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  1. As for you Scout. What I have been telling you is that it baffles me why you log on and then do not reply to people,. Furthermore my entire issue with you has been that you reply and then POOF! I have been trying to reach you several times, in the game and on discord. But instead of simply stating you are busy and will reach out later. You have done nothing. The biggest slap in the face was when I was trying to reach you to ask a question the other day. You didn't reply and then! Minutes later I see you running to join a mission. And it was not at all "Useful" to spam me
  2. As I understood it the ROOM was offlimits and not the vents. The reason I went back to the vents, was because I thought we had missed something. Since no obviously clues were given. I was the one that discovered the elevator and OOCly I thought it was a Red Herring, since there was no buttons or indication that this was our way out. Therefor I went back into the vents. As I said. I thought we might have missed a corner/exit or whatever else in the maze. And wasn't aware it was ALL the vents that were a no go. Regardless. When we evacuated is my issue. The comments and PM's could certainly
  3. I have no idea who PM'ed me doing the event. I just know it was stressful enough with the alarms blaring. (Which was actually super cool given the mission). There were two people who PM'ed me. One escapes me but the other was playing the character "Man". It should perhaps be noted that me and Scout are not "The best of friends" seeing as he was the one delivering the ban. A rather heated Discord convo took place halfway through the mission. While I would say that conversation is irrelevant to the incident. I do not believe Scout was impartial in his decision to issue the ban.
  4. I was banned and I wish for the ban to be lifted. Should be no secret by now that me and Scout to not get along, in either case. 1. We were on a mission on a ship, which was a bit of a maze. Super cool mission though 2. In the mission a room suddenly becomes vented/unavailable 3. We encounter this said room several times throughout the mission because, well the maze, my character trying to find a way out encountered this room again. 4. At the end of the mission alarms blaring as we desperately try to find our way out, but behold, I get spammed with PM's about how lucky m
  5. After reading the diary entry by Moore. I will retract the appeal and what not. Even though it has/had already been pretty much decided.
  6. Sila said she invokes her right to a court martial as she thought/was afraid they intended to kill her, yes. She didn't say "I'll report you!" it was a statement of, if you think my actions warrants death (which I disagree with) then I want a court to decide. Though as pointed out, that in itself could be seen as a threat. I do not remember the exact wording Sila used but it was along those lines and should show up in the logs. Other than that. What you have stated Xal is correct. In summary. Sila didn't threaten to report them directly, but said she wanted a court marshal if th
  7. Event are as follows; 1. Sila and Marrie enter the bar because Sila was trying to make Marrie a bit more open to other people. 2. They approach SSgt. Kai, a bit of banter goes back and forth and escalates. Kai goes to teach Sila a lesson by lifting her by her collar and punching her. 3. Marrie jumps in front of the first punch thrown by Kai and gets knocked out. Sila attempts to escape but Kai punches again and knocks her out as well. 4. Marrie wakes up in her bunkbed and Sila wakes up in the airlock and subsequently gets airlocked (Murdered) This is waaaay over the top. Kai an
  8. Sila Ren <General Information:> First Name: Sila Last Name: Ren Gender: Female Physical Age: 25 Place of Birth: Aarhus, Denmark Date of Birth: May 2, 2271 Known Languages: English, Danish Mental State: Normal. Albeit rather eccentric Relationship Status: Single <Physical Information:> Height: 165cm Weight: 58kg Muscle Build: Petite, skinny Blood Type: AB Negative Ethnicity: Danish Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Brown Accent: British Accent
  9. SvenPek

    Mina Ren - PK

    Edit. Nevermind. I have decided to step away, having been recommended to do so and I agree. Fair winds and all that.
  10. Childs play. Good luck. Mina Ren
  11. IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Sila Ren Physical Age: 28 Race: Caucasian, that's racist Gender: Female Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Raven Height: 158cm Weight: 58kg Employment & Background Current Rank: Private Educational History: High School Criminal Record: Convicted traitor of the Federation Employment History: None of note, other than the military Service Record: Sila has been in the military for near ten years, maximum attained rank being Lance Corporal OOC: C
  12. Name: Private First Class Amber Nelson Requested specialisation: Marksman. DMR. Long Rifle. Or any recon specific training with assorted weaponry. Existing (relevant) weapon training: Previous MK1 DMR. Marksman and recon training.
  13. SvenPek

    Fleet Canon

    This is of course disregarding relativity and time dilation and what have you. These numbers are in regards to an outside observer as time would travel much slower for people on a spaceship moving at such speeds. Thousands of years might pass on Earth while only a year passes on the Grant itself. Sooo yeah. We should probably stay out of that particular area of physics.
  14. SvenPek

    Fleet Canon

    So the Grant can travel approximately at full speed from Sol; Klendathu; 33,33 days. Edge of the Andromeda Galaxy; 846,66 days/2,32 Earth years. I would say that is fairly reasonable as well and it would also open up for cannon regarding the Andromeda Galaxy an expeditions thereof if needed. Which would give a wider ballpark to play in if ever needed. However if Andromeda is supposed to be an off-limits consideration, the numbers might need a bit more tweaking.
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