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  1. update tim turner pls
  2. updated the journal thing a bit and updated character relations (STILL WIP and very barren for now)
  3. no longer WIP (except for character relations)
  4. real recognizes real only used for inspiration for the name and a tiny bit of his story though
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxVCSpUqzM4&ab_channel=Toners-Topic (theme for the bio) (Tim at the Turner Industries, Planetary HQ on Epsilon Prime) ---------------------------------------------------------- Personal Information Name: Timothy "The Tank" Edward Turner Age: 21 DoB: July 30th, 2279 Sex: Male Origin: Achilles, Epsilon Prime Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Brown Height: 5’11” Tim Turner's Journey to Becoming a Citizen Chapter 1: Arrival He is new to the unit and just trying to do h
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