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  1. Naturally, Sariah. And Cal for that good emotional trauma. 💔
  2. Well, stories end and I'm closing mine.
  3. "Quiet, Quiet, Quiet always Quiet but is it still for me?" "I just hope they don't forget my voice." <UNITED CITIZENS FEDERATION PERSONNEL INDEX> <FEDERAL MILITARY SERVICE VITAE> <BRANCH - MOBILE INFANTRY> {...OPENING...} <<PLEASE SELECT UNIT FOLDER - 58th INFANTRY BATTALION>> {...ACCESSING FILE...} <<PLEASE SELECT ADMIN FOLDER - Killed in Action>> {...ACCESSING FILE...} <<PLEASE SELECT INDIVDUAL - Spc. Aspira>> {...OPENING.... CREDENTIALS REQUIRED. MUST HAVE AT LEAST 'S' TO PROCEED...} > USER: ******** > PASS: ********** <<WELCOME, USER>> {...ACCESSING FILE - Aspira, Cal...} […GENERAL | MEDICAL INFOMATION...] […FEDERAL SERVICE INFOMATION...] […RELATION'S...] We can go, just give me one more minute .
  4. Name: Calamity Character Name: Cal Aspira Character division or position: Engineering Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:63880976 PAC File Size: Combat [8KB] | Off-Duty [8KB] Images of the PAC or link to load: Combat: Head Replacement / Extra thigh tool pouch Off-Duty: Head Replacement / Extra thigh tool pouch
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