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  1. Kovacs: "Kovacs saw me at my absolute worst when Xyla passed. I was a mess, and he still took time on a dangerous drop to put a hand on my shoulder and try telling me things were alright. Maybe I just didn't appreciate it before, but despite his rough exterior to some, he's got a heart. I hope you don't judge me for my reaction." That was Kozyar you fruit. 🤣
  2. Disorder

    Reality Check

    It wasn't going to be long until the valiant soldier saw the reality on the field every single video avoided to show. It was not the march of glory, an army spearheading through the bugs like a hot knife slicing through butter. It all happened during his last deployment, the details of the location an assignment always seem to have eluded him, added with his poor understanding in general of the english language. A house by a huge lake, memories of an old picture he found of something similar back on Odessa. Someone lived there before the bugs invaded, now only ghosts of the past seem to haunt the place. It didn't take long until the teams were swarmed by bugs yet again, they were split once more in Bravo and seemingly Arkady has been assigned once more to be under the command of Corporal Vilish. They were barely acquianted, and mostly at the bar inbetween the deployment. They seemed to trust eachother and that was more than enough to try and make something to work. The fight escalated quickly, a large bug everyone refered to as the 'tank' began rapidly advancing towards the soldiers, unloading a whole machinegun magazine into it seemed to only make it more angry. It breathed fire, the flames nearly engulfing some of the troops including Arkady. His worst fear, had been triggered, panicked he tossed himself in the water to cull down the flames before they burn through the armor and onto his skin. He was lucky, others were not as the smell of burnt flesh filled the whole area where the fighting took place. The large creature was relentless, eventually the decision was taken to rocket it down from orbit, problem was the surrounding troops on the filled. Chaos ensured, the rocket slammed directly into the beast, a powerful light nearly blinding everyone around. The shockwave tossed nearly everyone on the ground, though some unlocky people having their armor pierced by various fragments of metal, including an engineer. She seemed nearly unconcious, her right shoulder pierced and bleeding from a metal fragment. The man yelled frantically on the radio requesting for a medic, the whole platoon was moving father away. Despite being ordered to regroup, he ignored it. Instead he planted his machinegun down on the ground as one of the medics noticed and rushed to the scene. What happened in minutes almost seemed like hours, the engineer was lucky enough not to have anything serious and with the help of the two managed to regroup with the rest. She was lucky this time. The fight went on almost like all hell had been let lose, the different bug species attacking them relentless and with no self preservation instinct. Cohersion nearly lacked, the platoon reaching a hill where they almost shot eachother in the crossfire. Arkady could barely focus, many thoughts going through his mind. Eventually the team reached an airstrip and nuked a big bug nest which caused their attacks to halt. But what was the cost? Another woman soldier had lost her right hand, cleanly cut off by something, other soldiers with burn marks, cuts and bruises. Was this the glorious war he had expected? Not even close, reality has a bad way of telling you to wake up. Alcohol during that night helped, at least to get some shuteye.
  3. Disorder

    First time?

