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Alright. This will be a general OOC message to LCpl's +. Over the next few days, I'll begin to compile some basic rules and FAQ's for NCO's or prospective NCO's, including some things from the old forums.


Who can join the MI Command Club?

As it stands. Only Cpl+ may join the club on the forums. However, there is a lot of material for trainings and the like that Lance Corporals will not be able to see. I will happily spend half an hour packing all the content into a Google Document if anyone would like it. Let me know. LINK


What are my duties as my rank?

There is a document refered to ICly as 'The NCO handbook.' And 'Corporals Vickers Guide'. It'll outline the basic duties of your rank. However, there are a few things it doesn't mention. The following:

  • Lance Corporals are to run small trainings such as basic trainings and weapons specializations.
  • Corporals are to mediate and assist in policing LCpl's. Can conduct NJP's at the order of a superior, OR if no Sergeant is online. Squad Level training. Tasked with creating passive.
  • Sergeants are to police the Corporals, conducting reviews and demoting if needed. Conducts and issues NJP's. Platoon level training. Tasked with creating passive.
  • Staff Sergeant's are to police the Sergeants and assist in policing the Corporals, it is suggested that Sergeants take any demotion recommendations to them.
  • Master Sergeant, polices all listed above. Acting as the final part of the Chain of Command between officers and enlisted. They're also responsible for handling relationship papers and other menial requests.


At what rank can I promote people?

  • Lance Corporals may promote up to and including Private First Class.
  • Corporals may promote up to and including Lance Corporal.
  • Sergeants may promote up to and including Corporal, however, it is recommended that the Sergeant consults a Staff Sergeant for Corporals.
  • Staff Sergeants may promote up to and including Sergeant.
  • Master Sergeant assists in managing the NCO staff. Can promote up to and including Staff Sergeant.


How do I promote people?

Alright. One final thing for me today. For those of you that aren't admins. If you promote or demote someone. /report the characters name and rank they're to be set to. Same thing goes for the MI roster, let one of the other sergeants or command staff know and we'll update it. Alternatively, tell whoever you promote to comment in the format posted on the MI Roster. Format: Rank. Character Name - Steam handle - Timezone (GMT ???)


What is my duty in the field?

  • Lance Corporal: Often acts as a squad 2iC or fire team leader.
  • Corporal: Squad Leader or Squad 2iC.
  • Sergeant: Drop Leader, Squad Leader or Assigned to Command Squad.
  • Staff Sergeant: Drop Leader or Squad Leader.
  • Master Sergeant: Drop Leader or Assigned to Command Squad.


How the MI Roster is set up.






Can't removes




Haven't been on in the last 2 weeks from last check


If you're leaving the server for more than 3-4+ days, please drop a message on the MI Roster Thread, with reason and time if you can manage. We wont get angry at you, it's just so we don't remove you, thinking that you've left the server.

LOA Example:

MSgt. Mikayla Kowalski - Cronk, Illness, 1-2 weeks.


If you have any questions that weren't answered, feel free to message me on steam or the forums and I'll try to answer you the best I can.

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Join in Progress: (Curtsies to W0rthy)

JIP is a difficult subject to broach. Generally speaking, it is not forbidden to join drops that are already in progress. I will not stop any player from trying to do that. However, when you JIP as an NCO things get complicated. Going forward, the steps to take as a JIP NCO are fairly simple.

  1. You make the drop leader aware that you are around.
  2. You ask the drop leader where he needs you to be. If a Sergeant isn't required, they are within their rights to assign you as a simple rifleman to one of the squads.
  3. You do not pull rank. Even if the drop leader is a Corporal and you are a Staff Sergeant, you do what they tell you to. If they put you under command of anyone else, you do as they say too.
  4. You do as your told. That's the biggest one.

Tips for Running Trainings: (Curtsies to PilotFish)

  1. Keep it short. Under 20 minutes is perfect. Under 30 is good. Anything over that and people will phase out.
  2. Keep it engaging. Don't just lecture. Throw in questions, have troopers brainstorm, and run practical activities to break it all up.
  3. Pre-type. If you're waiting for a slow typer to answer a question, or anything that means you'd otherwise be doing nothing, pre-type what comes next. Use notepad, or a googledoc, or anything. Don't use mass paragraphs. Split it into shorter lines and paste them in sequence to keep it easy to parse.
  4. Know it. Have a list of what you're covering and work through it, or you'll meander and it'll be less snappy. Don't get side-tracked or bogged down. Offer to answer questions after you're done if someone has a specific line of enquiry you don't want to go down in detail.
  5. Allow characterisation. Don't punish people for roleplaying their characters. This isn't a competition to be the best starship trooper. Ultimately the reason we do these trainings is so people will have more fun during drops. Less friendly fire and deader enemies makes for happier players.

Types of Trainings:

  • Weapon Specialisations
  • Basic Close Quarters Fighting
  • Basic Trooper Competencies
  • Advanced Close Quarters Fighting (Reference Command Thread)
  • Competitions 

31 Crash Landings of S.I.C.O.N. (Not complete/Curtsies to Archer) 

The following are a list of Capital Crimes in the Mobile Infantry, that may see you killed. These are enforced in basic.

