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λ: Progenitors, Ch. II

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Operation λambda will serve as an event to bridge the gap between the introduction of the Progenitors during Operation Omega (the Battle of Terra Neue) and phase 2 of the Progenitors, serving as a prologue to the Progenitor campaign I plan to run during the week between Christmas and NYE.


It will begin tomorrow (Saturday 2nd of December) at 1 PM EST, or 6 PM GMT.



HINT: The Progenitor text above says "OPERATION LAMBDA". FFRL might want to start keeping track of these if you want to fully decipher the language...

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The Mobile Infantry landed on 29410 Tychos VII - a wasteland of a planet formerly inhabited by the arachnids that now appeared to serve as a hub for the Progenitor forces - with the exception of the Ark, the first and only example of a permanent base operated by the Progenitors. Their orders were to investigate the facility, to discern its purpose, and to gather intelligence.


The first obstacle they faced was a shield that was emitted over the facility. This was defeated through destroying the three external shield emitters, after which the MI could access the interior of the facility.


Upon arrival it became quickly apparent that this facility was no run of the mill forward operating base: it was as deep as a skyscraper is tall, with hundreds of stories. They discovered evidence of experimentation on the three major Milky Wayian races: arachnids, skinnies and humanity. 


But the real shocker was to come later: at the very foot of the facility, they came to a cavernous chamber occupied by a single gargantuan machine: a device to create portals, seemingly between the Milky Way and the host galaxy of the Progenitors. The Mobile Infantry looked on as dropship after dropship soared through the portal - perhaps hundreds an hour - as the revelation finally dawned on the Mobile Infantry: this facility was the Progenitor's staging ground for its second stage widespread invasion of the Milky Way and Earth.




The Mobile Infantry resolved to destroy the facility through overloading the facility's power reactor, but they soon found themselves cut off. In the heat of the moment, Lieutenant Tuuli made a judgement call to detonate the explosives despite the Mobile Infantry still being inside, somehow miraculously surviving and leading the Mobile Infantry out of the ruins of the 100-story facility to rescue.


40 Mobile Infantrymen died, including Sergeant Trey Winters (killed by a grenade), Corporal Johnathan Price (crushed to death by a marauder), and PFC Johnson Dough (fell to a plasma round to his chest,).



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