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  2. presumably final update. i hope you like it.
  3. yeah, updated a few others - nothing to write home about i'm assuming now that we're working w/the white cross she'll take a break and go home to Iskander to see her family before heading back to work? probably idk anyway there it is
  4. last update and lock. good luck out there in your endeavors, guys!
  5. quit being sad and add wells
  6. Give us a final log @Xalphox
  7. Finally, you unlocked this. Add Jack McKenna
  8. Reopened and updated one final time, I think. Still need to adjust some things. Let me know if you wanna be added/updated or something.
  9. John Damien, you motherfucker.
  10. <UNITED CITIZENS FEDERATION PERSONNEL INDEX> <DESIGNATION - ENLISTED SERVICES> <SUBSECTION - MOBILE INFANTRY> <OPENING...> <FOLDER - 58th INFANTRY REGIMENT> <<<....ACCESSING FILE....>>> <<< ....OPENING.... CREDENTIALS REQUIRED. MUST HAVE AT LEAST 'S' TO PROCEED>>> > USER: ******** > PASS: ************ <<<'WELCOME, USER!'>>> <ACCESSING FILE = ‘'> <CLEARANCES ACCEPTED!> <OPENING....> Background Information: Tarot Card <AUDIO DATA> BASIC PERSONNEL RECORD: <BASIC PERSONNEL INFORMATION> NAME: Killian Northstar GENDER: Male AGE: 27 POB: Earth DOB: 21.03.xxxx <BASIC PHYSICAL INFORMATION> HEIGHT: 1.75m WEIGHT: 70kg HAIR COLOR: Brown EYE COLOR: Green-Brown BUILD: Athletic BLOOD TYPE: A+ <Service Record> <Medical Record> <PERSONAL THOUGHTS> WIP NOTE: Relations and Opinion towards other people won't be disclosed here. Use your own common sense or feel free to walk up to him and ask him personally for his honest opinion.
  11. insert annoying spam of ADD VIKA! here, and elsewhere
  12. Hi Been a while since I posted but this is a bit too important of an issue to allow to slide by in my hermetic reclusion. I completely support Misty and Orwell in their decision, everyone else has pretty much said all that I could have wanted to say so to keep it brief; As a group of individuals who come together to craft a community and enjoy the roleplay and experiences here we have to have some common decency and our own little social contract. I can't believe it needs to be said that something as triggering and traumatic as sexual assault doesn't have a place as something to just make your character more interesting. If it was actually well thought out and not advertised then my opinion might be different but I digress. Do you want to be associated with a community and allows people to throw things like that around willy nilly? I know I wouldn't and that's why calling this censorship doesn't make sense at all. It's a private forums, private server, and I'm sure you don't need me to explain the differences between government and a bunch of rp nerds like us. Just be better.
  13. Name: key Character Name: Booker Preston Character division or position: Mobile Infantry, Private First Class Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:47038919 PAC File Size: 5 kb Images of the PAC or link to load: Explanation of any events: n/a Any other comments: I pretty much just wanted this cool looking backpack and the facemask for when we go on drops, when on the ship I'll just stick with the default models for the time being. Everything used in the PAC is taken from server content so nothing needs to be imported. Nothing fancy for me, I have no idea how to do the cool stuff.
  14. <UNITED CITIZENS FEDERATION PERSONNEL INDEX> <DESIGNATION - ENLISTED SERVICES> <SUBSECTION - Medical Detachment> <OPENING...> <FOLDER - 58th Corsairs, Medical Detachment, Medical Roster, Jack McKenna> <<<....ACCESSING FILE....>>> <<< ....OPENING.... CREDENTIALS REQUIRED. MUST HAVE AT LEAST 'S' TO PROCEED>>> > USER: ******** > PASS: ************ <<<'WELCOME, USER!'>>> <ACCESSING FILE = ‘'> <CLEARANCES ACCEPTED!> <OPENING....> Background Information: The many photos of... Jack McKenna Left: Jack McKenna getting ready to defend the planet of REDACTED alongside a local militia with the help of PDF forces. Right: Jack McKenna trying to find a ride off of REDACTED as ordered as a mass evacuation occurs, due to the mass casualties suffered due to abundant arachnid forces. Photos taken by Sheila Ortonga, who smuggled them out on one of the last dropships. Giving the pair of photos to McKenna. Jack McKenna arriving on Eden after the Bug invasion of Hathor, looking to sign up for the Black Cross after seeing the devastation caused to the refugees. Photo taken by Fednet Reporter Carrion Reil. Jack McKenna getting ready to be rotated out with his old unit, the 273rd Mavillo's Machines which were stationed on the Jungle Planet of Mavillo. Photo taken by Fednet Reporter Jonathan Kirby at Fort Alpine on the Northern Hemisphere of Mavillo. <AUDIO DATA> Personal Information: Name: McKenna, Jack Aliases | Nicknames: -"Doc" Birthplace: Kiero, Scarvis Born: March 27th, 2282 [Age:19] Gender: Male Height: 6'1 Weight: 183lbs Hair Color: