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Admyral Joe

Aoife York née Hviteulven

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Voice Claim

Voice Claim



Basic Information:

Name: Aoife York
D.O.B: 27/08/2269

Age: 28
Gender: Female
Hair colour: Natural ginger

Eye colour: Grey (Though varies depending on the light)

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 170Ib


[Mother] Dáire Nic Céile (Alive) 

[Father] Harald Hviteulven (Alive) 


Ulm, a colony in the TRAPPIST-1 System.   From  Level C9 Section 218 of Nye Drammen.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Other Information:

Personal Items: Aoife keeps a necklace underneath her uniform (unless on R&R in which case it is shown publicly) and a small collection of books in her locker. She also has a personal bodysuit from her old unit, being colored red instead of the 112th's Blue, though this is worn near exclusively on R&R. On the field, she has a personalized mask from Engineering, with a painted Decal of her call-sign & of herself and York.

Biotech:  Aoife has a Biotech arm from a close encounter of the HEAT kind. It has small modifications to it, having adaptions to enable it to function similar to a PDA.


Combat Record:
Years of Service:
10 Years

Highest Rank Obtained: Corporal / Tech Sergeant

Current Rank: 3rd Specialist

Medals :

Legion of Merit Medal / Veteran Combat Medal / Combat Action Medal / Purple Heart



Omega Campaign Ribbon, Purple Heart Ribbon, Mobile Infantry, Veterancy Ribbon, General Specialization Ribbon

Colony Protectorate Ribbon, Marauder Specialization Ribbon, Good Conduct Ribbon, Citizenship Ribbon, Federal Defense Medal.








Personal Relationships

Relations: Loved|Close friends|Friends/Liked|Acquaintance|Mixed or barely known|Dislikes|Literally die.


--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--

Sebastian Bently: "The boss man and who I mainly work with on the ground if given a chance. Pretty close after talking through York. Calls me Achilles, which I am perfectly fine with. Saved his life with my spear more than once after all. We're pretty good friends, even told me about him and White before it was official. Plus he gave me my highest medal so I mean the greatest bar John. - He Made me Corporal after choosing me over a Lance. I feel kind of bad, but hey. I guess he trusts me not to be shit."


Valerie Faust: "Close friend. Would let her use my suit without being paranoid she was going to trash it. Except you know, has no training in the Aegis, as far as I am aware. We kept getting called twins until recently. It's weird, might be where I let my hair get longer. But anyway. Like Troy and John, she is part of my dream-squad. Got to love a good support. "


Franco Sorrentino: "He's taken to referring to me as Cupcake. It's weird, though he lets me off for stuff, so I guess it's okay. Said about being a couple though, which is just weird. Also not my type. Has reached Lieutenant for the second time from what I've heard."


Liliana Verbeck

Liliana Verbeck

Liliana Verbeck: "I understand why. But seriously, you could've waited with the psychic door-kick. Now I just can't get truly comfortable, as I half expect you to Kool-Aid my fun. Gotta lock the marauder bay doors and everything."




Jackie Knoxx:  I see where everyone gets it from. Legitimate dislike for this person, I don't know how Faust deals with having this person in their specialization.


--[[Federation Engineering Division]]--


?John York?:

John York


?John York?: "The best engineer , best lieutenant Captain and best in general. Proposed to him after playing Xanatos 3D Chess to get him to come to Ulm. We worked together when I was moved to Engineering though he got promoted and left soon after. He did a drawing of me, which is never a downside and I'm trying to get him to do new ones. We got married as he was leaving. Was bittersweet to say the least, but it gives me a goal to go back home for. I think. That, or a good case of depression.




Troy Hughes

Troy Hughes


Troy Hughes:  "He tends to cover the bar and is a nice Irish person to speak to. We tend to talk whenever he's not predisposed and I'm not with John. He's pretty good with a Launcher. Not as quick on the shot mind, but that's a side effect of having 16 shots near ready to fire at once. I' prefer to have him in my squad than most other engineers."