    Down from the barren and frozen wastes of Siberia and onto one of the most advanced space stations he had even seen, Arkady was near in awe and he dragged his first steps on the colossus. He could wear a shirt and shorts and not even feel the slight tinging of the cold that's been nearly earing him away back home. He didn't have much time to admire the scene, an automated woman's voice started hailing the troops to head for the debriefing room, Arkady having no idea where that was but chose to just follow where most people went. He stood in line with the rest, his english more than chipped and causing him enough difficulty to understand what the higher ranks have been saying. But he didn't care, anything they'd throw on him would be better than the ice cold at home and with most animals there wanting to kill and eat you. He would soon turn to regret his hopes, as most of the time what you see and hear can be much different than what usually happens. He took his suit of armor and dressed himself, following a rifle he only used a few times during boot camp. The metal felt rough and cold to the touch, not even close to the smooth wooden frame his old Mosin used to have, neither the weight though he adjusted to it rather easily. He wasn't going to meet with any of the bugs today, instead they were deployed in an area where they had to storm a large villa complex and to try and capture some of the hostiles there. It seemed quite easy, no hostages so just a sweep and go back to the metal cage. He was assigned to be part of Bravo, under the command of a Corporal named Vilish. He was easy to remember, especially with the odd mustache he sported, a clear indicative. Bravo was supposed to be the flanking theam, and so they circled around the right flank to get a better view of the whole mansion. Instead it was decided first to clear out one of the smaller houses next to it, a few hostiles have been spotted barricading themselves inside. The push was stale, Arkady noticing a Sergeant and Vilish getting ready to make the charge inside. He did not see it fit, the risk itself for a higher rank and decided instead to charge himself towards them. He managed to nick one of the hostiles but was shot twice in the chest as a result, he wasn't looking to hide, but rather paint a target on himself so his teammates could take them out. It worked, it hurt but at least it worked. He was lucky the vest stopped the rounds from going too deep, the fragments embedding and ripping off a part of his skin. He was quickly taken care of, rather field stabilized by a woman named Wyatt, shortly after resuming the first more than ever with the added adrenaline going through his body. The fight ended shortly after, the villa overwhelmed and even one of the hostiles that seemed to be their leader taken prisoner. Shortly after the forces have been evacuated with little to no wounded people. Two bullets but at least that earned him the Private rank. Like was looking good, especially after the first dose of painkiller.
  4. is this the dude with the super mario mustache?
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHkBFymRiOs Born and raised in a small fishing village alongside the harsh winter and near empty lands of Siberia, Russia. His mother, Nadya had been the closest they would ever get to a doctor alongside his father Kaven, one of the village hunters and fishermen. Food had always been scarce, and sometimes you even had to battle the other apex predators top reclaim the small bit of meat to bring to the village. His childhood and teenager years were as common as every other child, starting to do his part after the small age of 6 by either cleaning up the game brought by the hunters, the fish and even the tools they used in their hunts. He always wanted more, however, just being the water boy was clearly not enough. It took weeks of near begging his father before he eventually accepted to take him into one of his hunting trips, where to his near delight he held, and even was taught to handle the old Mosin Nagant his father was using. It felt beyond good, empowering even to decide something or someone's fate only with a single trigger pull. Eventually when he reached the age of 16 he was allowed to participate fully into the hunts, spending most of his time with the other hunters. His parents grew older and tired, eventually Arkady taking his father's role near fully. He absolutely loved it, near obsessed with spending up to weeks in the open wilderness for his hunts, and most of the time alone, taking a big risk. It will all come to a halt soon enough as during one of his hunting trips he was attacked by a bear while picking up the dead fox he just shot. He barely managed to escape alive and returned to the village more dead than everything. Weeks-...months even passed until he could get his bearings back. Despite his parrents insisting, he still continued to go on hunting trips and spent even more time there. There was something about the silence, the background and even his predator instinct that kept him drawn to it. The village ended up mostly relying on him for hunting, the rest of the men focusing on fishing as clearly that's much more safer. Several years passed without any major incidents happening, until Arkady was 23 years old and that's when dissaster struck. During one of fishing trips as the men were pulling the net up with the fis it seemed to ave attracted a bear that was underwater hunting seals. It jumped into the boat and went berserk on the people, by the time it was killed half of them were either dead or on the brink of it, Kaven included. After a few weeks of constant agony, shifting from the live world and into purgatory, Kaven's body gave up. He was cremated and his ashes scattered around the lake area alongside the other fishermen that eventually found their doom. Nadya was devastated, sonething that shortened her life to a few more months until her heart also gave up, joining her husband in the eternal shadowland. At this point Arkady was left alone in this world, he was never the social type of person, never felt really part of the village, what was left of it. A few months pass, he filled their stocks as much as he could with food, and he set out to the wilderness to find his own luck. He had nothing left anymore to tie him to the small village, not even a small responsability towards them. The weather was against him all the way until he reached the nearest city, it took him nearly a week and after arriving there he looked closer to a neanderthal. Lucky for him there's a food shortage there too and he managed to sell some of his game for enough to buy a ticket to one of the bigger cities. Arriving there he noticed a poster of armed men with some odd and big bugs dead around, it was a recruitment add for the Federation. This could have been the golden ticket, he rushed to the recruitment center and signed up without even thinking for a second. Sure, the army would suck but probably not as bad as staying and surviving in this frozen wasteland. He was taken to one of the boot camps, months of training taught him basic english. Fighting, shooting and even surviving were natural for him, and compensated the other flaws he had. First deployment followed, he was going to be thrown directly into an operation. Would he survive? Height: 6' Hair: Black Eyes: Grey
  6. It's been doing alright so far in terms of the administration team, I mean I've interracted with a few and didn't have an issue, I mean if you use common sense you get repaid the same. The only issue at the moment is with the passive roleplay done around the ship, it's mixed up into the camps of people who actually do development of character and some who don't, get bored and begin to mess around up to the point where the fourth wall is broken. An attempt could be done to try and partially solve the issue and it stands on the hands of the administration team, for example the events or so called deployments could be done on a slower-paced assignment, for example being launched down for an X objective, something goes wrong and the team remains stranded with rather scarce provisions. An FOB could be established to try and contact for evaculation, teams can be assigned and sent out to try and scout the area of operations, supply runs to try and find resources to help maintain the FOB itself. It's something you can span for a whole day or maybe more up until then you can leave the NCO's to do the bulk of the work and keep things entertaining for longer.
  7. Disorder

