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FEDNET- Colonial Military Buildup Revealed!

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Happy Holidays from the Fednet family.


It seems as though the colonies of our fine Federation have been found on the naughty list.


Following a chain of weapons smuggler arrests towards the source of the security breach, Federal investigators discovered a link between numerous weapons shipments, both legal and otherwise, to high profile members of the anti-war Colonial Party.  


Fearing the worst, Federal investigations crews penetrated deeply into the operation, implanting intelligence agents on all levels. 


What they discovered, was shocking:


 Image result for weapons shipment


More than a dozen colonial governments, in several systems have undergone a massive weapons buildup. 


The shipments contained everything from Morita rifles

Image result for Morita rifle


to old armored vehicles.

Image result for Tank shipment


To artillery pieces.

Image result for weapons shipment


The intent of this buildup is unknown, but one of the agents had this to say:


"Things were normal among the rank and file, but the head honchos were nervous. Something spooked these guys bad-these were the same guys who didn't even flinch when Centennia got glassed. Whatever it was, they're terrified of it." 


Officials from the Colonial party have not responded to requests from FEDNET, however the Colonial Party did put out the following statement-


"These are troubling times. Since the tragic downfall of Centennia, the security situation on many of the outer colonies has degraded significantly. If the recent fall of the Zeconis system proves anything, its that not even systems guarded by the Mobile Infantry are safe. The outer colonies have been requesting further logistical aid from the Federation, but none was forthcoming. To ensure the protection of our people, measures needed to be taken one way or another."


The Colonial Party came under scrutiny recently for it's volunteer protection force that has arisen in the aftermath of Centennia. Critics claim that the militia has become a more centralized form of the typical Planetary Defence Forces that guards a planet. This rather dangerous centralization of power hampers the Federations own authority on these colonies. 


Update: Colonial Chairwoman Donna Miller has been issued a recall to Terra to appear before the Federal Council and explain her parties behavior. 

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