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  1. Update: Added Eriksson @Troy Hughes Added McCarthy @Dandy Updated Wyatt @Sgt.Slaughter Added Volkova @Merkalinth I will add Ryland eventually...just need to re-think a new audio log. If you want an update or want a character to be added. Let me know. As I've said, I tend to forget about this forum so do tell me if you want your character added or updated.
  2. Update: - Updated Turner @mTLHe R.I.P Was busy with stuff. If you want to be added. Let me know.
  3. Update: - Added Vallas @Detective Brawl - Added Turner @mTLHe - Added Vilish @Sonsick - Added Wyatt @Sgt.Slaughter - Added Garret @AuroraxShadow Will add updated entries if anything changes. And as always, do ask to be added. I tend to forget this forum if nobody asks.
  4. Finally got around to it... Update! - Added Luna @Dark - Added Cindy @Mistyss - Added Beck @HoneyElk - Added Crawford @PugMann More potential updates for Char Forum, if you want added. Do ask. I am not a mind reader.
  5. The Ten of Swords Reversed indicates that you are combating an inevitable change or ending because you are not ready to face up to what is happening. However, the more you resist, the more this situation will continue to drag on. Similarly, it may represent an old situation that ended badly. You are still carrying around wounds from it but have buried them so deeply that you do not realize they are still present. Song <:General Information:> Full Name: Joseph Lee Kovacs Biological Gender: Male Physical Age: 25 Place of Birth: Sanu, Roku San Date of Birth: April 19th, 2276 Relationship Status: Widower Religious Views: Non-Practicing Catholic <:Physical Information:> Height: 6'2 ft Weight: 200 lbs Muscle Build: Mesomorph Blood Type: O Negative Heritage: Swedish-Hungarian Eye Color: Dark Green Hair Style: Out of Regulation medium length hair; Slicked back/side Hair Color: Jet Black Noticeable Features/Items: A noticeable metal bracelet is seen on his right wrist with an inscription on it. On his right arm is a long sleeve tattoo of a mixture of skulls and other assortment of tattoos. On his left forearm is a Tier Three Biotech Forearm that appears somewhat new. On his necklace, along with his Dog Tags, is a Golden Ring. <:Psychological Report:> <:Armed Service Career:> Status: [Transferred] Enlistment date: December 25th, 2299 Branch: Mobile Infantry - Engineering Corps Current Rank: Tech Sergeant Current Unit: 704th Morita Battalion 'Peacekeepers' - 15th Morita Division Previous Units: 704th Morita Battalion 'Peacekeepers' - 15th Morita Division; 306th Morita Battalion - 15th Morita Division; 12th Combat Engineering Squadron - 58th Morita Battalion 'Corsairs' - 12th Morita Division Notable Campaigns/Operations: Operation Sultan (Battle of Fm-555) Dag One Campaign (Battle of Dag One) Allillon Campaign (Allillon Civil War) Operation Clean Sweep (Battle of Nevo) Awards Received: Federal Defense Ribbon Purple Heart (Four Stars) Silver Marksmanship Commendation Engineering Accomplishment Commendation Prisoner of War Commendation Relationships: | Legend | True Rockerboy | Good Friend | Comrade in Arms | Acquaintance | Scumbag | Corrupt Soul | All that was left behind was a Lucky Strike pack of Cigarettes still in its plastic sleeve with a few written words on the pack: "Never Fade Away."
  6. Just made some quick changes. Now yes, he is playing the guitar. Thou I do have a Pac model where he is also static if I wish for him not to be playing music.
  7. Name: Mr. Wolf Character Name: Joseph L. Kovacs Character division or position: Mobile Infantry Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:46111832 PAC File Size: Under 15mb with Combat Gear; Under 17mb with Guitar and music; Much less with neither combat gear nor guitar. Images of the PAC or link to load: Explanation of any events: For the guitar, when I press a specific key, it plays a song that is on mp3 and the hands, head, and little of the arm move to look as though the character is striking the strings. It also plays an mp3 song that can be heard by anyone who allows music on pac. Any other comments: With the songs, the pac is under 20mb and I have made sure the range and volume are realistic. I plan to edit this with potentially more songs and edit how my character looks as I know I can make him look more 'clean' in a sense. And will def make sure to keep it under 20mb. Also with the guitar pac, it is only at around 17 to 18 mbs total (With the head, cig, guitar, and songs).
  8. Name: Character Name: Joseph L. Kovacs Character division or position: Mobile Infantry Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:46111832 PAC File Size: About 11mb max. Images of the PAC or link to load: Explanation of any events: N/A Any other comments:
  9. Mr. Wolf

    Thomas Snow

    Updated Relations/Bio again for you peeps.
  10. "Hawl ass, don't be stupid, and make sure to ask before you do anything (Even taking a shit if you must) both on and off the battlefield" Do these three things and you will survive a long time. Trust me, it works.
  11. Never! On a serious note. Reason why I wrote this is not to try just stop people from using the radio to talk to one person. But to also try stopping the people who always say "Radio Discipline" all the time and to instead push people to use this system. It works. Please use it, I beg ya.
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