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  1. I think this is the last entry I'll do to set in stone the retirement of this character. Thank you @Mist @Sting and the other people who let me keep Malenkov running as long as she has. I've had her for two thirds of a year and I think with what's happening in my real life, this is an alright stopping point. See you around, homies.
  2. Oh dear. 14. If you know, you know.
  3. I think it's strangely fitting that mortal reminder #13 goes to the black cross arc.
  4. I'll drop your ban down to a week. I think the fact that your appeal is written better than your character is both alarming and amusing and I can't for the life of me figure out which takes precedence. I spoke with every admin online at the time (there were about 9 of us) and we were all in unanimous agreement to ban you. We've adopted a zero tolerance policy after the same group of people have been repeatedly making efforts to undermine or otherwise outright ruin the chain of events leading into our black cross arc on the server coming mid January. Just because an event does not resonate with you does not mean the majority of the server feel the same way. If you feel the need to cause trouble or undermine the tone of an event with a non serious character because it does not suit you then maybe sstrp.net is not the place for you. I'll let you decide if it is or not over the course of the next week. If you wait it out and come back, we'll give you a fair shake. If it happens again I won't even read the appeal.
  5. I don't think someone making a delivery in broad daylight in front of an entire platoon of infantrymen is very suspicious. They made no effort to conceal what they were doing and were forthcoming when questioned by armed soldiers. They didn't deny where the package was taken and even told you they hadn't looked in it because they're just a delivery worker. Out of context it's easy to pull the "you were acting suspicious" card but in reality the character had done nothing to you to warrant them not being taken at face value for what they said. You got suspicious that they were 'too forthcoming' when cornered in an alleyway by men with assault rifles. That doesn't really click for me. Edit; I also want to point out that being tasked by your team leader doesn't absolve you of what felt like metagaming to complete your orders and make you look good by uncovering what you perceived as some big conspiracy.
  6. I just realised this is a thing. I'll speak since I was consulted by Odin regarding his ban and supported the decision to have it happen. One of the contributing factors to this ban was him going out of his way to derail an event. An example of this was him metagaming my event character when I gave him a faux name and him immediately jumping on that when he saw my name in chat was different from the one my character stated despite having a bonafide fake identity in the community they were embedded within. He took it upon himself to repeatedly try and catch my char in a lie despite having no good reason or inclination to believe that was the case. They were literally just a legal package deliverer in a war zone. Other chars even tried to defuse the situation but he was quite fervent to be the hero and metagame his way to a solution. Then he got psychicly influenced and thought it would be very cool to write a passive aggressive emote before taking off. Then you have his shpeel with Odin's char that came after.
  7. I don't really think this is even recognizable as an SST pac to be frank. I think I've got to agree with Ryan on this. The off-duty is nice though. Provided nobody screams at you for having a sidearm on you on the ship.
  8. for pac size u need to put the size of the head's import in megabytes not the size for the pac itself.
  9. @Arrow again. Fuck you for giving me so much character development ❤️
  10. entry 11 will do relations later @Luckish @Jack @Arrow
  11. Entry 10. A Malenkovian history lesson.
  12. Added @Luckish's dog-ass. Added another entry.
  13. Long time no edit. I've added a new mortal reminder to keep up with the times. You know who you are :)))
  14. i'm very fluent in the language of the gibbers ty but it's not gibberish it's a verse from tron cat
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