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Maple Leaf Moosefucker

Tom Solomons

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The return of Tom Solomons



/--- Tom Solomons ---\

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

//Accessing Thomas E. Solomons

//Subject: Personal Information...


//Access Granted!



Thomas Edward Solomons

Service #: H67-999-291

Status: Non-Commissioned-Member


Born: 15 Sept., 2272

Sex: Male

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 167Lbs.

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Blue

Scars, amputations, birthmarks, tattoos (visible): NIL

Complexion: Tanned

Unit: 112th Battalion, A Company, First Platoon



Character Description:

"The figure before you stands roughly around five-foot seven. He has blue eyes, brown hair and appears slightly Jewish. He has broad shoulders and an unshaven face, of which would appear calm and collected. He has an almost staring-like gaze, rarely blinking, which could come off as a continuous judging look. He wears the average equipment of an MI Trooper, along with a wrist-watch that can be seen peaking out from his left sleeve along the wrist, as well as a sidearm, holstered to his hip. He walks with a slight limp, mimicking that of an older man. He speaks with a gruff English-accent that can often be hard to understand."



//Subject: Personal Record...


//Access Granted!



//Subject: Personal Record



- Service Record-

[Following re-deployment with First Platoon]


Oct 5, 2298: Led a deployment to Perexies to find and eliminate a brain-bug as well as locating missing PDF fighters.


Oct 5, 2298: Led a deployment to Earth to help with the location and retrieval of the Civilian population in Aberdeen as well as looking for missing members of the 23rd Moritas.


October 20th, 2298: Led the Platoon through a simulation regarding incredibly infectious-infections.


October 20th, 2298: Led the Platoon to a distant colony where they were to find, relieve and supply a missing unit that had taken causalities. The mission found they were all KIA,




- Awards -

> M.I. Service Ribbon

> M.I. Silver Star

> M.I. Distinguished Service Medal

- Promotional Record -

Recruit -> Private -> Private First Class -> Lance Corporal -> Private First Class -> Lance Corporal -> Corporal -> Sergeant -> Corporal -> Sergeant -> Staff Sergeant -> Sergeant -> Staff Sergeant -> Sergeant -> Staff Sergeant -> Master Sergeant -> Third Lieutenant -> Second Lieutenant -> Staff Sergeant -> Master Sergeant


//Subject: Medical Record


Blood Type: O-

Health Conditions: None.

Injuries: None.



//Subject: Biographies...


//Access Granted!



//Subject: Character Relations


(Asked to be added)


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The Tom Solomon's Legacy




Bbc Two Alfie Solomons GIF by BBC


->  <-

The wind reminded him of home and the days long spent on the beach.


"It's nice, isn't it," he asked. Thomas merely stood silently, enjoying the moment.


A moment more passed.


"Can I ask why the dog," he asked.


"I thought it looked nice," Thomas replied. "Company."


"But you're only here for a week?"


He did not bother to answer the question.


"You don't have to go back, you know," he stated.


"How could I go-home knowing I stayed here like a coward, yeah? Shivering like a scared-child..."


"The war has changed you, Thomas -- We're just afraid of what is happening to you."


"Do not sit there and judge me," he grumbled. He leaned over, releasing the dog from its collar. Immediately, it ran off.


The two watched it for some time.


Home -- He was to return home. Earth.

Earth -- He was to retake Earth. Home.

Phil Solomon GIF




Phil Solomon GIF


->  <-

He sat alone with nothing but his bickering thoughts plaguing his mind.


He knew there was nothing he could have done as a mere man, but yet the guilt of Earth's collapse felt heavy on his shoulders.


The friends, family and home he had lost that day seemed to have been all for nothing...


...Nothing more than the real introduction to the new-found foe.


He had faced them before on some distant planet whose name he could not recall, yet the mission had been to quarantine them.


Thinking about it, he had failed that mission, too, surely...


He knew God had continuously tested him, but for what purpose he had yet to figure out. He was adamant to torture his mind with these images...


Yes, how God worked in mysterious ways.

Surely he was punished for his selfish behavior.

Yet he allowed him his own personal crusade in the retaking of Earth.

"Grab the child," he had called, but she was killed too.

Phil Solomon GIF





Snow Snowing GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


The air was cool and the wind skin-numbingly cold. He could see his breath with every exhale, but more-so when the Skyhook scorched away.


The squads were given their orders and he merely looked over Aberdeen. Poor Aberdeen.


He never traveled up here in the winter, nor in the fall. If he had, this is the street the trains dropped him off at.


"The waffles are always good," a pretty-girl had once said. "... and the haggis."


The falling ash made good in lieu of the snow. It did little for the already repugnant smell that lingered in the air, frequently pulling him back into reality.


The men were all in the building by now, working for the street. His memories could wait for later, surely.


Down he went...




The ash-doll seemingly stared at him.


"Why did you leave," it asked.


He didn't reply.


"You'll have more work to do," God Stated.




Black And White Joker GIF

->  <-


He came from a piece of dust from the floor, growing into existence from a then swiveling ball.


He felt fear, and it laughed at him. It pointed at him, mockingly.


It stomped, the bells on its hat ringing briefly. Everything in the room disappeared, save for his devilish-smile, ridiculous hat and dis-figured body.


Still, it pointed at him.


"I've seen yoooou before, Tommy-boy," it stated, cackling at him.


A naked-woman appeared to his right -- An old friend.


She fell into meaty-slices onto the floor. The blood pooled out like a water poured from a bucket.


"Answer me this," it screamed. It then spoke quietly. "The ones you don't kill -- Who are they to you?"


Thomas did not speak, but it knew his answer.


black and white horror GIF


"You have nooo answer, have you, Tommy-boy," it stated, mockingly. It now stood before-him, face-to-face.


"Tell me about the ones you leave dead," it asked. Thomas' teeth fell out, and he dripped blood from his mouth.


"You don't fear killing because you think you can control," it stated. It reached forward, pulling Thomas' nose off. "Perhaps it is not the killing you enjoy, but the moments of silence it brings you."


It now stood before him, its back turned. "Love, hope, future," it said in the voice of his father. "It was all torn from you, save your training."


It spoke in a voice of his mother: "It was once a very different world -- A world where brother did not kill brother for scraps. A world where there were rules, and rules were respected, and nurtured."


It stood on his lap. It laughed. "How old are you? What year is it? When is your birthday? The day, Thomas -- What day is it?"


Thomas suddenly lacked arms or legs.


"What are you?"


The skin was peeled from his body.


"Where are you?"


"Hell," Thomas thought.


It laughed. "You think God cares about you," it bellowed. "You think it cares for your people?"


Thomas no longer had a mouth.


"Riddle me this, Thomas -- If witches float, how unholy would one be to walk on water?"


Thomas lacked eyes -- The gift of sight.


"How fucking unholy would it be to part the fucking water," Thomas seemingly said to himself.


He was now a mushy ball on the floor.


"Go and kill the child, then, Thomas. Cut her head off for me: Your God."


The sound of rushing water awoke him.


"I'm in hell."


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