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FEDNET: New Wellington Black Market Rising

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What once was a lush, agricultural and natural paradise with lush plains of green hills and snowy mountains, has become nothing more than a dream land for the bottom of the spit bucket as criminals from afar flock to utilize New Wellingtons strategic position amongst the outer rim colonies to spur one of the largest black markets in Federal history. Many New Wellington natives returning from their refugee status have once again been forced to move out as more and more gangs terrorize neighborhoods.


Many point the finger of this substantial rise in crime to the lack of Federal ability to rebuild the vastly decimated colony. A spokesman for the Colonial Administration Committee of the Federal Council had this to say, "With the food crises going on we've been largely focused on utilizing our monetary capabilities to combating this. New Wellington will most assuredly recieve any and all support the Council deems necessary in these strapping times." In addition to the spokesmans comments, military advisers have been attached to the newly elected New Wellington government to assist in re-establishing authority and rule of law.


One of the top advisers, Robert Shaw, a Mobile Infantry colonel had this to say, "It is our goal to start real progress in New Wellington and we will definitely see progress made to make New Wellington safe and stable again.,"


Governor Dylan Whitmore (N) has spoken out in recent days making the following statement, "It's time we get our lives back on track, we have a long road but we're undoubtedly on the right one towards making New Wellington the place we all remember." Many of those who have returned to New Wellington support the Governors attempts to garner more financial support to rebuild the largely destroyed infrastructure of the colony and stretched thin security forces.




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