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    pinktext my char please
  2. you linked the pac text file size btw. whats meant by filesize in specific is the such of imported models like your headhack.
  3. new media. new theme song. updated tarot card. done .. . ..
  4. There's really not much of a "defense" to be written. Chain of events was literally; Sitting in a canyon, nothing special happening, trucking along, Willmut calls that he can fire a nuke and I reply in a /yell by saying "If you shoot that nuke I'll shoot you in your face" and he did it with the time taken to /y a direction and a flash warning. The rest is just consequence of what happened, and seeing as it was taken IC by event runners too there's not much else to add in that department. I wanna reempathise that I do not care if the PK sticks or not and I'm not going to argue over it or
  5. updated the tarot card. will do relations later!
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