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  1. @Sgt.Slaughter @Xaero_SSTRP @TheWiltedGarden @Calamity @the12thdoctor1 @PeaceKeeper2018 @sarduker All added except for Cal because it is too late for me to start a small novel I add @Australis tomorrow because I am tired and to spite them for not adding me to their bio >:/
  2. <UNITED CITIZENS FEDERATION PERSONNEL INDEX> <DESIGNATION - ENLISTED SERVICES> <SUBSECTION - MOBILE INFANTRY> <OPENING...> <FOLDER - 12th Infantry Division, 2nd Brigade, 58th Corsairs, Delta Company, 1st Platoon, Engineering Division> <<<....ACCESSING FILE....>>> <<< ....OPENING.... CREDENTIALS REQUIRED. MUST HAVE AT LEAST 'S' TO PROCEED>>> > USER: ******** > PASS: ************ <<<'WELCOME, USER!'>>> <ACCESSING FILE = โ€˜Kurei, Hiro'> <CLEARANCES ACCEPTED!> <OPENING....> Background Information: The many photos of Hiro Kurei <Kurei on leave with friends> <Kurei and his squad training in a forest on Scarvis> <New Olympia Base, the Stalwart of Scarvis, the final resting place of the 118th> Tarot Card <AUDIO DATA> BASIC PERSONNEL RECORD: <SERVICE HISTORY> <PSYCHOLOGICAL DATABASES> <PERSONAL ITEMS> If you want to be added or updated feel free to comment or DM me
  3. During the time of the death, I was lagging so much my grenade started to clip with random hitboxes and jitter in place. I can attest to how laggy it was when they were killed.
  4. Coolio, I'll just remove the Halo stuffs and resubmit :3
  5. Name: Willful Character Name: Hiro Kurei Character division or position: Mobile Infantry Corporal Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52669892 Off Duty Pac Size: 16.98 MB On Duty Pac Size: 16.2 MB
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