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Yuki || 日本語の悩み

SST Screenshots

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PS: Ignore Admin Chat. Dunno how to cut the shit out and didn't have time to turn it off.


Pls no ban.

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I present to you gentlemen, the goodest of boys. Dan Crostino, Maxwell White, Franz Gokel, Charles Wolf, and Marbo Kirby. o7 you glorious bastards ;^)


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1 hour ago, Archer said:

i remember crostino

When I ICly told him you were alive, he was such a happy trooper, it warmed my heart.


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i forgot what he did tho, was he the man to solo 2 tanks as a recruit or was he that guy i took on the trench warfare charge a few years ago

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2 hours ago, Archer said:

professional staff team at work

east and west collaborating 2018 colorized







There might just be hope for world peace. 

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