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Hi all,


Apologies for the delay in these announcements - I was on a different continent last week which made posting this prohibitively difficult.


To start with, the elephant in the room: @Deckers has resigned from XA and his Mobile Infantry lead. He will continue to be a regular admin as I understand it but has decided to take a much deserved break. Once again, I thank him for his hard work over the last 18 months and wish him the best in his future endeavours.


@Durango is my chosen nominee as replacement for both: I have an enduring, decade-long friendship and trust with Durango, I have a great deal of faith in his judgement and his ability to operate impartially, and I feel inspired by his progressive vision for re-igniting what is presently a stagnant Mobile Infantry. I will leave it to him to elaborate on how he plans to bring change and progress - both of which I think are essential moving forward.


As I drew on above, SSTRP.net is facing a period of decline and stagnation: this is not unusual, this is not atypical and the sky is not falling. SSTRP has historically becomes less popular during the first term of school all the way up to Christmas - and even now our numbers beat some of the troughs that we have fell into in the past. But that's not to say that we should rest on our laurels or that there aren't problems that need to be addressed and resolved.


There are several challenges facing the server at the moment that I hope to address:


My apathy - a lack of interest from me has always led to a decline in the server, and it is no secret that I burnt out after running Omega. A week of booze and a dying down in the workload has eased that burden. 


Inactivity, ill-discipline and inactivity on the part of the admin team - this is a more difficult problem to resolve, and I think it is likely multifaceted. I suspect it is behind the drop in morale, the drop in quality of missions, and the drop in roleplay quality. I plan on fixing this by being more present and with traditional Machiavellian stick-and-carrot: a good old fashioned purge of the irredeemable as the stick, and rewarding high performing admins by re-introducing Admin of the Month (where the best performing admin is gifted $50 for their hard work) as the carrot. This will be awarded every second admin meeting of the month.


Lack of structure - this again is multifaceted, but the general lack of structure on server has contributed to an atmosphere where it feels nothing gets done and nothing ever changes. I will be discussing a suite of changes to how the server operates - for example how new players are introduced to the server and a new more formalized approach to certifying a Recruit as trained - with Durango and the Mobile Infantry leadership.


Progenitors - absent me, the Progenitors have not had the opportunity to progress. Now that I am back and FFRL is back on its feet, I will be aiming to churn out new significant, story-progressing Progenitor missions with the goal of running one a week culminating in a 3-day campaign come Christmas (or Image%202017-11-28%20at%203.06.57%20PM.p in the Progenitor language that FFRL are yet to discover).


Script issues - I have finally seen first hand the issue with chatboxes - I will look at getting this fixed shortly. Besides that, we have a couple of other developments on server, and @kipper (who has been predisposed due to being in his third and most difficult year of university) has promised us some of his time come the impending Christmas break.

More to follow!







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27 minutes ago, Xalphox said:

where the best performing admin is gifted $50

I call racism, being the worst admin is part of being Australian.


Congrats to the new [Insert generic witty observation about previous XA's], Double D Dick Dangle Durdongo Durango.


** Actual image of Durango at after his XA knighting ceremony. Where he further more demanded to be called 'Sheriff Durango.'


plz no delete this

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I'm glad I've managed to see you get back active on the server, considering that it appears I joined the community just after (or perhaps a while after?) you took an LOA. Whilst I'm usually skeptical of custom-lore in established universes, I am interested to see what creative direction you'll take the Progenitor species.


Good thread overall, cheers b0ss.

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18 hours ago, El Excellente said:

come on you were high as a kite as you appointed durango as MI lead you can revert that now



No comment


(Definitely wasn't high when I appointed him XA though)

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