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WANTED - Christopher Miller, PMC Boy

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General Information:


Full name: Christopher Miller

First: Christopher

Middle: N/A

Last: Miller








Age: 22


DOB: Feb. 27


Sex: Male


Nationality: Earth 


Ethnicity: Argentinian


Place of birth: Ushuaia, Argentina

Lived at: Ushuaia, Argentina

(if applicable)


Status: Alive.


Sexual orientation: Open-minded.


Relationship status: Undisclosed.


Political affiliation: Centre.


Religious affiliation: Agnosticism


Personal biography: Young city boy, wanted to become an Anthropologist. Now in the MI.


D e p a r t m e n t  O f  T h e  M o b i l e  I n f a n t r y




Physical information:


Height: 5'8


Weight: 68 kg

Eye color: Dark-brown.


Hair color: Dark-brown.


Skin tone: Fair.


Medical history:


??/10/2297 - Talon to the right shin, full recovery.
02/1/2298  - Gunshot to the jaw, loss of lower jaw along with part of the cheeks. Bio-tech replacement administered with synthethic skin that holds most of the lower face.
05/1/2298 - Brute trauma from an arachnid talon to the right upper arm, full recovery.
05/1/2298 - Brute trauma from a fist hit right on the healing replacement, tear ensued. Second bio-tech replacement administered into the same place.

11/1/2298 - Brute trauma from a marauder-chaingun to left shoulder. Through and through, bone broken and muscle teared and broken. Bio-tech replacement administered.




Mental information:


Preferred learning method: Practice.


Athletic interests: None.


Artistic interests: Photography.


Academic interests: Interest in Anthropology - including archeology.


Musical preference: Varied.




Pre-enlistment background:


Finishing High School GPA: 3.0


College education? (Y/N): N.


Majors: Undisclosed.


Minors: Undisclosed.


Criminal record: None to date.


Occupation: Natural Preservation Site Assistant.



Armed forces career:


Current branch: NONE.


Former branch(es): Mobile Infantry - Hospital Corps


Current unit: NONE.


Previous unit(s): 112th


Promotions & Demotions: Pvt>Pfc>LCpl>Cpl>LCpl>Pfc>Retard>Pvt>Pfc>3Spc>2Spc>Spc


Armed forces criminal record:
- Desertion
- Conspiracy
- Murder
- Medical Malpractice

- High Treason


Age of enlistment: 20


Combat drops: Undisclosed.


Total drops: Undisclosed.



20190414174756_1.jpg   -  20190417004509_1.jpg - 20190422170636_1.jpg - 





Personal relations (Ask to be added): - 


Seraphine 'Sunny' Von Strattman


"She's a new engineer, and she has already had to come to the MI with a platter full of shit. She told me about what she endured in Berlin, what she and her brother had to go through when the Progs attacked Earth. To think I was this close to staying in Earth for the attack... I sympathize with her greatly, and she hits herself hard for what she's done. We all have done fucked up things thinking it was the right thing to done, to a certain degree. All I hope is that she helps us by allowing us to help her, even if she looks down at herself and her faith is lacking. I do have faith in her, though, and I am looking forward to see where the thing between goes to. 
The day is looking Sunny after all."

WO. Arryn Falco



"When I first saw them, long ago, I didn't pay them much mind. Then I came back and started hanging out with them, and I started to understand them. They're not like everybody else around here, they're great to have fun with, you can let it out with them and they won't bat an eye. Yet, they always keep a believable air of professionalism when the situation calls for mind, yet their personality is unwavering. They're a good tutor, and have took me in along Scott into medical. Definetly a good partner and looking forward to know about them further.


As I get to know her more and learn her mannerism, outlooks and attitude I can't help but care more for her and learn not to question her antics. She's essentially my mentor and we usually are side-by-side, helping each other when it calls for it. At the same time she WILL follow on on what she says."



Sebastian Bently


"I used to see him long ago, before my transfer. He was a Corporal, then a Sergeant back then. About the days shortly before and during the Civil War. Now he's risen up to the top. I've used to have my doubts about him and still when I returned from my transfer. Now, though, it's a whole different story. I respect him, for he has brought about this Company some good times, some glory. Hero of the Federation, and damn right he is, since he's seen a lot of shit. Now? Now he was just thrown into the dirt, like the rest of us. We followed, Alpha's Bandits as we're known, we even have our own patch too! I've sew it myself, I'm a little bit proud. I plan to stand by him along with the others to take us out of this mess.

