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John York

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Face Claim:






General Info:

Name: John York

Race: Caucasian

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 170 lbs

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Green

P.O.B: Queens, New York, Terra

Accent: American, Non-specific.

Economic Status: Middle Class

Sexual Orientation: Hetrosexual

Relationship Status: In a relationship




(Mother) Amy York: Citizen, 41, Deceased

(Father) Nathan York: Citizen, 39, Deceased

(Sister) Jennifer York: Citizen, 21,  Alive


Personality (Onship): Curious, Comedic

Personality (On-Mission): Alert, Calm

General Info:

York usually hangs around the bar acting as a bartender, why? Well it's a good way to get to know people and if York likes one thing its people. Although if you can't find York there he is in one of two places; tinkering with something in the engineering bay or in his bunk either sleeping or drawing. with that said he finds himself to be quite the sketch artist and he's not half bad either. Other than that John is quite the curious cat poking his nose into places it shouldn't be (This has got him into more that one spot of trouble).






-Sarah Redbrick-
"Want me to pose or something?"



-Alison Walcroft-

"Yes, I read a Lot."



-William StClaire-

"Never Fear Sexual Tension Engineer Is Here!"



-Travis Young-

"It's Easier To Ask For Forgiveness Than Permission"



-Joshua Edwards-

"I asked you to draw me... but NOW!?!"



-Valerie Faust-

"Vat is Das?"



-Elizabeth Graham-

"'Ello 'guvnah."



-Liliana Verbeck-



-Franco Sorrentino-

"I'm just doing my job."



-Aoife Hviteulven-

"The greatest fools are ofttimes more clever than the men who laugh at them... That edgy enough for you? <3"




Professional Information

Current Status:

Battalion/Faction: 112th / Engineer

Current Assignment: Ulysses S. Grant

Rank: 2Lt.

Drop Gear:  York wears the generic engineer standards only with a few added decals mainly consisting of a few patches "Meme team 6" and "I can't hear you over the explosions". He also has a little golden sticker on his body armour saying "You tried".

Off Duty Gear: Black T-shirt, Grey scarf and Combat Pants with a small sketchbook just sticking out of his back pocket.


Health & Status

Status: Active

Mental Illnesses: N/A

Physical Disabilities: N/A

Alignment: Chaotic Good




All are prefixed with the question "Do you know and what do you think of [Insert name here]?"

Ask if you want to be added, but you only will if York knows your character more than just professionally. 


The Coffin:


- ✟ Jonathan Price ✟ , OK, Fucker was a psychopath. Not much else to say.


Jack O'Niell , Well shit. Lost a good day to a shitty situation. Real shame.


Ashley Rose , What can I say. Sanctuary are real fucking arse holes.


✟ Genevieve Vermillion , Hell of a way to go. Shame... you were cool.


Joshua 'Koros' Edwards:




[Edwards silently judging York at the bar]



"Edwards? Who's he? - Ahh I'm just messing with you - Edwards is one of my go to guys. Seeing him less and less as of late but both of us have had promotions so both of us are being railed most likely. But... yea he's objectively an up beat dude, Lost his leg and was still laughing, and on top of that he is probably the person I trust the most on board the Grant. So yea. Top bloke as my mam would say."


 "Same as I said before but I've spoke to him a fair bit more lately, He seems to be doing pretty great taking it all in his stride. His clunky metal stride."


"Yea, both of us are on the same page. About... well what about a lot, from the job to just life really. Honestly we'll be friends long after when we make it through."


"Errr, he's in a shit spot. I'm gonna' leave that there. Also don't tell anyone I said that."


"Ayyyy! - Fucker finally did it. -- What? Got with Faust. Yes I'm happy about it. I've been rooting for that shit ever since he told me. -- Oh, he told me what? Months ago. You know when he got that Decal of her on his suit. -- Yea that one. He told me when he asked me to do that."


"Errr... What about the guy? - How is he? Fantastic, I mean I know he was bummed about the whole, him and faust thing, but I haven't seen him doing as good as he is now. I mean I'm glad for it too, too many of my friends have been in shit places recently. I'm happy he's on the rise and that he's one of my best friends... Was that too gay? - That felt really gay."



Zealious Edwards:




[Odin wondering why there was a dog cage with a VLC player in the bay]



"Best laugh i've had since boot, born leader too. Actually he's been gone for a while now I think about it. I should check up on him. SHIT I PROMISED HIM AND EDWARDS BADGES A MONTH AGO! FUCK!"


"One of the good sergeants in the company. Gets injured every drop and just shrugs it off. Commendable guy really. Also I want a bomb dog because of him... If we get one blame Carter and him."



