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  1. holy shit add my character what does your character think about mine please post this i would love to fucking know
  2. thank you, this post inspired me to update it again now you can finally leave a fucking like before i take your fucking eyes
  3. done please like the bio because i featured like this is a mutual beneficial thing i write what you want and you repay me with likes so i get dopamine and you get a sense of satisfaction from seeing the ultra, perfectly positive opinions my character holds against you (pent up sexual frustration)
  4. Event runner: Minyari Evidence: From the beginning of the event, the performance, for me at least, was miserable and I was constantly chugging along (see video above). Upon wanting to take higher ground, the performance of the event hampered my movement and gameplay, forcing me not to climb the structure I was going to hold down with my fellow teammates that would've given me safety. I was then hit by a swarm of bugs and then mauled to death as a result of the poor FPS/performance I was receiving during the attack. Normally I'd be perfectly happy to take a PK for a character but the performance was really nearly unplayable at the time of the PK flow, and I know other PKs have been overturned for similar circumstances, so I just want to make sure it was a fair and just death.
  5. "Unlikely that this card actually represents a physical death. Typically it implies an end, possibly of a relationship or interest, and therefore implies an increased sense of self-awareness." -Martin Scorsese I am fucking insane [|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||] I am so fucking happy HONEST RELATIONS Kate Larson: Please lift the restraining order. Guillermus Beaumanoir: I fucking hate this guy. I am going to murder him when I finally get the chance to be alone with him. Tommaso Avellino: Real ni**a. Alicia Softmoore: I fucking hate this bitch. I am going to murder this bitch. She's sleepwalking. Isabel Koldji-Brevgini Konvalenko: Your days are numbered you stupid fuck. I will kill you. Eluta Kontaveit: I am going to rip you apart with my bare fucking hands. Veld: Real ni**a. Nesra Shevchenko: You are going to be tossed out into space without a helmet on. Fuck you. Bitch. Biitch. De Groot: You should kill yourself NOW! Your life has ZERO purpose. Molly: I am going to bury you in a shallow grave, alive, and then proceed to murder your fucking goldfish. Fuck. You. Molly: You're alright. Naomi Vond: Cracker. Archie Wells: Real ni**a. Floyd Barrett: /me pries a carton of cigarettes from up under his vest. His gloved fingers scrape and claw to wriggle in and pluck a cigarette from the many resting within the pack. Upon the retrieval, the pack of smokes are stuffed away; eagerly trading it out for a shitty, dingy lighter that saw far better days weeks ago. The pink, plastic casing showcasing the fuel within the body of the lighter shined cracks with pride, abused by the habit of a smoker. About four or five attempts are made to strike a light in order to fulfil the ultimate goal, sedating his nicotine addiction. Eventually, after the sixth or so attempt, a flame is eventually harboured and shining just as bright as his love for the federation. It wasn't very bright. The flame's guided to meet the tip of his cigarette, burning it alive. The lighter's slotted away, his lips swishing the cigarette about within his mouth. He puffs on the cigarette, orange embers flaring to life, glowing like an ET on planet Earth. Smoke invades his lungs, allowing him his fix. The cigarette's abducted from his lips soon after, smoke following in its wake, dangling it beside him. His gloved finger extends to tap against the spine of the cigarette, shedding a coat of ash down to meet the floor. He doesn't care for the cleaner. His eyes fizzle out to blink, and the cigarette's returned to its recently established home. Alexandra Vass: The threat. I will kill you. Max Sable: I will fucking choke you out, motherfucker. I will stab you so hard that you'll be stabbing... yourself? Yeah. I'll do that. Hui-ying Yang 杨惠莹: 动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门 You: I am going to murder you in cold blood. I am right behind you. Turn around. Do it. Do it now. Rct. John 'Sgt. RAID John P.' 'Bottlejob' Ponmahof: Hard as nails. I'd probably let him fuck my wife. Jimmy Tso: Mental status: fractured. Voyna: She's pretty hot. I'd still maul her to death with my bare fucking fists. Lu: Real ni**a. Elijah: Real ni**a. Me: Handsome. Paek: Real ni**a. Shaolin Radio: The best station. Listen to it. Do it now. I will kill you. Cassie Newman: I'll turn you into a new corpse you fucking bitch. I will hit you with a car. Alec Myers: I will fucking throttle you, you piece of shit. Alex Ramirez: When I finally get you alone, I am going to turn you into a turkey twizzler. Time to die. Alexandra Mills: They changed the prices of freddos again. I blame you. I am going to fucking murder you. Aya Matsui AKA 'Mad Dog': Fuck you and your name. The only thing mad about you is your face after I pummel it against the concrete of an Hathorian pavement fifteen times you fucking bitch. Vika Logan: I AM SO FUCKING DONE I AM GOING TO MURDER YOU SO HARD. DEAD. John Damien: You will go down without a fight when I murder you in your sleep, prick. Dotty or however you spell that dumb bitch's name: I am so happy you are gone. It was me who did it. DIE. Ardi: Real ni**a. Vasilica Malenkov: Fuck you. You will die when I am around you. Bitch. Igor Pashmenkiv: He's okay I'd still kill him though. Yumi Nakamura: You're an ugly bitch, you child sounding piece of shit. I will fucking kill you. Gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that, love is love you get me but you're still gay. David McElhaney: How's the weather gonna be when I fucking drown you? Hiro Kurei: Bitch. Technical Sergeant Alexey Evgenyvich Simonov: Real ni**a Big Boss Dexter Sorrenson: Real ni**a. Valo Gilles: Fuck you. Bitch. Samuel Sansregret: I don't know who you are but I'd still murder you in your sleep. Jack Hernandez: I'm going to crack your head open on a fucking sidewalk Bruce MacMillan: I'm going to kill you. Mayumi Asuka: You're next.
