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  2. Name: pointclickshipabitch.com/Whiplash Character Name: Georgi Kirillovich Character division or position: MIPOD - Psychic Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:55542745 PAC File Size: 4MB combat, 3.77MB ship Images of the PAC or link to load:
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  4. holy shit is that a motherfucking update? Another update!!! Added: Sydney Wyatt Johnny Vilish Updated: Luna Cavill
  5. Updated, added. Don't click on soundtrack if you're afraid of clowns who sing real good.
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  7. comrade i would like to remind you that bal is still my favorite character
  8. Update!!! Wtf??? Irrelevant Character Update!!! Added: -Elliot Yhara- -Moira Stuart- -Blake Barrymore- -Erin Winchester- -Ela Bal- -Carter Sims- Updated: -no one lol- (minor tweaks to rank and wounds)
  9. Sopranos Edition added pictures to very important ppl in erin's life updated dawes a little bit added Avellino added Barry added Sydney
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