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Medical PSA #1

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Hey gang.


I just wanted to make a quick PSA regarding the mission today. In the future, when the administrator running an event gives you an OOC timer on an injury, I am (and you guys should be as well) primarily concerned with saving the life of the character rather than spending a lot of time roleplaying fixing someone. There are plenty of things in your kit that can be used to immediately stabilize someone temporarily until they can either be relocated or treated properly under different circumstances. If you're given 5/10 OOC minutes, that's going to fly VERY quickly when you're in the middle of stabilizing someone, as RP tends to take a while, and medical RP is usually some of the longest when it comes to procedures.


I'm usually not one to advocate for rushing RP, but I would rather save a character's life than pump out a long emote. Under normal circumstances I would expect the medical team to go through the process properly, but if there's a time constraint - I encourage people to occasionally be willing to sacrifice quality in the interest of time. If there's no limit given, then you're welcome to emote your procedure in full. I just don't think that it's fair to a player that we lost them their character because we take too long.


On a second note, I'm pushing everyone to join the medical club as it contains posts regarding your equipment and what it does / the situations it should be used. There are plenty of guides up and very readily available for both new and old players alike. Any questions should be directed to me or other senior members of the medical team. All old policies will be staying in-place, save for the training regime. If anyone is looking to host a training, please speak with me beforehand so that I can outline the new curriculum as it has not yet been made public.


Thank you.

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