feeling too great emotionally. Gave me some solid advice to help me get on my way which I do honestly appreciate. I never really got the chance to thank her. Still need to.

    I believe she left. Shame.


    Travis Young: He's saved my life multiple times now. He didn't have to, and honestly shouldn't have, but he did. He has my gratitude, loyalty and respect.

    Young is a man of great skill, focus, commitment and competence. Someone who I will give any task to, and he will see it done.

    Heard he's being made Major after his work time off ship. Interesting. 

    Whatever respect I had for you is gone. Whoever you were that I was close to, is also gone. Come near my Infantry again and I will put a bullet in your skull.



    Sabine BilodeauThe Lieutenant of Fleet. She's always been a rather interesting person. We met a few months ago when she needed help fixing up the ship and since then we've spoken on and off. As of late I'd say we've talked more than usual and I'd say she's quite pleasant to have as company. 

    Retired. Shame.


    Lawrence Chandler: This one had a rough start for the both of us. An incident a while back where he fucked up but he definitely learned from it. Something I can almost respect. He's a Corporal and I can see potential for more perhaps one day. I'd say he's fairly decent company. Fucking insane thighs and legs, but made for some entertainment. I don't mind him all that much nowadays.

    Left, I believe. 


    Jamie Sanderson: One of the newer members of the 112th. He's not too bad, really. His company is hardly painful or frustrating and he seems to have a decent head on his shoulders. It's reassuring to see new people come in who know what they're doing. I have high hopes for this one, I'll be sure to keep a close eye on him to see how much he really can offer the 112th. 

    Unsure where or who this person is, honestly.


    Lux Archer: New Marauder Lieutenant. Can't say I know much about her other than she's in a relationship with Edwards. A bit sudden but that's not my business. Whether she's useful to the unit or not we'll see. I doubt I'll speak to her much unless I have to. I still can't help but see her as some replacement for Bailey, and I refuse to accept her as it. It's probably not healthy but fuck it. No one's going to replace Bailey, simple as. 

    We've finally spoken a few times. Some small talk, some professional. She isn't too bad. Her company is at least decent enough to warrant a somewhat meaningful and engaging conversation that grabs hold of some form of interest. All in all, she's alright.

    Transferred out of the Unit to retire. Oh well, Edwards has taken up the spot, fine by me. 



    Aphelion Dominica: No idea where she went.


    Anderson Kayne: He’s a Staff Sergeant now. Pretty damn sudden but I’m sure he’s doing fine. Unlike most though, he hasn’t really changed much. He still seems to be interested in my well being and tries to help so I appreciate that. I Hope he continues to do well. Thanks for everything, Staff. I appreciate the help more than I can really explain. I'm here if you need anything, just hope that you know that at the very least.

    He's finally back. I'll have to talk to him soon, see how he's holding up. 

    Pretty sure he's taken his leave to go serve elsewhere. I imagine Senior NCOs are quite thin nowadays and other units needs all the help they can get. It's a shame. He's a good trooper, but it's how it is. I hope he makes it. 

    Gone again.


    Katie Heartfilia: Gone. Again.


    Alice Vickers

    My Lieutenant. My right hand. I trust Vickers with just about anything. We didn't have the greatest of starts, me and her, but I've always had a sort of respect and care for her opinion. She's smart. Real smart. Much better at this whole leading thing than I am. She reminds me of myself, or my old self. I have endless amounts of trust in her to keep First Platoon alive and well. I don't want to sit and gush for ever so I'll end with the simple statement that she is the best trooper in this platoon, if not this company. I'm honored to have her helping out. Outside of work though, I like her. She's nice, funny and always a pleasure to be around. I don't know if I'd call her a friend but I'd like to.

    She left a lot sooner than I expected, but at least she isn't dead.


    Alysia Harper: Harper's had quite a bumpy few months. After Chevosky's death and the incident with Hughes leading up to a... interesting set of events. However all of that seems to be behind her and she's trying again. Ensign now, though one of the better ones. We grew quite distant since Chevosky passed but the brief times we do talk are fine, even if I'm acting like an asshole for a lot of them.

    She left. Probably for the best.


    Dutch Bower: Since his recent return to the 112th I've been seeing him around quite a fair bit. He seems like a decent enough fellow. I should try talking with him at some point. I have spoken with him a few times before but I mean a proper talk. Sit and share a drink in the bar or something of the likes, that kind of thing. I'll try to remember to next time I see him. 

    Gone, again. 


