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  1. you've been banned from the discord only, thats correct. i dont really wish to give this brainrotten attempt at an "exposé" much air cause there's no plot or agenda behind any of it. arrow stopped playing the server and stuck around discord to throw passive agressive remarks around time to time. do note he's been kicked by other staff members than myself at the time for similar ""offenses"" (the roleplay court finds you guilty, arrow. .. . .) i did sit down and tell you to stop stirring drama and causing trouble for no reason other than quenching your boredom. couldnt care less for throwing mean words at myself or hicks but you popped into a voice channel while we were playing a game and refused to stop after being told to, so i just issued a ban which frankly; only served the purpose at the time to prevent you from returning from a kick as you'd be able to rejoin instantly.
  2. Federation regulations call for their servicemembers not to wear any form of bodymodifications such as piercings, tunnels, etc. That's an in-character quarrel entirely, though. Fair game from my end so long as you do not mind the risk that comes with wearing them aswell as the possibility for being called upon to remove your piercings by one of your superiors. Just a headsup, we have PAC3 Gear mounted on the server. Those same goggles on your character are included in the content, so that's a download you can cut out to save on filesizes.
  3. post a screenshot of your loadout list along with it, including the render time if possible please.
  4. I understand it can be confusing when you have not been made familiar with the way of how flows operate, but I tried my best to explain that to you after the fact in our DMs when you contacted me. In regards to what transpired at the time during and prior to the PK: Gmod can be very janky and annoying at times when faced with situations like these. As elf already reiterated though, even without the ladder incident you probably would have been overrun and the fact that you got as unlucky as you got - rolling a -99/-100 as it happened - tilted the outcome towards a PK instead of an injury or even slipping away unscathed entirely. I personally do not see an issue or many grounds to revoke this PK unfortunately if you'd ask me. As much as it pains me to say, even with the precident set of Gmod being jank. The other person should have been subject to a similar fate realistically, but their roll, as -again- elf already mentioned, did not dish out a PK flow. Not to step on your toes but I believe you didn't lose much out of this anyway. It sure sucks to lose a character, and while I cannot say how much development you put into him that hasn't seen the server yet: You were given a new Engineer and basically a clean start as if nothing happened, which you could theoretically transfer whatever form of background story or pieces you had written up over to.
  5. i accept this app by executive decree
  6. post a screenshot of your pac items arranged in the loadout list. the render time will be displayed there aswell.
  7. where da render time and loadout list at
  8. Ace


    pinktext my char please
  9. you linked the pac text file size btw. whats meant by filesize in specific is the such of imported models like your headhack.
  10. There's really not much of a "defense" to be written. Chain of events was literally; Sitting in a canyon, nothing special happening, trucking along, Willmut calls that he can fire a nuke and I reply in a /yell by saying "If you shoot that nuke I'll shoot you in your face" and he did it with the time taken to /y a direction and a flash warning. The rest is just consequence of what happened, and seeing as it was taken IC by event runners too there's not much else to add in that department. I wanna reempathise that I do not care if the PK sticks or not and I'm not going to argue over it or the sorts. Be it that an IC order was over-read or not, the action that took place in character is what happened and caused this all to come to an end as it did. From what I recall there was no chat-spam either causing my characters /yell to scroll out faster than it can be read. that's all.
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