Valerie Faust:




[Selfie Faust randomly sent York claiming she's prone to that and to not ask Aoife about it]



"Firstly, german. Secondly, cool. Thirdly, funny. Forgot how we met and even then it dosent matter, she's one hell of a troop -should see her with a flamer. Jeez I pity the other side when she has the flamer.  Anyway she seems to be holding out well... probably better than well knowing her."


"Oooh, we're back to her. Soo~ he has been having her ups and downs. -- Her relationship went south and she's in a crap spot with her family... Yea, thats a feeling I know. So I'm going to help anyway I can."



William St. Claire:



"Claire? huh? Well he is nice, well most of the time. He's a guy with no concept of social boundaries so he can say things that are a bit out there... you get used to it. He's a good engi' t'boot, doesn't need any of those "You're doing that wrongs." -All in all cool guy."


"Guess who's back. Yea, Saint Claire; It's a bit of a blast from the past, but hey it's a welcome one. He seems to be pretty much the same old Claire, still taking less than zero shit... Honestly, I'm glad to have him back. Familiar faces always help out in the long run, y'know?"



Troy Hughes:



"Ah, Sometimes I think he's a little too nice for the Infantry... but then again I sometimes don't. He's the weird one, the outlier for me. Now don't get me wrong I like the guy, I really do, but from what I gathered he is unsure about himself. Sentimental, I guess that's the word. It's a nice break from the generic trooper number 3# but I don't think this is exactly the place for him... Why I like him being around actually, reminds me about the normal people."



Alison Walcroft:



"Oh, Staff? Right, I haven't talked to her since she was -- God a Corporal. A lots happened since then. Anyways, she is nice but I think i'm a bit too far on the dumb side for her. But she likes my art I think so that's nice."



Victor Von Klauster:



"Klauster the barkeep. Takes over after me at the bar usually... actually I haven't been there recently. He's someone I can trust within the MI. Good guy, haven't seen him for a while tho'."



 Aphelion Dominica:



"Aph. Well, from what I heard she's religious to a fault. Not the Padre but basically the padre. She seems ok, heard she got burned back on earth tho'. Sounded both painful and barbaric. Guess everyone loses a screw when their home gets taken away piece by piece."



Elizabeth Graham



"Liz? -Oh ok, seriously who taught her to shoot fucking hell, she pops people like no tomorrow. But seriously she seems nice, I like her. Met her whilst staring into the waste of a desert planet. Wouldn't mind talking to her more honestly."


"Oh, Yes. Graham is probably one of the people I trust most to get an objective done. She's a no bullshit woman also quite perverted. Which is not a bad thing mind you. -- Yea perverted. Every conversation we have gets lewd... Come to think of it Verbeck always walks in when we hit that point... I hope thats a coincidence."



Daisy 'Hel' Bailey



"Alright, so everyone says she's scary. So like most I stuck out of the way, but we talked alone at the bar after Koros decided to scarper (because he's an ass) and unlike what most people claimed, she was nice. A little sentimental but I think I may have inadvertently pushed the conversation that way. Anyway what I'm trying to say is: I think people are wrong about her... At least from what I've seen."


"What did I think of the old captain, huh? - Honestly I liked Bailey, she was quite the character, but alas it is a shame what happened with her. I'd honestly rather not think about that... It was a gruesome way to go and I'd rather not think about a friend going through that."


Tom Solomons



"The Master Sergeant? Yea, yea 'course I know him. I think I'd be in some shit if I didn't know who the Master Sergeant was, but yea he's pretty cool and level headed. I don't really know him on a personal level but he seems like an ok guy. On the Up and up and all."



 Liliana Verbeck:



"The staff? I don't know her that well, not the most sociable type, she keeps to herself and only talks to people she needs to. The couple times I tried to strike up a conversation I just thought I was bothering her. I think I've heard her talk more on field than on ship honestly, but from what I know she's a good person who does what she thinks is right, has conviction which is not easy to find these days."


"Ah, Top. What about her? What do I think? Well professionally she's has my respect and my loyalty like the Lieutenants and colonel. Unprofessionally, she's... different. Lacks the definition of privacy, but she's psychic so it may genuinely be a alien concept to her... So all in all, I like her. I think we could be friends but I feel like that's more of her choice than mine."



Aoife Hviteulven:




[Aoife ignoring York to play video games]



"Ah, yes Aoife. The stealthiest of the marauders with a badass spear, yea she's pretty cool. Kinda different but I like that, so yea. From what I've heard and seen on the field she's a real force to be reckoned with. I also think the callsign Loki is a good fit, she's definitely mischievous. Other than that she's also pretty cute, there isn't much more to say. -Hey, fuck off I have a thing for red hair."


