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  1. Ye and Skill. small pp man, ye Ye, ye, ey, ey Updated faggots
  2. //: NCO in charge: Sergeant Sarah Redbrick (Overseeing), Lance-Corporal Hawkins, Corporal Volker. //: Time and Date of session: 7:11, 06/28/2019 //: Type of Training Session: SAW Specialisation. BTC. //: Notable Acts: Three new SAW gunners including a Medic who volunteered. Medic was given DMR training as well. Hawkins promoted to Corporal and explained to about his new duties.
  3. //: NCO in charge: Sergeant Sarah Redbrick, Lance-Corporal Cooke //: Time and Date of session: 5:30?. MST, 06/28/2019. //: Type of Training Session: SAW and Pointman Specialisations and Squad Communication. //: Notable Acts: Lance-Corporal Cooke immediately took over the Training when an unruly Private Simmons refused to follow orders.
  4. //: NCO in charge: Sergeant Sarah Redbrick //: Time and Date of session: 6:00, MST 06/27/2019 //: Type of Training Session: JNCO duties, BTC. //: Notable Acts: --
  5. //: NCO in charge: Sergeant Sarah Redbrick //: Time and Date of session: 5:16, MST 06/27/2019. //: Type of Training Session: SAW and Pointman specialisations. //: Notable Acts: All troopers involved in the mandatory training passed, 6 new SAW Gunners, 4 new Pointmen.
  6. //: NCO in charge: Sgt. Sarah Redbrick //: Time and Date of session: 4:22, MST. 06/25/2019 //: Type of Training Session: Hand to Hand, Fragmentation - Flash grenade usage. //: Notable Acts: Two Recruits promoted to Private for showing a decent amount of knowledge in Grenades.
  7. Y e e Updated faggots
  8. @Odin @Samikins Promoted to Corporal.
  9. //: Drop Lead: Sgt. Sarah Redbrick //: Second In Command: Lance-Corporal Kyril Layland -> Sergeant Redbrick| //: Squad Leaders: LCpl O'Mara, LCpl. Odin Blue Team: LCpl. Odin Orange Team: LCpl. O'Mara //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): N/A //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: All squads aside from drop SIC did very well. Lance-Corporal Odin promoted to Corporal. Lance-Corporal O'Mara needs to clean up response times. General Larsen Recovered without a large incident. Sergeant Sarah Redbrick And Third-Specialist Kordan stood out in the open in full view of two VTOL's to threaten them with death, resulting in the complete back down of hostile forces. (Again, i'm a god. Fuck you lit. ) All members of squads including leads did especially well providing both suggestions and being very proactive. //: Mission Summary: RV with locale populace to determine cause of the Distress call. After RV'ing with the locals we made contact with a patchless company of Mobile Infantry. I hade decided to avoid them at all costs until it was confirmed they were in fact hostile. After we attempted to plan an assault of the base, MOBCOMM suggested we move to secure the civilians instead and we complied. I had set up a Infrared-Strike from orbit on the hostile base and was subsequently jammed by the MI forces encountered, we subsequently moved ot secure the civilians and plan out our current situation. Shortly after the plan was enacted, we were contacted by the hostiles via VTOL airship loudspeaker. I myself as droplead moved into the open on a roof and threatened them with death if they did not comply, citing our unit being the Hundred and Twelfth Alpha company. -- The VTOL's hightailed it away and we were contacted on frequency 112.59 per their request. We then were asked for a parlay with their commander and discovered that General Larsen was in command of this small unit of bandits, we made a deal and were reunited with our old commander. -- Oh how small is this galaxy? Jesus. -- Recommend surveillance over all members of Larsen's group including himself just in case history repeats itself.. However, personally it seems Larsen is quite weary of the current events. Radio contact was established and all parties were handled amicably with resources being returned to the populace. -General Larsen and his Command staff were safely recovered, as well as several companies of manpower including supplies of all manners. -- Total of Two VTOL's and multiple forms of Triple A were recovered. (OOC, i'm a god.) -Odin Promoted to full Corporal. -O'Mara Promoted to Full Corporal. (I Sarah Redbrick will watch over and train these individuals in their new duties.}
  10. //: Event Runner: @Kris //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Redbrick //: Second In Command: Sergeant Oakwood, Lance-Corporal Oberlin, Lance-Corporal O'Mara //: Squad Leaders: Lance-Corporal Vert, Lance-Corporal O'Mara Blue Team: Lance-Corporal Vert Orange Team: Lance-Corporal O'Mara //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Master-Specialist Reel //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): //: Notable Acts: O'Mara, both lead her squad very well for her first time as squad lead as well as using her Psychic abilities to assist with the operation throughout it. Vert, Cleared the village extremely well and provided multiple suggestions and directionals. Oberlin, Utilized their Psychic skill to handle any and all captured hostiles assisting O'Mara to obtain the information as a duo. Engineering wiped out multiple armored units with ease and speed. //: Mission Summary: Assault the hostiles planetside on (i cant remember what it was called) in order to locate the hostile lab producing specialised weaponry, gather any and all available intel for a future strike on the location. After disembarking we moved into the city, finding no trace of the enemy aside from a singular vehicle leaving the AO. Apon following the vehicle for some miles we located a small village in a desert with our quarry, shortly later, we assaulted and took the village. After we had made visual confirmation that these hostiles were utilising the specialised weapons on the local populace. -- Once we had done this we moved out to the North-East and located the Lab after Lance-Corporal Oberlin and O'Mara caused an enemy Helicopter pilot to crash, enabling us to retrieve the man and find the lab. After we had recieved the information that the lab was infact within 300 feet of us deep underground we moved in to hit the facility, resulting in the capture of multiple enemy researchers and a Doctor that had made the weapons. The enemy attempted to counter-attack and were easily eliminated, calling for pick-up and planting a DOTON in the facility we EVAC'd all units including the captured individuals and blew the facility to stop any other hostiles from reclaiming.
  11. //: Event Runner: Bishop //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Redbrick //: Second In Command: Sergeant Oakwood, Technical-Sergeant Phan //: Squad Leaders: Lance-Corporal Vert, PFC Hawkins Blue Team: Lance-Corporal Vert Orange Team: PFC Hawkins //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): None //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None. //: Notable Acts: //: Mission Summary: Assault a Black-Cross held space station allegedly responsible for the attack on the Upham, pull any and all data stolen from the ships computers and wipe the mainframe. (Two days ago again, my b)
  12. //: Event Runner: @Orwell //: Drop Lead: Acting Sergeant Sarah Redbrick //: Second In Command: Technical Sergeant Hecle Phan, Technical Sergeant Praedyth //: Squad Leaders: None Blue Team: N/A Orange Team: N/A //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): None //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None. //: Notable Acts: //: Mission Summary: Defend the Technical Deck from possible 44th boarding. (Two days ago my b)
  13. //: Event Runner: @Kris //: Drop Lead: Acting Sergeant. Sarah Redbrick //: Second In Command: Corporal Anton Volker //: Squad Leaders: Lance-Corporal Tankijin, Corporal Jonas Blue Team: Corporal Jonas Orange Team: Lance-Corporal Tankijin //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): PFC. Stanley, TSgt. Phan //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None. //: Notable Acts: //: Mission Summary: Investigate distress beacon at a Federal FOB near the AQZ, determine the cause and gather any supplies if able.
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