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  1. Name: consider the lobster Character Name: Elijah Eoyang Character division or position: Mobile Infantry Senior Specialist Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:91112514 PAC File Size: 6MB Images of PAC:
  2. Date of the event: 1/13/2022 Event runners: Kriss Evidence: https://youtu.be/2d-xo_v31rY This is the video of my death occuring. https://youtu.be/hN8R35As44k Proof of bugged walls on the map of my death. Video evidence was provided by someone who was present when all this occured. What happened/reason for the appeal: While attempting to blast a few plasma bugs, myself and a group of people tried to push into a chokepoint. Our entry was delayed by invisible walls and a barrage of missing-texture projectiles from cliffmites. When some of us finally managed to get through despite inadvertent bodyblocking, most of us had our screens blocked by the previously-mentioned missing textures from cliffmites. What this meant for me was immediate death, as I was cornered in an attempt to get out of the chokepoint of invisible walls and props. Attached is a video of both my death, and further evidence of bugged walls. I couldn't even see the bugs that approached/killed me, due to the wall of missing textures from cliffmites. I believe that, were it not for the combination of invisible walls and my screen being blocked out by missing textures, I would have survived.
  3. Character name: Pvt. Elijah Eoyang SteamID: STEAM_1:1:91112514 Ban reason: 'Minge' Was banned by Daark. I walked into the VRDeck, saw some people in cars, and opened fire. I assumed the VRDeck wasn't intended to be a super-serious spot. Don't have any pictures, but I'm sure someone might. Not much else to say beyond that. I would've waited it out if the ban wasn't permanent. Don't know who banned me, nor do I have an exact time and place. Just happened last night, is all.
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