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Wallpapers and the like

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I'm a really huge fan of this wallpaper because of how simple, yet tantalizing it is. Sometimes I like to alt tab away from Garry's Mod and ogle the immense void to get my cockus back up to half chub. It really helps me self insert my excitement into the events. But seriously, why even have a desktop background? You never look at it anyway. Double down if your background is some light colored shit that imprints itself in the back of your fucking retinas when you look at your desktop at night. Also, people that still have icons? Mentally deficient. If you can't find what you're looking for with a blazing fast 135+ WPM windows search, you might as well just forget you have those files in the first place. You might ask, well, nigger, that would mean you have file indexing on! Wrong. It just means my PC is a few steps above your Intel Core 2 Duo inside. 


Added bonus to having a black wallpaper is when the police eventually break into your abode trying to arrest you for all that loli cosplay you conveniently have stored under D:\UnrealGold\Textures , they wind up shooting your computer screen first, as to by you more time. 

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