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Kristina "Valkyrie" Sigrun - Viking Marauder

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General Information

Name: Kristina Sigrun

Callsign: Odin

Sex: Female

Age: 25

Weight: 200 lbs.

Height: 6'2"

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Eye Color: Piercing Blue

Place of Birth: Kiruna, Swedan. Terra

Decent: Scandinavian

Marital Status: Single

Personality: Determined


Father: Harald Sigrun (Citizen): Deceased - Sanctuary

Mother: Juni Sigrun (Citizen): Deceased - Sanctuary

Siblings: Bjorn Sigrun (Mobile Infantry): Deceased

Eirik Sigrun (Mobile Infantry): Deceased

Body shape:







Professional Information

Combat Record:

Current Years Of Service: Six Years

Highest Rank Obtained:Technical Sergeant

Last Battalion: 98th


Current Status:

Battalion/Faction: 112th / 13th Marauder Detachment

Current Assignment: Ulysses S. Grant

Rank: Warrant Officer

Role: Infantry with a power suit.

OUTFIT: On Drop: Hulks around inside of the Aegis MkII Marauder Suit. Decal ed with Nordic Symbols

Off Duty:

Health & Status

Status: Active

Mental Illnesses: N/A

Physical Disabilities: N/A














Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon 



Operation Omega



Operation Restoring Hope



Purple Heart: X8



Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon



Distinguished Service Medal





All-father Guides You| Worthy l Known | Not Impressed |Don't care| To Hel with you

✟=Dead =Love Interest



Julia Smith: Wasn't dead it seems. So long I spent thinking she was six feet under. I'm glad to have her back


Daisy Bailey: In the end of things it worked out this way. I have some thoughts in the back of my head she just wanted me gone and wanted to try do so without hurting my feelings in a way.


✟ Jericho K'Ortan :  You wouldn't exactly be happy in this position. You would be pretty disappointed.


Aphelion Dominica: Not spoken to her for a while now, I still consider her a good friend of mine, and excellent fighter.


Travis Young: Back to being a sergeant and in engineering. Man can not make his mind up sheesh.


Elenaor Tuuli: Died during her sleep due to psychic bullshit. Hope she rests well.


Ellen Mona Beune: Moved out and went elsewhere.


Damian Kidd: Not seen him around anymore.


Garret Swift:  Hopefully he and his kids are safe.


Erae Bellic: Fucked off a while back


Robbie Malarky: Is alright. Engineer, blows things up and draws pictures. Died during Omega.


Jackie Knoxx: I knew them a long time back, I forgot them a little bit.


✟ Sarah Redbrick:  Dead and gone. Shot for treason. Shitty way to go


✟ Logan "Larky" Larkin: Dead and gone. I wasn't even there to see it happen ether, regret on that part too.


Angela Clark: Haven't spoke to Clark for a long while now, about a month or two.


Darius Frost: Seems alright, hangs out with a medical girl a lot.


✟ Jamie Northcutt: Feel bad for this kid...Died on Terra in my arms, last thing I saw was the blood he spat on my face. I wish I made it painless for him.



Elizabeth Graham: Spoke to her once or twice, gave me a necklace which i'm still wondering why.


Valerie Faust: German who got their ass handed to them by myself, it was all games though


Glen H. Reynolds: Eh a bit of an odd one really. Emotional as all hell.


Troy Hughes: Engineer that I see often and other days don't. Not sure but he seems alright with me?


Mikayla Kowalski: A good woman in a sense, saved her ass from falling into toxic waste in a nice red container. 


Eric McDowly: An irish guy who seems to have a knack for sparring. Never have a day without him being in the ring at least once.


Elizabeth Staines: She was a marauder, was part of the ship that was until she lost her head. Not everyone is so strong willed I suppose.


Aoife: A good marauder, I like her in the sense we can have some friendly conversations and competitions.


Sabine Bilodeau: Sabine is now an officer cadet, Met them in the bar a while back while they were still a senior, or master can't recall that well currently. They are a nice laugh and drink partner from time to time, would like to get to know them more.

Jessica Read: Medical geek who is pretty bubbly, I dunno why but I find that adorable. I guess just being happy and over-excited is a nice thing to see once in a while. We talk when we can and each one is a pretty nice experience. As much as I would like to say to her I think shes a close friend, I know for a fact when I do shes gone.










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Updated: Format, Useage of Spoilers to hide images to clear up page a little

Relation Update: Kidd.

Added: Theme,

Relations: Malarky, Caine. 

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