"Yes I like her... Alot. Like alot, alot - I aint' great with feelings man - But yea I can see myself being with her for a while. Well until I inevitably fuck it up. Anyways speaking of her. I'm going to go see how she is. Talk to you later."


"Hmm, how are we doing? Great. Not been happier for a long time. She's the reason I'm actually happy, so yea... To tell you more would be unprofessional... What? No! - Shut it! - My face is not red fuck off!"


"Hello. Hmm, you always ask about her huh? Well at least you aren't asking about my sex life like most other people. -- Yea. It's like the most asked question I get. -- But we're doing pretty okay, I guess? Seeing each other a little less but that's not for lack of trying. 'Leaving me a little pent up, you know not getting to vent to the one person I can. -- Private... I'm not venting to you, as much as you may want me to."


"I look like what? Oh, I'm tired as fuck. -- Because my red headed best friend was not in the greatest shape last night. Way to much to drink... Yea, I'm expecting her to have a hangover today. Don't mind it tho', last night was fun for the both of us. You can infer what you will from that. Anyways gotta go yell at an Edwards about an Edwards. -- later!"


"Hmm? What did you say? -- Oh, how's Aoife? Other than being a corporal, which I know for a fact she's going to try and rub in my face at least a little. She's doing good. Annoying as fuck that everytime I try to spend some time with her someone requires me... It is a running curse that we get interrupted. -- Mhm. Ever since we got together and try to spend alone time together someone wanders in wanting one of us. I've taken to telling them to fuck off unless it's actually important."



Sebastian Bently:




[Bently hoping back onto the dropship after an R&R]



"Bently, Yea I've known him through his highs and lows. Great guy and a hell of a trooper too, I've known him since... Actually I think he's one of the first people I got to talking with. Yea, fuck that was a while ago. Anyways, he's a good NCO I know what he got proverbially dicked for and I wasn't involved so I kept out of it. But he's a good guy, honestly think he's going to go far unless he makes another stupid mistake."


"Well he's a friend, I know that there are tons of cliques on ship but he's fell into ours. Or have I fell into his? Either way, I think we'll stay good friends. Mmm, actually he's dating that - well now ex-marine - Anni? Yea I think she's called Anni. Anyways back to the point, I'm happy for the guy."


"Well he's on the verge of actually hurting his unit. So that's always a good thing. But no, in all seriousness, he's actually pretty fun to hang around. Socially awkward but fun to bee around."


"Well... He's actually hurting some of the unit now. To be honest some of them needed it, but alas he's becoming a little more human as of late. I blame his other half. Yea, White. The innocent medic is breaking down his walls. Kinda' impressive... Tho' chances are she's using assets I don't have to get through his thick ass skull. -- Did you just imply I have tits private?"


"I haven't seen him around as much, so I want to fix that. From what I see he's became all work, which is not good for his head. I should know, but then again, Bently is nothing like me so he may just be fine. I guess we'll see."


Daniel DUMONT!!!:



"OH... THIS GUY! Right this man is the thorn in my side. The embodiment of trouble. The master of mischief. I swear, this guy will wither get me killed or be hero of the federation... Honestly tho' jokes aside he's a squaddie. Just has a laugh pushing up against the metaphorical bar. He hasn't stepped that far out of lie that he need disciplining and I mean, people have been dying for a laugh as of late."


"Did I hear that he's back? - No I saw him back. The engineering bay is like a second home to the mischievous bastard, but he's harmless. I think he knows where the line is and he knows not to cross it."


Travis Young:



"Young? What do I think of him? Well he has my respect thats for sure and I always have to fight the instinct to salute when he's around. Yea, he used to be the old Engineering Lieutenant... Yea, one of the few men who I think the entire platoon would go through hell to keep alive... Mhm, great guy with a good sense of humor. Seems to be Bentlys attack dog at the moment... So remind me not to piss either of them off."


"Well he's the MI lieutenant now. Which is not bad. Nice to be on the same level as him and not have him bellow me, tho' I really do need to find the time to sit and talk with him. I feel like it's been a bit too long since we've just talked. Might try and pull him aside soon. See how he's holding up. - That and a while ago we agreed to have a few sparring /slash/ training sessions in hand to hand. I won't lie and say I'm too good at it, so the practice would be brilliant."


James Chevosky



"Chev? Yea I know Chev -- He's not the smartest cookie, still learning the ropes and all. Got Corporal and lost it, apparently he's not taking it well, but if he truly deserved to keep the rank he should get it back in no time. Oh, and he's dating theat fleet chick... Harper, yea Harper. Seems like they work pretty well together."


