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FEDNET: Raid Leaves Colony in Hope

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Yesterday evening the New Wellington government launched a raid on a compound suspected to be a hub for criminal activity on the crime stricken colony. The raid, which resulted in 8 dead, 9 injured and 13 arrested, was part of a large scale effort to return the long embattled colony to a, "place where all citizens and civilians can live in peace for once" as stated by Governor Dylan Whitmore (N), who also panned it as a hugr success. Though two law enforcement officials were wounded in a gunfight that ensued, the goal of dismantling a criminal hub has heightened the spirits of all those on New Wellington.


Colonel Robert Shaw, a top military adviser for Governor Whitmore has refused to put in his own comments, only stating, "At the moment I cannot disclose any future plans as to how we will be pushing forward from here." Although the military advisers are quiet on the situation, the New Wellington Commissioner of Law Enforcement Malik Jordan has expressed the need for more support, "Though we've scored a win today, we definitely will need more boots on the ground in the near future and I've, as well as the military advisers, have asked Governor Whitmore to call in a presentable military force."


The raid, even with hightened local morale, was not enough to strike a noticeable blow on the gangs that continue to operate a profitable black market of food items and now even weaponry to the still developing gangs. Even with only one man making public note, is it not obvious the might of the Federal Armed Forces will be called in to take up arms against the criminal swell of New Wellington?


Although the food crises has made no exception to New Wellington on the outer rim, most of the colonists support Governor Whitmores efforts to get their home back on track in near months. Many assume this is from his approach to directly control the situation rather than allow Federal control. One supporter at a rally had this to say, "The Federation is a much better place for us on New Wellington with Governor Whitmore in control!"



Do you support Governor Whitmore?

Do you think New Wellington will become a prosperous colony once again?














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