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FEDNET: Zeconis System Lost!

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Tragedy strikes the mining system of Zeconis!









(Song in the spoiler)

Earlier this December, the system of Zeconis faced a massive, devastating assault just outside the Arachnid Quarantine zone! 

The Zeconis system held significance to the federation in the form of precious materials crucial to the creation of Morita rifles and tactical gear issued to the Mobile Infantry and Fleet personnel of the Federal Armed Forces. Out of the six planets settled, two were entirely lost to devastating bug meteor strikes, being Hanov and Lochillon, important manufacturers of copper and platinum. One trooper, a Corporal Taylor Lee, was stationed with the 401st Morita Batallion aboard Hanov. He is one of the few survivors of the attack.





"I've never seen so much fire, or so much -- dark. People were running and screaming for their lives. All I could do was sit there and hold my rifle."





A general retreat and evacuation order was given on December 26th for the entire system. The defending battalions were far out numbered and under geared. Both military and civilian vessels ferried entire cities worth of people directly out of the system for the nearest space stations, where aid is being rendered to those displaced. 


Lieutenant General Terrence Arceo made an announcement on the loss of the system, "The loss of the Zeconis System is heart breaking to the people of the Federation, and devastating to the production of Federal Assets. The death toll is estimated to be around 3.6 Billion people, including Mobile Infantrymen and Fleet Personnel."


The Lieutenant General Continued with

"We're currently formulating an offensive strategy to take Zeconis back from the arachnid menace. That's all I can say regarding this."




- Are you a highschool graduate or GED holder?

- Do you consider yourself to be a physically fit and mentally adapted individual?

Report to your nearest federal recruitment depot to do YOUR PART in ensuring tragedies such as Zeconis NEVER happen again!










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