On a more personal note, he's actually really nice now. Fun times, not as alcoholic and quite smart with his jokes. I enjoy his company and look forward to be friends."


Lt. Naomi Hawthorne



"One of the newer Psi-Ops. Well. New to me at least. They've probably had their share of experience by now. I know that Hartwick wants in on her. That's it. Barely know her otherwise. Besides, well, our first introduction in unpleasant circumstances when I first came back. But that's alright. I don't blame her."

"She's an Officer now. Barely hangs out with us anymore. She must have her hands very busy."


Lowell "Bottom" Hartwick


"Another person I had the indecency to meet in bad circumstances when I first came back here after a long time. He didn't like my attitude so he decided to promote me to Retard. I laughed it off and eventually recuperated my rank. He has good faith I'm sure, and seems to be working up the NCO chain without issues. He seems sad with himself and what's going on lately but I haven't really done anything to help him. I believe it's up to him to pull through. It seems that this won't stop him from continue to seek love and end up with someone."

"Glad this asshole is gone. See you on the other side."


Ben-Ben Baylor/Tayrlot/Taylor(???)


"I don't know him much and fuck if I've seen him a lot but he's made me have a laugh so props to him."


Asper, Elaine


"One of the NCOs I can trust. She has some good humour, comprable to Falco sometimes, and her company is enjoyable. She is an experienced drop-lead that knows what she's doing and overall a capable trooper. Sadly, I do not know her much on a personal level and I hope to change this."

Knoxx, Jackie


"When I left, I wasn't on good terms with her, but now that I've come back with a new mindset and a new look on life, I can't help but wonder why I disliked her that much back then. Maybe I was too harsh on her along the others, she was just another trying to thrive within the MI. Now that time has passed, continuing to dislike her would disregard that she has changed and keep a petty grudge over nothing. She's still rough around the edges but overall improved a lot, and it's much more pleasant to be around her now that me and her are outwards more friendly."


Aaron Holtz


"When I first saw him, met him, et cetera, I thought he was one of those obligatory hard-ass Sergeants that will turn into a demon if you sneezed on his foot. I was pleasantly surprised when I spent time with him off-duty, I sense that he legitimately cares for everyone, instead of that stupid "I do it for you" some fakers say. Professional-wise, he is experienced, and I respect him for that.

Also, I figured why his name sounded familiar. He's the Holtz that people told me about back when my face got shot off. Jaw-less buddies!"

Bradley 'Peanut' 'Nut boy' 'Nutter-butter' Tanner


"A promising Trooper. He is friendly, can take humour and knows when to keep it professional. There's hardly much I can say otherwise, he seems alright with me, and says I'm cool. I think he can make a good friend. I've yet to see his flaws, but then again, so that goes for a lot of other people. Only time will tell when I eventually get comfy with the Platoon and the Company."


Tzipora 'Action' Bronson


"I barely know her. We've chatted, but it was mere surface-level interactions. Maybe it's just me. I do know she's with Tanner."

Rowan Burke


"A new addition to both the Battalion, and the Medical Corps of our Company. She has a promising path ahead of her. Eager to be an Infantrywoman. I like her. Little green and rough around the edges, but that'll take off very soon."

"Now she's gone up the ladder, and quite quickly, too. I feel bad for her though, she's relatevely new and she has already endured a lot of shit. It must be hard seeing things like that happen, especially when you're still new around the area. I hope it goes well for you, though."


Frederick 'Buttshot' Strokes/Stokes


"A new face around here, at least for me. He already moved up the ranks and became an NCO. I can't say much professionally or personally, he's quiet and knows what he's doing, so this is already a plus than some of the other folks around here. Hang in there, Stokes."


Grace Corbin


"She's the one that has been with Sunny, helping her psychologically. Now, she fucked up, and is dead. I hope you're well, wherever you are. Stay strong, Lil' Cobbo."


Katrina Geier


"A cheery, yet relatevely old Medic in the Grant. She's one of Medical's senior staff, and when I met her, she was very friendly and helpful. I like her because of this, she seems to have a positive outlook. She's offered to cook with me sometime, and that doesn't seem like a bad idea! Hopefully I'll be getting to know her more, aswell."


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