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Liliana Verbeck

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Small band of the 112th alpha company responsible for rescuing Governor Pierce - 06/06/2298


Right To left, First row: L.Verbeck. l W.Pierce (Governor) l S.Bently 

Second Row:  V.Faust l T.Hughes l J.Chevosky l 

Third Row: H. Clenmore l C. Cudoz l A. O'Farrel l D. Saiphan

Basic Information:

Name: Liliana Verbeck
Age: 22
D.O.B: 30/12/2275
Gender: Female
Affiliation: UCF
Role(s): Mobile Infantry 
Homeworld: Terra
Alignment: Lawful Neutral 
Hair colour: Ashen Grey
Eye colour: Emerald Green
Lieutenant l Second Platoon XO
Backstory: Born in Norway, Verbeck started her life as any other. School work and aspiring to be a citizen. It was at the age of ten that her psychic adept nature was found, she began to train herself slowly, unable to fully achieve anything. From the age of twelve Liliana was sent off to a federal psychic institute where she was subjected to the training, allowing the woman to fully expand herself in that nature. At the age of twenty she was sent into federal service, enlisting into the Mobile Infantry and spending her first two years of service with the 89th Morita Battalion. At the age of twenty two she had been transferred to the 112th.

Strength: 17/20
Dexterity: 15/20
Constitution: 10/20
Intelligence: 16/20
Wisdom: 14/20
Charisma: 08/20

Misc. Attributes: 

Combat Rating: 8/10


Wealth: Middle class

Other Information:  Spends her time wandering around the Grant.

Character Description:

[Height: 5,9"] [Weight: 130 lbs] [Hair: Ashen Grey in a ponytail] [Eyes: Emerald Green] [Body Type: Slender. Athletic] [Skin: Pale] [Voice:Norwegian Apathetic Tone] [Gear: Standard Infantry Gear] [Lieutenant Patches] 




Purple Heart: x8



Mobile Infantry Service Ribbion




Distinguished Service Medal

Personal Relationships
Relations: |Good friends|Friends|Acquaintance|Neutral|Dislikes|Hates|

--[[Mobile Infantry]]--

Elrad Davidon: Colonel of the 112th. I know little of him other than he is my superior. He also seems to enjoy pool.

Tom Solomons: Staff sergeant once more on his return. I don't speak to them any longer.


Anton Volker: I have not spoken to this corporal enough to understand them fully. I will see if this will be corrected


Franco Sorrentino: My superior and executive officer, a good choice regarding his history of the company and overall combat experience. Rather helpful in adjusting me into my new position. I consider him a friend though I am not sure I will display that correctly.


Sebastian Bentley: My boss now, he has come along way and I am proud of him in doing so


Jackie Knoxx: Seems to be improving heavily now. Still signs of her former ways such of lack of enthusiasm to push into a training course.


Elizabeth Graham: A master specialist and marksman of the weapon specialisation programme, we have spoken since my time as staff sergeant and have been helpful in allowing me to adjust to the Infantry in some way to come off as more.."welcoming"?


Leana Wells: Wells can be a headache sometimes. Her constant mouth spurs and other such behaviours can easily bring me to a groan with a following face palm. But they also are one of the best I have in second, she can easily follow my orders and on top of which, is loyal. I hate her puns though.


--[[Engineering ]]--

William St. Claire: Seems alright yet shows little improvement. I hope this new "love" found will not hinder them.

Troy Hughes: An engineer and former sergeant, hopefully to make a return back to his old position. I have some doubts about him due to some aspects but they are making some improvements.




Dorian Elswood: A very competent and trust worthy medic. I can expect most of the wounded to remain in perfect health after some time with this figure.


Joshua Edwards: A tin can




Elliot Salem: He is a "Special warfare" major who has saved my life and thus allowed me to correct and adjust. We speak from time to time. I respect him in a way.

--[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--

Nagaharu Takayama: Marine who went against us for the reason of that his Family was stationed within Sanctuary. I doubt he wished to be with O'Brien, he was put down for assaulting the Captain of the Grant.

Eleanor Tuuli: She was my mentor and assistant for my nature. She passed in her sleep from psychic activity, the second lieutenant has given me her Beret. I have placed it within my office on display in memory


Maxwell Anderson: A troubled marine who managed to get into military service. He wasn't cut out for it and now has been sent off to be examined mentally and in time will acquire the help to return to a life

William Beans: A specialist that I will not forget. He jumped onto a grenade to save five others around him and let them hold their position and ultimately the city from sanctuary. Unfortunately the grenade did not give him a quick death and I can still recall his face and fearful eyes as he knew his end was coming. I did my best to ease his mind, but it has left it's on effect upon me. He was a good trooper and example as to what is expected.


Vinera Rose: She is sister to Technical sergeant Rose. This one has caused me some issues here and there, she requires much work to be a good trooper.


Zella Dijkstra: I feel she may be on speed or has taken it before, hyperactive.


Valerie Faust: Hit the rank she wanted, Gunnery .She has transferred to be use elsewhere, good luck to them

Aphelion DominicaShe is a good trooper, wiling to do what is required. Died in the midst of battle.


James Chevosky: Died a sergeant defending the Grant from invaders. He did well in the end of it all.

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