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Joshua 'Hades' Edwards

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Basic Information:

Forename: Joshua 

Surname: Edwards

Other: David

 Marauder Call sign: Hades
Age: 24
D.O.B: 24/03/2274
Gender: Male
Affiliation: UCF
Role(s): NCO - Marauder
Martial Status: -
Home world: Terra

Nationality: British
Alignment: Neutral
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Blue
Build: Stocky

Current rank: SGT


Back story:

 Edwards was born in the south-eastern part of England - known as the county of Kent, where he grew up in a working-class family of labourers. After his two of his brother's signed up for federal service he knew he wanted to follow in their footsteps as he aspired to become a citizen and get a sense of duty and honour. Upon enlisting, after graduating and passing basic training he spent his first two years in the 76th Morita Battalion reaching the rank of Corporal, he lost most of his friends in his service time. Therefore he decided to go the Marauder program instead of Sergeant. He was chosen for Marauder training in his third year after signing up for the selection program. Where he has now been assigned, after successfully going through the training, to the 112th or 13th Marauder detachment. Ending up with the 112th and being there ever since.



Federal Status: Citizen 



Elaine Edwards - Mother - 54 - Citizen - Living on Iskander

Walter Edwards - Father - 57 - Citizen - Living on Iskander

Matthew Edwards - Brother - 33 - Retired From Federal Service

Thomas Edwards - Brother - 29 - Retired From Federal Service

Jamie Edwards - Brother - 28 - Retired From Federal Service

Zealious Edwards  - Step Brother - 20 - Serving with 112th in Sixth Fleet

Lux Edwards(Archer)  - Ex-Wife - 28 - Find out Ic



[Edwards - Seen on the left after an assault on a sanctuary position. Taken during the civil war of 2297-98. At the time SSgt. Bently is seen in the foreground]


Military Service Record:


                                                                                     24/03/2294 Enlistment into English Federal Training Academy, England Terra.

                                                                                     29/03/2294: Arrives at Federal basic camp - Churchill, and begins training.

                                                                                     18/06/2294: Graduates from Camp Churchill.

                                                                                     28/06/2294: Arrives at 76th Morita Battalion.

                                                                                     30/06/2294: First deployment, promoted to Private post deployment.

                                                                                     02/08/2294: Promoted to First Class.

                                                                                     15/08/2294: Given first Purple Heart medal for injury received on deployment.

                                                                                     14/10/2294: Promoted to Lance Corporal, after leading a squad in training. 

                                                                                     05/01/2295: Awarded Combat Action Medal.

                                                                                     23/02/2295: Took place in Operation Sandstorm.

                                                                                     03/03/2295: Deployed with 76th Battalion to AQZ.

                                                                                     18/04/2295: Awarded the Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon.

                                                                                     01/02/2296: Promoted to Corporal.

                                                                                     19/07/2296: Enlisted to Marauder program.

                                                                                     11/12/2296: Awarded the Good Conduct Medal.

                                                                                     13/05/2297: Accepted and sent to Marauder program training facility.

                                                                                     21/10/2297: Graduates program as 3Spc.

                                                                                     08/11/2297: Arrives at 13th Marauder Detachment, assigned to 112th Morita Battalion

                                                                                     28/12/2297: Promoted to 2Spc. after showing impressive skills in his field

                                                                                     20/12/2297: Promoted to Spc. Assigned Call-sign 'Koros'

                                                                                     28/12/2297: Took part in Operation Meggido, fall of Terra.

                                                                                     30/12/2297: Suffered lost of Leg, accepted and assigned BT.

                                                                                     28/12/2297: Took part in Operation Meggido, fall of Terra.

                                                                                     03/01/2298: Fell under and re-enlisted to the Sixth fleet under the 112th, following break out of Civil War.

                                                                                     15/03/2298: Promoted to SSpc.

                                                                                     02/05/2298: Promoted to MSpc.

                                                                                     12/07/2298: Partakes in Operation Olympus, end of the Civil war.

