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  1. Added Voyna Moved Ela to the Fallen ;( @lpriml
  2. @Kris Updated Moira (I expect an update for like the millionth time now, thanks) @Ace Moved Yhara to memorial wall @Sonsick Updated Johnny
  3. Wyatt update pls thanks for like the 60000000 time
  4. Disappointed. Wyatt has no words? Damn real sad hours.
  5. Uhhh, afaik Wyatt treated St Clair’s eye?
  6. Smh, I add Anna but there’s no Wyatt by default? I see
  7. Alright, long over due update. Updated the following Ela Bal @lpriml Carter Sims @Dan Luna Cavill @Dark Julie Xyla - Moved to Fallen @Merkalinth
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