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List of Colonies & Cultures

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Business world with strong emphasis on profit and productivity with almost a mercenary-esque mentality.


Extremely work-oriented people who work longer than the rest of the Federation. Original colonists come from southern Europe. Religion is somewhat important. Hesperans take great pride in their work - rightly so, because their shipyards produce the best ships. This planet is constantly exposed to ships due to its shipyards and therefore a lot of civilians rather join the Fleet.


  • Hod, Alpha Centauri

Originally founded to feed the people of Hesperus. Work mentality is the same. People of Hod know they are living in Hesperus' shadows, which has led to a rivalry between them. This rivalry is often carried out in fieldball games or other things.


Relaxed and comfortable population living a rural life. Soft-spoken but stubborn demeanor. They are a tremendously patient people who rarely show any strong emotion. However, once they are roused, they can be an implacable and surprisingly dangerous enemy due to their strength (a result of living on a planet with a gravitational field approximately 20% stronger than Earth’s). This quality makes Iskanders valuable recruits for Federal Service, particularly the Mobile Infantry.


The people of Karrus tend to be proud, optimistic and confident. Ambition is also a defining trait of the Karrus culture. The people of Karrus are extraordinarily loyal to the Federation .


The culture of Zegama Beach is epitomised by the search for fame and wealth, preferably concurrently but in that order if need be. The culture and society of Zegama Beach have been described as ‘shiny’, ‘shallow’, ‘plastic’ and ‘dreamlike'. If you originate from here, you're either piss-poor or very very rich (which you probably aren't)









  • Rhohan, Aho Eridani System

Essentially space-Texas.





Would you like to know more?


These are official stellar colonies of the Federation as found on the wiki. They are official because they have been found this way in the canon that we use. They are very good because they each describe the culture of the people on the planets. Population scores are a bit outdated (the canon source is earlier than our canon). These colonies are canon. There are more planets which have evolved into canon at some point in SSTRP, ie. they have been written up by admins in their events. You are also free to use them. You can find these colonies here. Some of them have an interesting history, but you should be careful when picking them, like Brisch. The second category/list also includes planets from the first colony list. They are seperated because the 'Stellar colonies' follow a template (History, Culture, Economy, Law and Government, etc) which admin-written planets do not. Picking your colony from this list is encouraged, but not mandatory. If you want to make your own up, you can do that. If you want to create a new character from one of the colonies above, you're absolutely free to do that. However, be sensible. While being a colonist from an unofficial colony might be super cool, there has to be a reason for such a colony to exist. The Federation wouldn't just throw their money around and found colonies for no reason - and neither would private contractors! Check the wiki pages for more info about your colony.



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It's somewhat final. Some wiki pages still need their template written, but the wiki pages themselves, ie. the texts, most importantly the cultures, have all been added!


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The wiki lives.



As for editing colonies: aslong as you don't touch the official colonies (the ones above), I don't care what you do, as long as you try to stick to the format above. If someone edits the planet your character supposedly is from, suck it up. If you couldn't even bother writing something up yourself you have no right to complain about someone else doing it; it's first come first serve. The wiki is free for everyone.


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