Sarah Redbrick: "Seems okay to me, we don't really interact too much outside of engineering work but she lets me be and isn't snarky."


--[[Federation Marauders]]--

Kristina Sigrun



Kristina Sigrun:  "Gáe Bolg is clearly better than Gungnir. Round two clear victory to me. Final round for a decider needs to be done, especially since she has a shield now like some kind of pansy. That said, she's pretty nice and chill, easily one of my favorite people on the ship. Also confided in me some of her complaints, and we're friends. Except when she keeps cockblocking me and John."



Joshua Edwards: "Part of team Pantheon. Arguably one of the two other main marauders I go with, after Sigrun... Which makes it three main marauders.. Details. We're pretty close, doesn't seem to mind too much that I keep York round when his bunk is next to mine. Probably dead inside from all the snoring. - We've gotten on quite well since then, had essentially a double date the other night with making Young's new office and we both manage to blue ball each other. Though he should at least take it to the bedroom first, or somewhere with a door. Nah, he's pretty chill and also a member of Meme-Team 6."



--[[Federation Pathfinders]]--

Travis Young: "Was the former engineer lieutenant before he became a super special soldier or something. Apparently he made Sigrun's axe, so I would assume he is pretty okay to be around. Not really had much interactions outside of drops though."


--[[Dead/Retired Guys]]--




Josh Caine: After spending more time together on the field, he's pretty cool. Has a bit of cheek in some of his responses, though that isn't necessarily bad. Cheek hasn't hurt anyone before.


Lux Archer:  "We've spoken a little since she took over from Bailey. She has a biotech as well, and hasn't tried to bring an end to me and York though the rank gap has clearly adjusted. Would need to speak to her more outside the field to get more of a feel for her."


Iris 'Blank' Blanka: "Another Engineer. Also a psychic, and probably the only one I don't entirely mind in my head. After that Psych stuff, even if it was her first time it was good. Though probably because it wasn't some kind of PTSD veteran grade shit to me and was of my engagement. We'll see the next time it occurs if I still like her."


Elizabeth Graham: "We've spoken a few times. She seems okay, though not exactly had a sit down chat. .. Could try fixing that I suppose. - Never had chance to talk to them before they retired. I hope everything goes well for them."

Ashley Rose: We're friends I think, on good terms. Spent a bit of time together on Iskander on the many times we've been there. Maybe that can overlook the fact she cried over Earth. - Seems to have died while I was on another deployment. I've gotten over it, but it was still not the best thing to hear about.

Daisy Bailey: The most red-neck sounding boss for a marauder can have. She's pretty good as a boss, enjoys to have a little joke, as I found out when I got promoted. She's since approved my papers regarding John. Which I guess makes her a good person in my view."


Jack O'Neill: "The fact he went and complained over a simple joke shows his age more than anything else. Apparently he was a Fleetie? I guess that explains why he can't handle a bit of a joke at their expense. -  Got to know him a bit more and he seems okay. Still a bit melodramatic, but he can take a few jokes. Doesn't shout at me, unlike what I've heard what he has done towards other marauders." - Gunned down, shot by Intel. I guess this is the price you pay for being a Psychic? The risk of being immediately gimped via round to the cranium.


Aiden O'Farrell: "We fell out of contact after a bit and didn't really reconnect before his death. While I wasn't there for it, even if we were almost friends, I have to question why he decided to lead from the front with no armour. Not the smartest of moves to say the least."








A sketch of Aoife drawn by York.

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Updated York & Sigrun for reasons.

Added Verbeck & Elizabeth Graham


Updated Relations so it links to people's bios if they have one, if I've missed you. Feel free to comment and I'll put it in :D

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Finally got round to updating stuff. Mostly in the form of the Medal ceremony, some edits to Bently & York, and adding links to her Homeworld/system.


Will do more updates when return from work, but if you want updated / added, feel free to send a message. :D

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