                                                                                     18/08/2298: Promoted to TSgt

                                                                                     23/09/2298: Awarded DSM medal, From Cpt.Bently

                                                                                     16/10/2298: Promoted to LT and commander of 13th Marauder Detachment

                                                                                     03/12/2298: Promoted to CPT. and sent to SICON

                                                                                     05/01/2299: Return to the 112th, 13th marauder detachment as WO. following volunteered demotion.

                                                                                     13/01/2299: Transfered back into Mobile Infantry detachment at the rank of PFC.

                                                                                     20/01/2299: Promoted to LCpl.

                                                                                     27/12/2299: Promoted to Cpl.

                                                                                     07/02/2299: Promoted to Sgt.




His 'Ink':


NOTE: each piece is located generally around the area in which the photo is.








Personal Relationships/Thoughts.
Relations: Loved Ones|Admired/Respects|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Acquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears/has a fear of loss


John York


John York- He's a good soldier and good engineer, We play games together in the bar and spend a lot of time just chatting in the bar until other people turn up. Also on drops, we share conversations in times of peace and we've saved each other's asses on many occasions now.  He's a friend and I'm glad to have him about, he's a nice change from other people.


He's with Aoife now and well we ain't talked much between each other for a bit now, but eh as long as he's happy and alive. I'm happy.


We've talked a lot as of recent both being Techs mean we can relate on a lot of levels and well we both like each other out of rank and on a social level. Might even see him as my best friend - not quite sure yet though.


He's only gone and got the queen bee rank aye. Big fuck engineer lead. Proud of him and wish him luck in the role, I'll be there to help his engineers through MEC and general shit where I can as he's help enough when it comes to marauders. We're still good friends and like a few others, I see him as almost family by now. 


Valerie Faust 


Valerie Faust - One of the nicer NCO's I've met since I've been with the 112th, One of my closes friends. She's joined up to that new weapon section in the 112th and she seems happier in there so I'm happy for her, she also seems determined to get a higher rank in it and its good to see some people have a drive around the ship.


I talk to her nearly on the daily but its generally just small talk because I don't know, I guess she's a busy person? or shes too busy chasing the ladies. Anyway, its good to have her around and I don't know what I'd do if she wasn't. Well over time we have seemed to become more than just good friends and well now are together.


I share a close bond with her and I'm glad to have her in my life. I never thought I'd find someone again but I do welcome being with her.


We'll be together again... I'm sorry.


Haven't talked since we argued, I've seen her around but avoided her as I haven't really been in the mindset nor mood to deal with it. I still feel shitty but I guess we have to both move on if she won't give me a chance a friendship.


She left... but has came back as a WO - I've changed a lot since then and perhaps so has she. Maybe I'll push a conversation if I see her.... out of respect for old times or maybe I'll just avoid her still. Only time will tell.



Zealious Edwards


Zealious Odin -  A great guy, I talk to him daily and we watch each other's back like brothers. He a funny bloke to have banter with and keep yourself in a happy mood, even though he does come out with some random shit some time's but half of the time it's hilarious. Also now both of us are sticking with the 112th we've gotta be watching each other backs like brothers and I have no doubt he'll be watching mine because if he doesn't I'll stick my boot up his ass. As he threatens all his squads when they fuck up.


Gotta say the way I describe our relationship is like we were lost brothers, who have met now after losing each other for so long. And what can I say..... we have a lot of ass-kickings to catch up on with each other.


He got his arm blown off so now he's joined me in the bt club - I welcome him with a warm smile - he's still alive so it keeps me happy, will have to see hows he finding it soon.


Daisy 'Hel' Bailey☠️


Daisy 'Hel' Bailey- The Captain in the marauder detachment. She's definitely a stern and well-met leader, I feel she doesn't get the respect from other's especially the MI. Especially after that incident of graffiti. She seem's to care for myself and the other Marauders but I couldn't see myself holding a conversation with her that isn't in a formal manner because I get vibes that she doesn't like me, but maybe I just have the wrong idea. I still respect her as my Captain and glad to be under her.


I'm her XO now and I hope I do her proud, guess she did like me after all.


We've shared now on a few occasions lengthy talks and I rather enjoy them, I get to see her more human side I guess you can put it and I can finally see someone who I'd love to have a close friend. I'm glad to be her right-hand man in the detachment and I hope it doesn't end any time soon.


