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Zealious Edwards

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Name: Zealious Edwards

Age: 20

Family: None known to him Father and Mother Deceased

Adopted Family: 

Elaina Edwards -  Step Mother - 54 - Citizen - Living on Castus

Walter Edwards -  Step Father - 57 - Citizen - Executed on act's of Treason after receiving CM on the sanctuary.

Mathew Edwards - Step Brother - 32 - Re-Enlisted with the Sixth fleet 

Thomas Edwards - Step Brother - 29 - In Federal Service - Re-Enlisted with Sixth Fleet

Jamie Edwards - Step Brother - 27 - In Federal Service - Re-Enlisted with Sixth Fleet

Joshua Edwards - Step Brother - 21 - Severing with 112th in Sixth Fleet

Home world: Earth
Alignment: Neutral
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Build: Mesomorphic
Rank:  Senior Specialist and Sergeant 


Rank History: 

Engineering: 3Spc - 2Spc - Spc - SSpc

MI: Rct - Pvt - LCpl - Cpl - Sgt

Backstory: Was born on Earth in Wales he lived in the region of Snowdonia he was a orphan from a young age he would often run away from the orphanage and would spend time in the mountains he became incredibly good at living in the mountains and the cold. He would often spend days at a time around 1-3 living up there he was never found up there but he always came back to the orphanage he was a average in student in school he was particularly interested in History and English and excelled in them. He then signed up to to the Mobile Infantry as soon as he was able.

Strength: 16/20
Dexterity: 18/20
Constitution: 12/20
Intelligence: 14/20
Wisdom: 10/20
Charisma: 16/20

Misc. Attributes:

Combat Rating: 8/10

Pain/Health: 8/10

Wealth:  Poor

Character Description: Has a few cuts and scars on his face and body due to his time with the 112th. 

Characteristics: Usually Quiet|Loud during combat|Drive.

Achivements Engineer - Munitions - Systems - Sapper



Personal Relationships
Relations: Loved|Love Interest|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears

--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--

- Valerie Faust - Good Lance Corporal has always been good to me unfortunately is now a Private first class but at least it's nice to have someone competent back with the enlisted she is my Meme Sister I've never met someone other than Edwards who I have connected with so strongly she was there for my first time leading and saved my life she is everything I could want from a Yerman strong and funny. Now that I know that she would put herself in danger to save me I can only do the same if the time ever arises until I see you again auf wiedersehen you funny little Yerman.
Sebastian Bently - Known for a bit have a few chats always seem very focused in combat good soldier I haven't seen this guy in ages I hope he is alright. He's now back at Sergeant I have spoken to him some more and he's a nice guy I guess. Well some time has passed since my last update and I would consider us definitely good friends the dude is a solid guy and a hell of a Staff Sergeant.
- Vinera Rose - I was her second in command on a operation a long time ago she just rubs me the wrong way.

- Anderson Kayne - A decent Lance Corporal freshly promoted by me he has potential all he needs is experience and he will be right on his way to Corporal. A Staff Sergeant now that was quick.

- Rachel Valenwood - A good Lance Corporal I fancy them to become Corporal soon and she will hopefully if she listens to my advice in our meetings other than being acquaintances were not really overly close but a good girl I would say from what I have seen.

- Elrad Davidson - I met him first back when the Federation was still a thing wow. That was a long time ago I have to say I Admire the guy he's a good leader and I can't help but not like him after he promoted. Me to Lance Corporal all that time ago and now I'm a Sergeant he really started me off on my path to become a NCO and from what I have seen of the guy even though I don't talk to him very often I can't help but like him.

- Elizabeth Taylor - This girl is something else she might not get it right all the time but she will get the job done, She doesn't give up and that's why I like about her and even after everything that has happened to her family she still continues to fight that amazes me. Also the hugs are kind of nice. I think her and Hughes are a thing now so I will leave that and see how they go.

- Anni Jarvinen - A okay Lance Corporal still seem's to think like a Marine.

--[[Federation Engineering Division]]--
- Corporal Saint Claire - Have spoke to a few times when leading he seems decent I shall have to see.
Troy Hughes - A good guy still a Corporal I believe haven't seen him recently we disarmed that bomb that one time.
- John York - My guy got a awesome sense of humour knows his stuff have worked with him on a few drops I have grown to know this guy more and more and I really have learned to like the guy I mean how can you not I hope we get more time to work together stay safe and also where are those god damn patches ! Our friendship only gets stronger and stronger I count him as like my own brother the dude has my back and I have his.



