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  1. Picture Theme General Information Name: Jacqueline Clarke Aliases: 'Jackie' | 'Princess' | Sex: Female Age: 19 Weight: 125 Height: 5'6 Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Brown Place of Birth Fresia, Epsilon Prime Accent: British Orientation: Pansexual Marital Status: N/A Demeanor: Extremely happy, uplifting to those around her. Reputation/Known Facts: Rich Girl/ Naïve/ Princess Health & Status Status: Alive Mental Illnesses: N/A Physical Disabilities: Missing partial pinky Mental State: Decent/ Naïve
  2. <Federation Personnel Index> <Designation - FEDERAL ARMED SERVICES> <Subsection - FEDERATION MOBILE INFANTRY> <Opening…> <Folder - ENLISTED> <Subfolder - 59th CORSAIRS> <Accepted!> >>> ... Accessing File… >>> ...Opening... Credentials Required. Must have at least ‘TS’ clearances to proceed. > USER: *********** > PASS: ************** >>> ‘Welcome, User!’ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- &l
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    [Insert Char theme song here][Insert Reference picture here] Basic Information: Name: Lucy Jade Age: 19 D.O.B: September 16, 2278 Gender: Female Affiliation: MI Role(s): Soldier Kin: Her brother , Luke Jade. Homeworld: Terea Alignment: Federation. Hair color: Dark brown Eye color: Green Build: Athletic with a little muscle Rank: Private. Backstory: She grew up on the streets of Philadelphia. All she had was her brother to protect her, quickly she learned to fight with the best of best. She and her brother joined to get out of the hardship. Sadly they were bot
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