    Nestan-Darejan Pirtskhalaishvili: I'm convinced that no normal human being would have that name. She sounds like a God Bug trying to be Human. However, she seems okay. I wouldn't mind talking to her or the other Private again. We'll see, really. Hopefully she sticks around. And Hopefully someone gives her a decent nickname that sounds more fucking natural on the tongue than... whatever the hell that is. 

    I barely remember her, think we spoke in the Mess Hall once. 


    Franklyn Holland: A recent Lance Corporal. He's okay, minus the time he fucking shot me. However if I held a grudge against everyone who shot me I'd hate a lot of people. He's recent to Lance but is doing okay. Has a nice sense of humour to him and seems to be somewhat popular. Him and his little clique of 'Blue Falcons' are an interesting bunch. Good kind of interesting or bad, I don't know yet. 

    No idea where he went.


    Troy Hughes: We like the same music. He's a Sergeant now and doing a good job at it. I was worried I was gonna lose him out there today. Luckily he pulled through. Tough son of a bitch. 

    A Corporal now. To put it bluntly he was demoted for being a fucking idiot. I don't know where we stand now or if he'll get his rank back. I want him to, truly, but he's gonna have to work hard for it. Hopefully Hayes can help put him on the right track.

    Seems to be doing fine as a Corporal, could easily say he's one of my more reliable NCOs, which is pleasant. Something seems to have been bothering him as of late, seems to be in a bad mood a lot of the time. Unsure why but I'm not going to ask. I'm sure he'll manage on his own, or with Hayes' assistance.

     Made him a Sergeant again. Don't regret it yet. He's been working his ass off as of late and deserved the promotion. He was practically a Sergeant anyway so not much has changed. Hopefully he doesn't fuck it up this time. 

    Seems he's had a rough few months but he's pulling through as best he can. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to rely on his going forward, and I imagine his position is very in the air, but we'll see I suppose. I hope he manages to figure himself out, I could really use him going forward. I suppose we'll see, really.

    Seems he finally retired. Hopefully he holds up okay. 


    Rahman Takeshi: He's a psychic. I held him and gun point and shot him in the face on a Psychic drop. I'd feel bad but... I have little trust for Psychics at this moment in time. He didn't take it too harshly so I suppose that's okay.

    Now he's a Corporal, and a pretty talented one at that. He's pretty funny as well, actually. He got a bug stuck to him when I asked him to try and talk to it, which while dangerous, was absolutely hilarious. What can I say, I like the guy.

    We had an interesting talk where he trusted me with some personal information about his past. I appreciate his honesty and hope he took what I said to heart. He's a good NCO and I'd be more than happy if he stayed around with us. Keep up the good work. 

    I made him a Sergeant. I'm not sure if that was a good choice or not yet, but I'm willing to give him the chance. I can safely say he's a valuable member of the unit, someone who should definitely be kept close. 

    Transferred away. No idea when or if he'll come back. I guess we'll see.


    Iris Blanka: One of the Unit's Psychics. I've spoken to her briefly a few times. We had a brief... experience of sorts. She saw some things that I'd rather no one saw. Things not even I wanted to see again. I'm sure it wasn't her intention though. I might talk to her about it at some point, I'm unsure. 



    Haleem bint al-Attar: The definition of an opinionated cunt. If she stuffs her opinion in my face one more time I am more than likely going to fucking shoot them.

    Fuck knows where she went, but she's out of my hair now.


    Sean Richardson: This man is a Private. Tall as fuck and about as dumb as they come. There are very few times where we talk and I actually enjoy it, though it can happen. He's lazy, annoying, loud and just an all around dick. I hope the man is able to unfuck himself but the likelihood of that happening is very slim. I can safely say that the nickname 'Dumbcunt' is fitting.

    He will not be missed.


    Rachel Valenwood: I bumped her to Lance and now she's a Corporal. Good. Glad to see she's doing well. I had faith and she delivered. Nothing wrong with that. I don't really talk to her much on a personal basis but from what I've seen she has a good head on her shoulders. You'll go far kid, I'm sure of it.

    No idea where she went. Shame


    Elizabeth Graham: Graham is pretty much our only company Sniper. A job I really do envy but if I were to give anyone the job it'd be her. She's damn good at what she does. That made evident when she saved my life not long ago. She has my admiration and respect for that. On a personal level though, she's alright. Pretty nice person, pleasant to talk to even if we don't have much to actually talk about. That might just be me though, I'm no good with small talk. Good trooper though and I seriously owe her one.

    She's one of my two Gunnery Sergeants, the other one being Faust, of course. I want to see her do more, but I'm struggling to think of what. She's certainly a competent and talented member of the unit but finding things for her and Faust are... complicated as of late.