-Fraudulent enlistment, appointment or separation.
-Absence without leave.
-Contempt toward officials.
-Disrespect towards a superior commisioned officer.
-Assaulting or willfully disobeying superior commisioned officer.
-Mutiny or sedition.
-Noncompliance with procedural rules.
-Aiding the enemy.
-False official statements.
-Destruction of Federation property.
-Drunken or reckless operation of vehicle, spacecraft, aircraft, powersuit or vessel.
-Wrongful use, possession, etc. of controlled substances.
-Provoking speeches or gestures.
-Larceny and wrongful appropriation.
-Conduct unbecoming of an officer.
-Disloyal statements.
-Disorderly conduct, drunkenness.
-Unauthorised Insignia.
-Fraternization with the enemy.


Squad Colour Codes (For admins as well)

Orange - 255 150 0
Orange Lead(s) - 255 90 0
Blue - 0 150 255
Blue lead(s) - 0 50 255
Green - 0, 120, 30 
Green lead(s) - 33 255 0

Command - 100 100 100

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Table of Organization:

Company: 90 - 200 Troopers, Lead by a Captain.

Platoon: 30 - 50 Troopers, Lead by a Lieutenant.

Squad: 6 - 12 Troopers, Lead by a Sergeant

Fire team: 3 - 6 Troopers, Lead by a Corporal or Lance Corporal


Chain of Command:

The Chain of Command may only be broken in the event of the following:

  • An emergency.
  • There is a break in the Chain of Command. (Go to the next highest rank)
  • There is an issue with a higher up in the Chain of Command.


Enlisted/Specialists > Lance Corporal > Corporal > Sergeant > Staff Sergeant >Master Sergeant >Lieutenant > Captain


What is the Mobile Infantry?

The Mobile Infantry IS the army, for the United Citizens Federation. The Mobile Infantry is a completely volunteer force, making up one of the few combative branches in Federal Service. For it's size, the Mobile Infantry is the smallest military in history, compared to the civilian population it guards. Officers in the Mobile infantry, total 3% of the total man power. Also, the smallest margin in history. 


The Infantry pride themselves on being Infantry, you're proud to be M.I. and the M.I. is proud of you. There are a few main virtues the M.I. follow; (The book explains the well)


"We're all volunteers; we're M. I. because we want to be, we're proud to be M. I. and the M. I. is proud of us. If a man doesn't feel that way about it, from his callused feet to his hairy ears, I don't want him on my flank when trouble starts."


"If you have 10,000 soldiers, how many fight? And how many just peel potatoes, drive lorries, count graves, and shuffle papers? -- In the M.I. 10,000 fight."


"It's scarce. We use all of it, waste none. The M. I. is the smallest army in history for the size of the population it guards. You can't buy an M. I., you can't conscript him, you can't coerce him — you can't even keep him if he wants to leave. He can quit thirty seconds before a drop, lose his nerve and not get into his capsule, and all that happens is that he is paid off and can never vote."


"Everybody works, everybody fights."


"... the M. I. never commissions a man simply to fill vacancy. In the long run, each boot regiment must supply its own share of officers and the percentage can't be raised without lowering the standards."


"But you don't walk away on another cap trooper, not while there's a chance he's still alive — not in Rasczak's Roughnecks. Not in any outfit of the Mobile Infantry. You try to make pickup."

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Radio discipline:

While on ship and in the field, the radio is to only be used in the following situations;

  • To convey orders (Briefings, Debriefings, orders to units or individuals)
  • An emergency requiring immediate attention ("There's a sniper!" "There's a fire in the galley!" "I'm hurt, medic!")
  • Requests and passing information along ("I wish to speak with a Corporal.")


NCO Characters:

Despite popular belief, NCO's are not purely based around yelling or hating the Infantry. An NCO character should in fact be rather caring, but in a tough love sort of way. The infantries failures, are your failures, the Infantries success, is your success. You are the role model for the enlisted, act like it.

In the book, Recruit Private, Theodore Hendrick's was charged under Article 9080 'Striking s superior officer" when he hit Sergeant Zim. The following quotes are in regards to that:


"The idea that this invincible robot could feel that he had failed, could feel so deeply and personally disgraced that he wanted to run away, hide his face among strangers, and offer the excuse that his leaving would be "best for the outfit," shook me up as much, and in a way even more, than seeing Ted flogged."

"But I was sure of one thing: I didn't even want to find out what the M. I. really was. If it was so tough that even the gods-that-be — sergeants and officers — were made unhappy by it, it was certainly too tough for Johnnie!"


Relationship Roleplay as an NCO:

All infantry are expected to comply by the following rules; (Violation will result in the agreement being cancelled and one or both, will be transferred off ship.)

  • Job before relationship.
  • No intra-platoon relationships involving anyone above the rank of LCpl.
  • Out of public view (No acts of attraction in public, Kiss, hugging, etc.)
  • Must have signed the relationship papers (Link), with witness being MSgt.+ or divisional officer. (If inter-divisional, requires both.)

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Bumping this. It's an excellent read and every NCO should refresh their memory even if they've read it before.


Also adjusted relationship rules to match the current ones.

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