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  1. James Zielinski Recruit Zielinski in boot camp, during close order drill Basic Information Name: James Richard Zielinski Place of Birth Vigil's Point, Iskander Date of Birth: May 9th, 2276 Age: 22 Gender: Male Weight: 80kg (176lbs) Height: 184cm (6' 0.8") Hair colour: Dark brown Eye colour: Green Military Information Rank: Warrant Officer Assignment: Warrant Officer - Alpha Company, 112th Mobile Infantry Branch: Mobile Infantry Date of Enlistment: January 5th, 2
  2. welcome back sarsaparilla
  3. Zielinski Weapons MK3 Frag grenades, flashbangs, smoke grenades Role Certs nee
  5. Harvey

    Marauder training

    Should be on for Friday around 6pm EST.
  6. Harvey

    Robert Taylor

    Face Claim: General Information Pre-Enlistment Background Summary of Armed Forces Career Relationships
  7. 22:43:20 - **MSpc. Reuben Amukama reached for his knee to scratch his cock.
  8. Ens. Scarlett Ebsworth[CH1 - RADIO]: Get fucked, fleetie faggot. Cpt. Emily Ziola[CH1 - RADIO]: Are you okay? Ens. Scarlett Ebsworth[CH1 - RADIO]: Yeah. Sgt. John 'Scarf' York[CH1 - RADIO]: Language. Ens. Scarlett Ebsworth[CH1 - RADIO]: I was on the wrong channel, my bad.
  9. Pfc. Aphelion Dominica says, "Assault me."MSpc. Mikayla 'Koala' Kowalski says, "Oh... Uhm. What?"Aph to Koala:Heresiarch Grimm: You are a whore of the highest degree, you swallow enough semen that your vomit impregnates many women. If you were to have sex with every member of the 112th at the same time, your vagina would still have sufficient space to fit an entire battalion.Heresiarch Grimm: When you are upon your period, you happily surrender to anal intercourse just to satisfy your sexual urges.Heresiarch Grimm: I am better than your vagina is in relation to the sexually transmitted disease
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