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  1. Accepted, but be prepared for the hair to be brought up ICly as it could be construed out of regulation.
  2. Please refer to the following, specifically this part of the second line: "Images must contain all of the groups open and all children visible..." Could you also include an image with the head selected and the full PAC window visible, please?
  3. Okay, yeah, that does look better. Approved.
  4. Not sure if it's the lighting or the model, but the face looks a little off. It's hard to describe, but it's like it's too bright compared to the rest of the model? Could you perhaps take another few images with a slightly darker setting? I suspect your stormfox is acting up.
  5. Thank you. Accepted. Contact an admin in game to receive PAC flags.
  6. It should look something like this: STEAM_0:0:5241528 If you type status in console when in game, it'll show your SteamID next to your OOC name.
  7. Please include your Steam ID. Once you've done that, we'll accept it.
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