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The Ranks of the UCF Fleet

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Dress e2


A new member of Fleet, fresh from Tereshkova Academy. The cadet is the starting rank of all members of Fleet and is considered a trainee until their first taste of combat. A cadet's role is to learn from the more senior enlisted and officers to better understand how the vessel functions and to decide what their future role onboard will be.


Equivalent to an MI Recruit. 




Dress e3


The basic rank for all proven members of Fleet. Having endured their first taste of combat, these crewmembers are now trusted to become part of the crew. A crewman is a sponge, taking in the experience of the senior enlisted and refining their capabilities. At this point, a crewman should be deciding on which division of fleet they would like to commit to.


Equivalent to an MI Private-Private First Class.



Petty Officer

Dress e4


This is the rank at which the crewmember's role aboard the ship becomes cemented. A Petty Officer is now committed to a division and is intent on perfecting their skill in said division. A Petty Officer should always be open to mentoring junior enlisted and ensuring that the vessel remains in order. The Petty Officer is the junior most NCO of the ships crew and as such, should prove themselves capable if they wish to progress.


Equivalent to an MI Corporal.



Chief Petty Officer

Dress e5


This is the rank at which a crewmembers role on the ship becomes rooted in the development of leadership skills. Having proven themselves worthy to become a full fledged NCO, the Chief Petty Officer is trusted to ensure order within the fleets ranks and to assume a more defined leadership position. Chief Petty Officers are tasked with leading the junior enlisted and NCO's in any task given to them by the Master Chief Petty Officer or the Captain. 


Equivalent to an MI Sergeant.



Senior Chief Petty Officer

 Dress e6


This is the rank at which a crewmember's rise through the ranks becomes serious. The senior most enlisted rank regularly attainable, the Senior Chief Petty Officer is the role model for all enlisted personnel. At this point, the Senior Chief Petty Officer's leadership skills should be highly refined- leading their crew to victory in all situations. The Senior Chief Petty Officer is expected to be able to command the vessel in the absence of a higher ranked officer as well as direct enlisted crew to perform deck crew functions. For these crew, a commision into either the officer corp or the role of Master Chief Petty Officer is right around the corner.


Equivalent to an MI Staff Sergeant.



Master Chief Petty Officer

Dress e7


The highest enlisted rank attainable, the Master Chief Petty Officer is the senior most enlisted crewman aboard a vessel. Appointed directly by the Captain of the vessel, the Master Chief is the primary executor of the Captain's will towards the enlisted. In their duties, the Master Chief oversees the conduct and training of the ships enlisted, as well as acting as a liaison between the ship's officer corp and it's enlisted. In addition, they also function as the ship's chief engineer and technician.


Equivalent to an MI Master Sergeant.



Officer Corp



Officer Cadet

Dress e2


A crewman that has shown the potential to become an officer of the Federation Fleet. These individuals will undergo Officer Candidate School (OCS) and significant on the job training in order to receive a commission. While individuals with this rank hold no authority over anyone on the vessel, they should be treated with due respect.


Roughly Equivalent to an MI Second Lieutenant. 




Dress o1


This is the junior most commissioned officer in the fleet. Individuals with this rank are highly trained and developed in terms of leadership skill. Officers at this rank are expected to learn from senior officers as they are groomed to one day take a leadership role within a division, or to command the vessel in the absence of a higher ranking officer. Individuals of this rank are permitted a sidearm of their choice.


Equivalent to an MI Lieutenant.




Dress o1


The bread and butter of the officer corp, the Lieutenant is a well rounded and skilled officer. Every Lieutenant holds the full confidence of the vessel's Captain and crew and is fully prepared to take leadership of the vessel if need be. Individuals of this rank are sometimes appointed as division leaders and hold significant authority over other members of the crew. Lieutenants are permitted to sit on a Court Martial board as well as carry a sidearm of their choosing.


Equivalent to an MI Captain.



Lieutenant Commander

Dress o3 


The Lieutenant Commander is the premier rank of any division lead. A paragon of duty and leadership, the Lieutenant Commander undoubtedly holds the full confidence of the ship's Captain and crew. These experienced crew are fully trained and battle hardened, having both served under the command of a senior officer in battle and having commanded the vessel in battle themselves. These officers often lead individual divisions onboard the vessels bridge and have a great amount of authority trusted to them. Lieutenant Commanders are permitted to sit on a Court Martial board as well as carry a sidearm of their choosing.


Equivalent to an MI Major. 




Dress o4


The Commander is the XO of the vessel and the Captain's right hand man. Trained and battle hardened, the Commander is chosen by the Captain himself from the ship's available Lieutenant Commanders. As the Captain's XO, the Commander is tasked with maintaining order and overseeing the bridge and combat operations of a vessel and it's crew. Their authority on the ship is second only to the Captain himself and should be given due respect. Should the Captain be unable to perform his duties, the Commander is fully prepared to take command of the vessel. Commanders are permitted to sit on a Court Martial board, carry a sidearm of their choosing and represent the Captain before senior officers and Mobile Infantry personnel.    


Equivalent to an MI Lieutenant Colonel.




Dress o5


The Commanding Officer of a ship or Space Station, the Captain is the supreme authority onboard his vessel. Tasked with leading his vessel into combat as well as ferrying platoons of Mobile Infantry across the Federation's territory, the Captain has very little room for failure. Therefore, the Captain is selected from only the most capable and experienced officers. Appointed directly by the Admiralty of the Federation Fleet and given command of their own vessel, the Captain is a highly trusted individual who understands and has mastered the ways of space combat and strategy.


Equivalent to an MI Colonel. 

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