  6. max sable dying on a set of stairs after getting stabbed by a guy he choked out
  7. End of the day man, I was literally just doing what I was told to do; tail your character and find out what they were up to. I won't apologise for that, or acting in character which I was. I want to specify, again, that I was ordered to tail your character. At first, you wouldn't tell us what the package was, and you were wearing MI fatigues as well.
  8. I was told to tail you by the guy leading the squad I was in; you were very secretive around everything you were doing, to which my character treated with a lot of suspicion. It started when you walked into the gun store and said, 'I'm here to pick up the *thing*.' This was a bit of a red flag, so the guy leading the squad told me to tail you, along with someone else. We followed you to the soup kitchen, that's where I saw you drag the package you picked up into a hole or whatever the fuck was in the basement of the soup kitchen. Then you left and headed for an alley down the street. The two of us that were assigned to tail you eventually caught up to you and we started asking questions. It's around that time that a psychic walks up to us or something, but by then I think I was already beginning questioning. A lot of the things you did, and the way you acted in character made my character suspicious of you; hence why my character was confused when you gave them a name after being secretive for such a long time. I acted my frustrations out in character as well, it was all apart of the roleplay and the environment we were in. I was following orders from my squad leader, and my character acted on his suspicions in character. If you're mad at me for roleplaying a character quirk, then I don't know what else to say here. I'm not that in tune with the psychic thing, I didn't know another player was doing it; or for that matter you were doing it (I'm not sure who influenced my characters actions there), I just thought it was an admin in observer forcing me into another part of the event; which I would've felt was forced. However, if it was through the merit of yours, or the other psychic's powers in character, then I apologise if my emote came across as passive aggressive.
  9. Yeah, I didn't know he was going to do it; I'm sorry I sent him a link to the discord, I assumed he wanted to play.
  10. I only sent this to one person on discord, they may have spread it around from there. I didn't know his intentions when joining, I thought he was going to check out the server. Again, I've made every effort to engage in roleplay on this server and get into it. Although I'm sorry for what they did, he asked for an invite to the discord and I didn't know he was joining with malicious intent. The reason I invited him to join the server was because I thought he would enjoy the server as much as I was; I didn't know he was going to do what he did. I genuinely have been enjoying this server, I want to keep playing.
  11. Character name: Floyd Barrett SteamID: STEAM_0:0:183455682 Ban reason: Primitive (no im not kidding seriously) This whole thing started because someone detonated a 'fart bomb', see below, which was mingy and unserious. I tried to take this IC and acted as Smith moved, and roleplayed accordingly. I do want to play the server, I've even made a PAC request, and just thought that it would be ic is ic. However, upon general evac, I was banned for 'primitive'. I have never played ww3rp. The event itself already had an unserious nature to it, so it was hard to even get into it in the first place. Shit hit the fan when the smoke bomb went off, and when the recruit (Smith) opened fire, to which I joined in thinking we were engaging hostiles (the terrorists in front of us). Again, I want to nail in the fact that I opened fire on the crowd because someone else started shooting after the smoke bomb went off, so I thought we were going into action. I've had fun on this server, and I want to continue to do so.
  12. Name: chronos Character Name: Floyd Barrett Character division or position: Pvt Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:183455682 PAC File Size: 11mb Images of the PAC or link to load: Explanation of any events: To hold the knife, and to put it back.
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