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The Loss of our Homeworld

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Earth - the cradle of humanity and the crown jewel of the Federation - has been conquered by our enemies, the Progenitors, and with it the Federation has been struck a mortal coil which it may never shrug off. The future has never been so bleak.


Operation Megiddo was a colossal failure: Sky Marshall Hudson is dead, the fabled Federation super weapon that was supposed to put an end to the Progenitor threat once and for all proved to be nothing more than unsubstantiated propaganda, and of the ten billion inhabitants that populated Terra less than half managed to evacuate.


Now the remnants of the once great United Citizen Federation begin to gather at Sanctuary, its last great military outpost, to decide on its future and the future of humankind.


What is to come?


Sorrow. Anger. Blame. Fracture. Hunger. Thirst. War. 


The Grant and her crew must carve themselves out a place in this new, hostile, barren future.



- -- -



The Future of SSTRP



Earth may be gone, but the assets that made the Federation great are not - as a consolidated empire, we still have a massive numbers of ships, of weapons, and of troops. 


But with the blow struck by the conquering of Earth and the death of our leaders, we are no longer a consolidated empire. Fractures will begin to form, with numerous factions all claiming to be the rightful successors to the Federation. One has already begun: in the early hours after the loss of Earth, General Danny Martin (Marauders) and Colonel Michael Ramsey (Pathfinders) departed the Grant to make their claim to Hesparus, a Federation colony renowned for its shipyards and its shipbuilding acumen.


As this new era dawns on SSTRP, we will be forced to pivot away from simple conventional military campaigns, instead having to focus on unifying the once great Federation against our common foes whilst dealing with the impact of losing our access to unlimited logistical support. Resources on the Grant are no longer unlimited: we must now ask questions like how are we going to feed ourselves, how are we going to arm ourselves or how are we going to repair our ships.


I see missions now becoming more quest driven: for example, perhaps the right thruster of the Grant is knocked out and we need a replacement or a repair. We get to Hesparus, where General Martin agrees to help us - for a price: there is a famine on the shipyard planet and they are in dire need of grain. We make our way to Hod - a nearby agricultural colony - and they agree to help furnish us with 100,000 tons of grain... but in return, we must help them with a little arachnid problem.


This will not be a permanent change - indeed, the thing that has changed most since the introduction of the Progenitors in September is that there is nothing on SSTRP that is guaranteed to be permanent anymore. The SSTRP universe is now a living and breathing thing - our actions may well have dire consequences for our future.


The follow up to all of this (including our arrival at Sanctuary) will take place (rather fittingly) on the first day of the New Year at 9 PM GMT, or 4 PM EST - January 1, 2018.


Moving forward, an agenda for the coming fortnight will be agreed upon at every admin meeting.







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