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  1. @Valkrae Share your comments on this please.
  2. I take it you put n/a because the file size is so negligible it doesn't warrant a response. As long as it's below 20mb, this is approved
  3. With everything noted, the PK is overturned. Balance of probabilities the standard of proof in civil cases, demanding that the case that is the more probable should succeed. This is the kind of decision represented by the scales of justice. The court weighs up the evidence and decides which version is most probably true. Thus, the actual truth may never be known. All that is done in the Anglo-American system is to choose which of the combatants has presented the most probable version. If both seem equally balanced, then the person pursuing the case loses on the basis of the **maxim melior est conditio defendentis**, ‘better is the position of the defender’. For the standard in criminal cases see In essence, in lack of proof that the PK was unintentional, though valid in the RNG, we believe the admins/event runners acted in the best interests of the situation and will stick with their decision.
  4. First off, the XA team brought it up. If it were anyone else, we would not tell you as that is not your prerogative. Thank you for your input onto the matter at hand, however. We'll wait for testimony from the event runners to further this discussion, I'll take care of asking them to respond.
  5. Approved, discussed the eyes and player agreed to terms in VC.
  6. So the issue is this. The cause behind your characters death was IC. A mistake was made. Not necessarily your mistake, however your character did lead a heroic distraction away from the platoon which already should amplify the PK risk altogether as you have already acknowledged. If the issue was related to your character dying due to lag, overspawning from something outside of a heroic endeavor or an accident occurred then there would be no issue in overturning this PK. But your characters death came from an IC source. Characters have died in the past as a result of IC mistakes and to overturn such things would not be conducive to roleplay. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way of it. Your character was offed as either a mercy kill by your platoon or a mistake in communication. An error that was IC and should remain IC. I’m sorry for your loss but the PK is sustained.
  7. https://discord.gg/k5j2zZXVwY Link above for the SSTRP.net Discord!
  8. Floofy, you know better than to ask for John Rambo permissions. No berets on combat drops and the camouflage needs to be coherent with the platoon
  9. Cutting it real close on that pac size. The face sure is pretty hollywooded up. Carmen ibanez style, make up in combat. If possible, let’s fix that. Also not sure if piercings are permitted. Consult @Ace for info on that. Approved with pending changes.
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