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[IC] Yeoman Requests

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**A sheet of paper is pasted to the board**



Fleet Grey Flightsuit

Service Beret

Black Undershirt (Packs of 3)


Grey CW Wool Socks

Grey WW Cotton Socks

Dress Jacket

Dress Trousers

Grey Dress Undershirt (Packs of 3)

Oxford Men's/Women's Shoes

MT3B Fleet Combat Boots



Pair of Grey Puttee Wraps



Leg Knife Pouch

Boot Sheathe



Shaving Kit

Hygiene Kit

Can of M5 Tactical Deodorant



The Federal Transcript Monthly

The Holy Bible

Morita Arms Monthly

All Quiet On The Western Front

We Were Soldiers Once... And Young

For Whom The Bell Tolls


The Alliance-Hegemony War



Boot Laces (Packs of 3)

Boot Blousing Straps (Packs of 2)



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On 25.12.2017 at 2:34 PM, Heresiarch Grimm said:

Why's this under fleet?


Is it fleet only?


The MI and Marauders not good enough to order items through the Federal Postal Service?

yes because obviously MI doesnt need shemaghs duh

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