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Yuki || 日本語の悩み

SST Screenshots

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Just now, Fitz said:




This isn't industrialist Lagadapati Rajagopal. 



See the source image


hello what you bastard son of bitc

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first costume dinner


if you look closely you can see the moust aches



tychus miles poses with separatist IED bomber



"Fuck you."




noah atkins presents crucial enemy battle plans

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RK3S341lbMhlAWHPi_crxJEx6N99F3_KI9AhQPWDN_2YGuC-jRYtgVUOtOLH0FJ7BfaxoNi-zS3yRLKQ45pVXEOuzFdePLliXtxXpmtWpgYYj2ppux_uRNn64rlNCzvAB2SBhTuL i told you it was r e a l


its official. one horse sized bird is easier to fight then 100 duck szied horses

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