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William Saint-Claire

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Name: William Saint-Claire
Alias(es): 'Claire' - 'Bunny'


  • Lance Corporal - 103rd Morita Rifles [Former]
  • Master Specialist - 112th Combat Engineer Detachment [CED] [Former]
  • Sergeant - 112th Mobile Infantry Battalion - Alpha Company [Former]
  • Second Lieutenant - Forward Federal Research Laboratory [Former]
  • Specialist - 112th BN // 34th IR // A. CO. || 1st MED BDE // 182nd DET [Former]
  • Sergeant - 15th Special Forces Group [Former]
  • Specialist - 112th Combat Engineer Detachment [CED][Current]
  • Lance Corporal - 112th Mobile Infantry Battalion 'Alpha's Bandits' [Current]

Age: 27
Hometown: New Vinney, Karrus
Affiliation: Mobile Infantry Engineering Detachment CED
Specialization: Specialist / Lance Corporal
Psychic Affinity: None

Awards Granted:

  • Distinguished Service Medal
  • Valorous Unit Medal
  • Meritorious Unit Medal
  • Pathfinder Specialization Ribbon
  • Veteran Combat Medal
  • Combat Action Medal
  • Outstanding Contributions to Medical Services Ribbon
  • Mobile Infantry Service Medal
  • Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon
  • Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon
  • Good Conduct Medal
  • Engineering Ribbon
  • Citizenship Ribbon
  • Purple Heart [x27]
  • Citation for Meritorious Service
  • Operation Δawn Theater Ribbon
  • Civil War Theater Ribbon
  • Operation Meggido Theater Ribbon
  • Operation λambda Theater Ribbon
  • Operation Ωmega Theater Ribbon
  • Federal Defense Medal
  • Colony Protectorate Ribbon




Father: Eric Saint-Claire 
MotherStephanie Richardson (Deceased)
Siblings: Madelyn Saint-Claire

Spouse:  Katelyn Mother-shed (Fiancé - Deceased)





Gender: Male
Height: 6'3'
Weight: ~195 lbs
Build: Athletic, Extremely Well Built
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Sapphire Blue

  • Biotech Right Forearm
  • Biotech Right Hand
  • Biotech Left Leg [Full]




Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality Type: ISTP
Strengths: Educated, Determined, Versatile, Adaptable, Energetic.
Weaknesses: Being Saint-Claire.




28bae57c8f.png  [You Know The Drill]

Stolen from @Pundii & @Litcoins

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13 hours ago, Silent said:


I am extremely bored and spend all of my day on the forums. Updated again. Please request if you have even a shred of relation with this man, so I can have something to do in my bored times.

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