Dark brown Eye Color: Dark Blue Skin Color: Caucasian Spoken Languages: English/ Minor Spanish Orientation: Heterosexual Mental Health: Currently okay Relationship Status: Widowed Backstory: WIP cause it's 6 am in the morning ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Relatives: Father: Clark McKenna - Status: Deceased (Age 64) Mother: Julian McKenna -Status: Alive (Age 62)- Currently residing on her home world of Scarvis with Emily McKenna. Wife: Anna McKenna -Status: Deceased (Age 23) Daughter: Emily McKenna -Status -Currently staying with her Grandmother on Scarvis. <PSYCHOLOGICAL DATABASE> WIP RELATIONS: (ASK TO BE ADDED) -Intercepted personal call between Jack McKenna and Dr. Jolene Houston- -Wells- Jolene: “So Jack it’s been a while since we’ve last spoken, I believe you finally got moved to your new unit.” Jack: “Yeah, I finally got settled a couple weeks ago, I’ve started to get acquainted with some of fellow crewmates. They are definitely an interesting bunch. Jolene: “Anyone of interest pop up, anyone in your field?” Jack: “Actually everyone in medical on the ship is an interesting bunch, but if you want me to pick someone I’d say Wells is one of the most interesting.” Jolene: “Okay we’ll start with Wells then, why is he interesting?” Jack: *Laughing can be heard in the background.* “Oh god where do I start, first off he’s a complete example of don’t judge a book by it’s cover. He speaks like he’s been on the streets for years but he’s one of the smartest people on the ship.” Jolene: “Do you have a problem with the way he speaks?” Jack: “At first I did, but I quickly warmed up to him cause he means well…..and he cares a lot about his job, even if he doesn’t say it.” Jolene: “You said he is one of the smartest people on the ship, given your history of study how does that make you feel?” Jack: “Well I knew I was one of the smarter people in my old units, it was like being a nun in Hell. But on this ship it feels like I’m not the only nun, it was a little uncomfortable at first finding people like me. Jolene: “Stay with that thought, what do you mean when you say people like you?” Jack: “I’ve been in this business for longer than I’d like to admit, it changes people with the hard hours and the long times away from home. People become angry with violent personalities by the time they’re done. But now I know I’m not alone, I’m a good person and finally I finally found a crew with some other good people, so we suffer together….like nuns in Hell.” Jolene: “Well the life of a killer can be a long journey, especially when you work for a pest control company.” Jack: “Yeah pest control takes a lot out of me, I need to find a new job.” -Vika Logan- Jolene: “Hello again Jack, how have you been lately?” Jack: “I’ve been doing good so far, very tired lately.” Jolene: “Work picking up again?” Jack: “Oh yeah……there’s been a lot of good business lately, though I don’t know why because the business is never good, just necessary.” Jolene: “At least you can take pride that your helping people and providing for your daughter, fixing people’s home and getting rid of their pests.” Jack: “Yeah at least there’s that…. The world keeps getting more and more pests everyday.” Jolene: “Have you been getting a good amount of sleep lately?” Jack: “Yeah yeah I’m fine on that end.” Jolene: “Well then if we are done with pleasantries, let’s start with some more deep questions. Have you made any new friends or acquaintances since we last spoke?” Jack: *Can be seen rubbing the back of his neck as he looks away from the camera.* “I honestly don’t know. I don’t know if she’s an friend or if she hates me.” Jolene: “She? Does she have a name?” Jack: “Logan….well Vika is her first name, but it just feels uncomfortable to call her that cause I don’t know if we even are friends.” Jolene: “What does she want to be called?” Jack: “I heard her say once that she doesn’t care, she said usually people call her Logan or Vika.” Jolene: “There you go! There’s your answer, she fine with either. So once you feel more comfortable around her switch from Logan to Vika, so you can take the step from acquaintance to friend.” Jack: “I don’t think she wants a friend right now, she seems like a person that’s lost everything, she’s trapped in a position she doesn’t want. Forced to be a certain person due to it being dropped on them by someone else. And now she’s stuck taking care of someone or people in a bad situation.” Jolene: *Begins to smile* “Jack, are you describing this Logan or are you describing yourself? Jack: “I’m not following Doctor….” Jolene: “Jack, you’re on a ship in a place you don’t wanna be doing a job you don’t want to do anymore. You’ve had your share of hardship in the past….and you have to take care of someone you had no training or plan to take care of alone.” Jack: “I thought we weren’t talking about me today.” -End of Call-
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