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(OOC) Wake Up Call

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As most of you know, I will be taking over Infantry lead in Deckers' absence.

Some of you are dismayed, some of you are excited to see what changes I implement.

I've discussed things with my Command Staff, and we've concluded that the following three steps will be taken first and foremost.


1. A systematic purge of the Infantry


This is not a rank wipe at all. In fact, for the next week or two (until the dashboard is fixed), you can expect the roster to swell. However, after that, if you are a JNCO, NCO, SNCO, I am coming for you. The Inactive, the useless, the non-engaging. All will be dealt with and/or removed. Consider this a final warning to fix this yourself before the dash is fixed, or default. 


In short, we need active, quality Sergeants to lead drops. 




2. An Increase in Roleplay Quality


"But Durango, that's so general. Roleplay could always improve!!!"

Yes, but it's not so much if it COULD improve. In our situation, it's more so it MUST improve. This is the general consensus amongst most of you, as multiple surveys show. Luckily, I have experience in moderating and setting a precedent for roleplay quality within a faction. Unluckily, my faction was roughly a fourth of the size of this one. I am confident through a list of guidelines, and a bit of personal supervision and presence I can adapt to the scale and provide the same quality OF roleplay. I also intend to address droplead autonomy and freewill during missions, as it's been brought to my attention that much of the poor roleplay comes from admins railroading dropleads, and in turn, the Infantry altogether.



3. Invent more duties and abilities for the Infantry


It's also come to my attention that the Infantry don't do much other than line up and left click. To do anything more than that, one has to join Medical or Engineering (and usually it's engineering). So I'll be attempting to rectify that as well. This is a very open ended problem, with multiple foreseeable solutions, so, as soon as I have a plan for this, I will enact it.



In short, prepare to see huge, rapid change within the MI. I am collaborating with my Command Staff to bring you a more immersive experience with an increased quality of RP. We're going to make the infantry great again.


Your obedient servant,



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