Your gone and well I never got to share a stronger relationship with a lead more than you and perhaps in another life, I could have gone on to something better. You are gone now though and something inside of me has broken.... which I'm not sure how I'm going to fix.


Aoife Hviteulven


Aoife Hviteulven- another of my fellow marauders, I have a funny relationship with her. We joke around with each other and also make a pretty good team when we are on the field together. She seems to like to take the piss or well see things on the lighter side of myself so I feel I can relate to her. Her hair choice also gives a very good talking point, but it suits her.


- So shes with York now? can I say I saw that coming? fuck no. But eh I guess you never know what happens behind the seems, I'm happy to see them happy but don't talk as much as they seem to busy with each other, and ya know we all don't wanna be that third wheel.


She's rather got on my nerves from time to time but I don't hate her, shes still with York and seems happy and is doing her job. Just gotta give her a little kick in the ass to make her stop being lazy and maybe even make her master spec material.


Shes left marauders, so be it. So did I, she seems happy with York and as his XO she gets more time with her so lucky her. Shes cheered up though and is no longer a pain in my ass.


Sebastian Bently


Sebastian Bently - I've known him since he was a corporal and I've seen the guy through, a lot from demotion to injuries that would have put others in their grave. 

He's now the staff of the MI so I work closely with him and I'm glad it's him as I see him as a friend and respect him enough to think us working together will only end in good things.


Fuckers only gone and got lead of the MI on ship ain't he. He's still a cunt... but he's a good cunt. A family like cunt and I like following his fat ass into battle. Might even start calling him and White battle chins. All said and done we're good friends now, finally started to talk more to each other and I'd say we're maybe some of the closest members in meme team six? Just ain't in a gay relationship - the only thing holding us back to beating John and Aoife.


He looks stressed over being MI leadership but when has he never looked dead inside and dead pan bored out his ass by his facial expression? For me though I understand, as hes a good friend over mine I've came to learn how to read him. I care for him also and wanna help out as much as possible. I tryed to help as a staff sergeant in his NCOs but only got a small window to do so as now I've been put as the lead of the detachment locked onto his battilion. So I can hopefully help from there. Still love him though.


Lux 'Sol' Archer


My one and only life, sad that I can't retired but can't wait till I'm home in heaven and we get to live life together. That will be the day I will truly be happy.



Troy Hughes


Hughes- We take the piss out of each other most of the time.... especially when I saw his small pecker but I'm pretty sure he knows Im teasing him. I'd say we'd come under the grounds of being friends as we can have a chat and a laugh and I respect that about him. He's a good sergeant too and has definitely taken his fair bit of lost for the unit. So I hold a high respect for him in that mannor too.


Leana Wells


An enigma of emotions and feelings to say the least, I like her though. Shes quite a nice person deep down and I can see past some of the more annoying shit she does to other people as most of the time I find it funny too because I see those people as cunts as she does. Not gonna lie, would love to smash. I get the vibes off her too that's shes trying to, as well but I think we both just can't be asked which is the funny part.

Although I can't sum up all that I think about Wells.


Rowan Burke


A rookie I introduced to the ship and the 112th when we first met and now a medic who I'm close with, very much so in fact. It's only been a short time but her personality helps me connect to her quite well. Shes nice, bubbly, likes and can take the piss out of Hartwick and is generally quite the girl compared to others.❤️

A beauty, an innocent. Too good for me maybe but how would I know... shes ended up in my arms and now I just can't get enough. Perhaps its early stages but I can feel something there and I've already lost so much already. I can't stand seeing something happen to her.


Lowell Hartwick


A chad of the next level but like a younger brother to me, I rip into him enough that he is but he knows its all fun and games. Would consider him to be a good friend, we've never spoken on a big personal level but I feel we share a decent connection. On field especially we got a good bond, squad leading a lot alongside each other made us connect always. Overall he's all good.


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cleaned up my bio, removed ALLLLLLLLLLOT of inactive relationships - also cleaned up the ones I've left. If you want to be added or I missed you out - plz comment :)

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