    Nadya Kozyar

    "You will hear thunder and remember my name" Basic Information:Name: Nadya Kozyar Age: 22 D.O.B: 25/05/2275 Gender: Female Affiliation: N/A Role(s): Engineer Kin: N/A Homeworld: Norilsk, Siberia Alignment: True Neutral Hair color: Black Eye color: Grey Build: Athletic Rank: PfcBackstory: TBD Wealth: PoorCharacter Description: She stands at 5'6" with jet black hair and a pair of grey eyes, usually sporting a lightly modified ACU with various tools that help her day-to-day. There are considerable old scars on her hands, neck and face which came mostly from cuts, quite obvious on the origin too.Characteristics: She speaks with a broken english and a heavy russian accent, close to illiterate. Often seen by herself.
  8. r_maxmodeldecal 0r_drawmodeldecals 0r_PhysPropStaticLighting 0gmod_mcore_test 1cl_threaded_client_leaf_system 1r_3dsky 0r_queued_decals 1r_queued_post_processing 1r_queued_ropes 1r_threaded_client_shadow_manager 1r_threaded_particles 1r_threaded_renderables 1r_fastzreject -1cl_threaded_bone_setup 1cl_threaded_client_leaf_system 1snd_mix_async 1snd_async_fullyasync 1in_usekeyboardsampletime 0 mat_specular 0 Have fun!
  9. Well yeah, it's all about priorities. An NCO+ is much more likely to get an implant rather than a cannon fodder Private, at best the Private gets a medical discharge ergo a PK. It's all left to common sense but you know very well that doesn't always apply to people, trust must always be taken with a pinch of salt and checked.
  10. It all revolves around how the administration team handles it because ultimately they are the ones who authorize them.
  11. IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Nadya Kozyar Physical Age: 22 Race: Human Gender: Female Eye Color: Grey Hair Color: Black Height: 1.70m (5'6") Weight: 60 kg Employment & Background Current Rank: Pfc Educational History: Literally none, she can barely speak english. Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: N/A Service Record: N/A OOC: Character's College Explanation: Well there's not much to explain about her college considering she is almost close to illiterate, her english is barely enough so she can converse though with the experience she took a close watch and even helped the engineering division therefore gaining a considerable understanding about how things work. Of course there's alot she can still learn but that's what roleplay is for, right? Server Time: A few hours on this gamemode, played for a few months back when we still had NS. Roleplay History: Over 8 years of roleplay history ranging from garry's mod, world of warcraft and even text based. I can provide examples if requested. I know this probably doesn't look very alluring towards acceptance but I ask for a chance to better develop the story arc of my character, she was meant to be an engineer.
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