    Finally retired like she wanted to. I hope she and Verbeck are happy together. I'll miss them both. 


    Michelle Cooper: She... isn't dead? I don't know if it was just a dream or something but I swear I saw her a few weeks ago. I have no idea. I don't know anymore but- I'm pretty sure they're gone.


    Blaire Montgomery: He’s a marine. Seems like a decent one at that. We’ve spoken quite a few times and it was pleasant. He seems to have his shit together which is always nice. He seems pretty antisocial, or at least he did. I think he’s trying to change that and become more social, might have to talk to him about how that’s going because I could sure use a few pointers. Transferred. Gotta figure out all of this social shit on my own now. Gonna miss him a little, honestly.


    Isobella Eriksen: Gone


    Elizabeth Staines: Gone. Probably doing reporting elsewhere. Or died from a stroke. 


    Sandra Burnett: Continues to keep Recruits alive and is now a Lance Corporal because of it. Can she keep a squad together though? We'll see. 

    Guess not. Gone.


    Tom Solomons: The Master Sergeant. He granted my BT, which I appreciate. Maybe he doesn't think I'm a lost cause. Moved to a different Platoon to be a Second Lieutenant there. I'm sure he'll do good there. Was fun serving with you, Solomons.


    Dex Powers: His relation with Fitzgerald is painful to be around, and annoying to listen to. However, on his own, he's a pretty funny guy. He made me laugh, him and a new Private. I think I actually shed a tear from laughing. I don't think I've ever done that before. Regardless, he's a decent person. 

    Also vanished. 


    Maxwell Anderson: This guy is a mixed bag. He seems to have good intentions but Jesus Christ he's annoying. His way of speaking bothers me and he can be a bit of an idiot at times. I don't know what he expects to find in the Mobile Infantry but if he doesn't sort himself out he'll just find a bullet in his head.  Discharged. Probably for the best.


    Blake Lexious: No idea who this is. I think we went fishing? 


    Qasi Dubois: Who the fuck are you?


    Dominic Cage: We never really got to relax and listen to music again but it's fine. He's been doing excellent as a Corporal from what I've seen and heard which I' more than glad to see, and also not in the slightest bit surprised by. He has a good head on his shoulders.

    Been one of my Staff Sergeants for quite a while. While his presence is somewhat lacking and the faith in him is faulty for the newer members, I know I can trust him to do his job and do it well. He hasn't let me down before, I doubt he will soon. 

    He left a while ago. Shame. 


    Donald Handly: Since O'Neill died we haven't spoken. This becoming more so a thing after his demotion to Corporal. He's taken it pretty hard I think, pretty much disappearing after it happened. Shame, hope he comes back soon.

     No idea what happened to him, honestly.


    John York:

    Lieutenant York is one of my closest acquaintances. In fact, no, York's one of my closest friends. He's an all around wholesome individual, a great soldier and a talented Engineer. I even got him a sticker, a cool little golden star saying 'You tried.' Pretty sure he likes it since I see him wearing it all the time. However, note-to-self, never stand near that man while he has an M55. There's 'Danger close' then there's 'York close.' Two very, VERY different things. I swear I can still feel my ears ringing from that.

    I think I can safely call York my best friend. Of all the people on the Grant his company is always the greatest pleasure. I'd be more than happy to talk with him much more often and do hope to be able to. 

    Continues to be a great and caring friend whenever I need him. Thank you, York. It really does mean a lot.

    He's leading Engineering now and honestly, I couldn't see it being ran by anyone better. An excellent Engineer, leader and friend. Glad to see him going up.

    I haven't had much chance to speak to him as of late. Or many people for that matter. Though with York it's different. It bothers me more. With most others it's just 'Ah well' but I find points in the day when I'm staring at piles of papers, the occasional sneeze or cough of Jenkins I end up wishing things were like they were before. a Staff Sergeant and a Tech Sergeant, fucking around enjoying themselves however they could. Yet now we're just two Officers stuck too busy to even share a coffee. Fucking Hell I hate it. 


    [TSgt. John York & SSgt. Sebastian J. Bently in York's office.]



    Of all the people to leave, this one hurts the most. One of the only things left to remind me of how things were. I wish we had one final chance to talk but the Federation waits for no man I suppose. I hope to see you again some day, it’ll be hard finding a better Lieutenant or a better friend. It was a pleasure knowing you, John. 


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    3 hours ago, OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz said:

    Chase McKnight: He's a Medic. Seems like a good one at that. Hopefully I won't see him doing his job too much, especially not on me. 

    Now I find this very funny.

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