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  1. Well... This is what we stand for now when we call Hicks out for being the creepy fucker that he is?! Arrow has been here for years and TBH I will not stand for people defending Hicks after the way he TREATED this community. Its time to take a stand clearly against someone clearly protecting his friends on discord.
  2. A toast to the old days
  3. Military Intelligence: G-n-T Bureau of war. Report: 201853/Alpha-7 Name: Major John Doughlas Intention: Update on Bug Counter-attack Message: Bug's has amassed the strength of four hives to begin a take for Hoy, we're expecting quite a fearce battle throughout the night, the bugs are coming to smash our lines. We must dig in. Hoy Must Hold!
  4. Military Intelligence: G-n-T Bureau of war. Report: 201853/Alpha-6 Name: Major John Doughlas Intention: New reports on the front of Scarvis have shown promise with recent attacks. Message: This is an excellent achievment that the bug' attack on our lines in the North were cut down and plenty of plasma bugs destroyed. Excellent things to report I shall maintain watch over the situation.
  5. DENIED (OOC) You came back a few days ago, get more active and show your face more and we'll consider another run around the bush. (You used your second character.) Cipher
  6. Military Intelligence: G-n-T Bureau of war. Report: 201853/Alpha-5 Name: Major John Doughlas Intention: Recent reports on the front of Scarvis yield a possible breakthrough. Message: If we were to continue with out operations in the south-sector and move towards the city, we could see a cut off in the arachnid horde. Updates to follow, but I can assure you... Hell is coming to Scarvis.
  7. APPROVED Welcome back, reinstated with full certs. Lt. A. Winters Cipher
  8. Cipher

    Training Log

    Engineering Training Log File 063 Instructor: MSpc. Kyril Layland Trainee(s): Spc. Lawrence Chandler, TSgt. Cait Donovan, Spc. Elzara Fazullin, 3Spc. Anton Volker Subject: MEC - SUBJECT EXT. SPARTAN IFV Program. Category: Vehicle Tactics, Variations and movement. Date: 06/25/2299 Time: 2100 GMT (16:00 EST) Notes: Concluded with the assignment of Vic's each engineer found the experience to be the task they needed as they are now going to maintain the vehicles from hence forth, training went well with a few hiccups but the general idea of vehicle
  9. Commanding Officer Lieutenant: Amanda Winters (Steam)  Executive Officer Technical Sergeant: Cait Donovan (Steam)  Divisional Advisement: Divisional Instructors: Master Specialists: MSpc. Kyril Layland (Steam)  MSpc. William Saint-Claire (Steam)  MSpc. Noemi Reel (Steam) Senior Specialists: SSpc. Lawrence Chandler (Steam)
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