--[[Federation Hospital Corps]]--

- Daniel Dumont - What a fucking guy the funniest guy I know although he's a bit like a kid sometimes but he can be serious I can tell he just doesn't let it show I think but one day I think he'll mature but hey what can I say the guy is hilarious I've spoke to him a few times he seems trusting of me and I count us as friends, I would love to understand what goes on in his head but I don't think I ever will be able too.
- Haleem bint al-Alttar - A okay medic maybe I don't know from what I've seen they are a smack bang average trooper

--[[Federation Marauders]]--

- Joshua Edwards - My man where to start with this guy he is a absolute legend amazing Marauder great sense of humour always up for a drink have had some of the funniest moments of my life with this guy on and off drops. This guy is my Best friend and my brother he is the only guy I can depend on no matter what I know he has my back and I have is back no matter what. We haven't talked a lot recently I think that's due to the whole war thing but this guy is still my Brother I will do anything for this guy and it's finally good to see his hard work in the Marauder's is paying off good luck my friend.
- Aoife Hviteulven - Seems a nice person a decent marauder I hope to get to know them more. Well they are now with York so they must be at least a decent person and they are from when I have spoken to them.

--[[Federation Fleet]]--


--[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]--

- Blaire Montgomery - Good guy shame what happened to him he's a good squad lead I was his second in command for one drop can be somewhat cold at times but he is a very good combat leader so I guess that's all that matters.


--[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--
- Johnathan Price - I wasn't there for when Price died I wish I could of been there maybe stop it but I will always remember him the guy who taught me nearly everything I know in Engineering I miss you man all the shit you went through maybe death was a escape for you maybe not you deserved better man.
Ashley Rose - A new Master Spec seems to know her stuff very well she has a very nice refreshing personality I was second in command for her on Red Harvest we worked well. Now that I have spent more time with her especially on Earth and around the ship she is a weird cookie she seems to be focused on her role at times but also seems to be a lot more down to earth than most I have learnt to work with her and tolerate her at times but generally she is a good friend that I value. Another one gone I wasn't there again I wish I was I wish I could of done something.
Genevieve Vermillion - I met her on the ship sometime ago she's just a Genuinely nice person and a hell of a medic I just took to her straight away I just can't explain why I do like her this much but I do. I don't know anymore maybe I rushed in I just don't know. Another one gone I wasn't there again fuck.

Jack O'Neil -  Good guy decent Corporal the guy worked hard for his stripes and he still is working hard I hope to speak more and see more of him in the future. He is a Sergeant now and a good one at that and I have learned to respect him more. Another one dead when I wasn't there I swear this is my fucking curse.



Diary Entries:


First Entry: So ?


Wow can't believe I'm actually writing a diary or have even lived long enough to write a diary am I this sad to write a diary well I mean if I am at rock bottom it can only go up from here.


Well to recap recent events it been very shitty to say the least most of the people I knew are dead and I haven't been there for almost any of them it's just my rotten luck I should of been there I should of stopped them losing there life's. This war no fuck that war is hell. No stop being a fucking pussy man the fuck up your a fucking Corporal for fuck sake grow a pair.


- Zealious Out


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"See you around, Red" He said after finally coming to term's with Rose's death.


Second Entry: Sergeant Now


So wow I'm a Sergeant now. The big ranks I got to say I'm extremely happy I am a Sergeant but I'm also nervous as hell because if I fuck up I think Sorrentino is gonna rip my fucking head off so that's always nice. I got to say I think Bently had something to do with it but hell what can I complain about I've earned this yeah I've earned this.


But in other news I'm a dick I shouldn't of done what I did to Faust it was stupid and harsh on my part I have to make it up to her I knew what I was doing and I should of stopped so Faust if you ever end up reading this somehow I'm sorry.


-Zealious Out


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Third Entry: Boredom


So thing's have kind of winded down there is nothing interesting just people getting promotions and nothing noteworthy happening to my knowledge it's not interesting anymore I don't see the same faces I used to there all fresh out of basic and hit the fleet and then do one drop and think they have seen all there is to see or maybe it's me just being bored. The only thing that keeps me on my toes is coffee it's literally one of the best part's of my day I don't even talk to my friends as much as I used to there always busy so it's just me sat in my office or the canteen drinking coffee on my PDA which is uh pretty boring I guess.


-Zealious Out



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