"Anything changed since he got sergeant? - Yea. A Lot, he's not as headless as he used to be, rather the opposite. He seems rather competent now.I guess some people are like that. Corporal as a rank can make people second guess. Sergeant there's none of that. Your word is law."


"Hell of a shit way to go... I don't think anyone didn't feel bad for the guy. Bullet to the head only to scrape by and survive it. - Yeesh, poor kid... I did like him tho'. Shame he's gone."



Sabine Bilodeau



"Ah the now Master Chief turned Officer Cadet. Yea, met her a couple months back now. Yea, she's pretty sweet, surprisingly good at being sneaky too. All in all pretty neat person. Not much else to say."



Jennifer Hayes



"Mmm, Hughes flame and not Staff Sergeant. I like her. She's pretty close with most of the people I would call friends. Bently. Hughes. Edwards. Actually come to think of it she gets along with pretty much everyone I know... Huh... Yet I still barely talk to her... Am I getting unsociable? Oh god."


"Well... Can't say this one didn't hit me like a freight train - And god it hit Troy too. I know a bit too much about what was going on behind the scenes there to the point where I shouldn't say anymore... but I liked Hayes. She was, funny and a good laugh... I'm sure wherever she is now she's happy."



Lux 'Sol' Archer:



"The new Marauder Captain, yea, I've met her. Would be weird if I hadn't really. Anything specific you wanting to know? - Oh, is she alright? Plainly yea. I think she's rather fond of the unit already. Which is always nice. I'm personally going to try and see if I can get to know her more. -- Speaking of the devil. Apparently the wants to talk about making our subordinates make dinner. Colour me intrigued."



Rhaman Takeshi:




"Rahman. The Psi Ops guy. Yea, I know him. Why what's up? -- Oh, my opinion of him? He's... unusual not in the bad way, but then again have you seen our platoon. -- Yea, anyways he's not half bad. Helped him do paperwork once. How he joined the MI is a mystery with that hand writing."



Sarah Redbrick


"So, she's alive. I don't know how what's happened to her in the past few months but it seems she's not a fan of talking about it. Can't blame her... Hell it's real weird seeing her around tho', like a blast from the past, y'know? -- Anyways I'm kinda glad she's back. - That's a lie I'm /very/ happy she's around again."

Maxine Valentine


"She's the Gunny that was on that R'n'R where we all played truth or dare and learned a lot /about/ each other! - Yea, she was... something else... She seems good enough tho' on a professional level, but from the sounds of it her 'teaching' methods can be a little... let's go with intimate."


Tony D'Cazza:



"Alright. I'll be the first to admit I like him and yes that's a little bit because he's a New-Yorker, but it's mostly because he's a damn good engineer. He can get rather far if he keeps his head up and out of a fuck up. I honestly do want to get to know /him/ more tho'."


Aaron Holtz:



"The Warrant Officer?- Yea, I know him. I've talked to him on a couple of occasions. Yea, we had a sit down in my office. He commended two people within engineering for their skills. He's cynical from what I hear so I don't take that lightly, but the conversation did drag into territory I was not too willing to talk with him or... well really anyone about. I may have came across as dismissive, not my intent. Anyways, professionally he seems like a good guy. Personally, he seems like the kind of person I can get along with. I'm not a fan of grumpy but then again, I'm much less of a fan of beating around the bush."





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On 26/11/2017 at 2:49 AM, Silent said:

Saint Claire



On 25/11/2017 at 9:55 PM, Craig R. Smith said:

The Swiss Barman?
















(Klaus pls)

And Done. :D

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On 28/11/2017 at 12:56 AM, Heresiarch Grimm said:


- Added :D


Yet another face has joined the sketchbook. (StClaire)

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On 01/12/2017 at 7:48 AM, Friedhelm Barbarossa said:

Valerie Faust

- Added

Yet another face has joined the sketchbook. (LT Young)

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On 20/12/2017 at 9:25 AM, Scar said:

I need to get Edwards sitting in silence with York in that book!!! :P 


On 30/12/2017 at 7:54 PM, Dan said:

Yo, your Tech Sergeant doesn’t get a cool looking anime drawing? 

 Tablet is fucked ATM when I fix it i'll be sure to do more :D


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On 20/12/2017 at 9:25 AM, Scar said:

I need to get Edwards sitting in silence with York in that book!!! :P 

Finally done. Take a look.



On 01/01/2018 at 4:23 PM, Odin said:

Odin please BB

Added my boy.



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