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As of last night at 18:00 UTC +2, mysterious craft of unknown origin began to assault the European continent without relent or mercy. Reports are uncertain, as the Federal satellite network is no longer responding, but reports from the continent indicate that Mobile Infantry forces are heavily engaged with the unknown invaders. The reported damage among the cities of Europe is truly shocking. 


The images we've received of this damage are disturbing. 


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Related image


Undoubtedly our brave Mobile Infantry and Fleet are regrouping to drive these invaders back into the darkness from whence they came!


Until then, our hearts and prayers go out to those men and women still trapped within the borders of Europe. 



We'll keep you posted as updates come in.





As of the time of this reporting, we've lost contact with our affiliate stations in Munich and Kiev.


Reports that Geneva has also been attacked are filtering in as we speak. The 13th Moritas Rifle Brigade is rumored to still be within the city and was last reported to be holding the line at the Federal Council Building.


The current whereabouts of the Sky Marshall and other members of the Federal Council are unknown.




Initial reports of the unknown craft being spotted over North America have been confirmed. Clashes between Mobile Infantry and the invaders in the territory of Quebec have been confirmed. Concurrent reports also indicate the city of Santiago in Chile has come under assault. Further reports will be brought to you as they happen.



We're taking you live to Fednet reporter Mark Engell in New York City.


Mark: The situation here has degraded significantly. The invaders have been pushing through the Niagara region down into upstate New York. Mobile Infantry forces have inflicted withering casualties on the invader forces, but they seem to keep coming. Thousands upon thousands of them. The 212th Morita Company has fallen back to the edge of New York City, which has already experienced the first wave of enemy bombers..."


*The sound of combat echoes in the background*


"The Frontline is closing in. I'll report back in once I've reached safety. This is Mark Engell, signing off."



As of this time, we have lost contact with all other stations. Last we heard, South America and Oceania have fallen. Asia is burning and Federal forces in North America have splintered and gone underground. We have received reports of active units in Russia, but they can't be confirmed.


It is recommended that all people, civilian and citizen alike seek shelter at once.


We at Fednet would like to thank you for allowing us into your homes these many years. God save us all.



This is Mark Engell, Fednet correspondent, New York City. The entire line has been broken, there are nuke flashes going off everywhere, and I've lost my escorts. The whole city is descending into madness! The only remaining Mobile Infantry are holding out on Manhattan island, but we're totally overrun here! I don't know how much time we-



This is Mark Engell, Fednet correspondent... New York City... The City has fallen. The whole planet has fallen. The last remaining defenders, the 33rd Mortias have retreated into the Cheyenne mountains. No...Nobody else is left. Where are the Fleet? This...This is our home! God...God he.....

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