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FEDNET :: Unrest in Broombridge 1618

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::Broombridge 1618::


An ongoing unrest has been reported on the Colonial planet of Broombridge 1618, a planet known for it's rich resources used to create the federations finest ships. The small uprising appears to originate in the arid planes of the planet, in a section known as Tarvel, used for mineral extraction. The local defence force was tasked to calm and break the civilian uprising before violence would be authorised. The 112th mobile infantry battalion, alpha company was also called in to act as a support to their task. Upon arrival the 112th were met with a scene of destruction, the local town of "Shady Oaks" was burning, with corpses littering the scene. The defence force stationed in Tarvel have all but vanished from the location, suspected to have been over-run by the now "separatist" force, leading to the authorisation of lethal force.


The 112th will more than likely be called back to Broombridge to continue it's assistance in restoring peace to this planet.


Would you like to know more?

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