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  1. As the event runner, I can tell you without a doubt that the bug spawning was fair. The issue was not the amount of bugs spawned it was the amount or bugs the platoon failed to kill/see before reaching the lines or even flanking the platoon. The majority of bugs I spawned were groups of 2-3 on center, left and right. I was also the one spawning when it was your death flow. A failure of the platoon ICly is not on the shoulders of the event runner. Secondly, your character conducted a heroic action on their own freewill by your own admission. This enhances the danger your character
  2. Seeing as you are unaware of the real reasonings behind your previous ban, the ban will remain. Your previous ban appeal you forged and lied on logs and not even willing to admit it. Then the ERP was infact rape RP. We don’t need this in our community.
  3. After lengthy discussion, It is decided the ban is sustained. There have been numerous occasions where you were told to not make characters with dark, twisted, semi impossible backgrounds and you persist to make them. With that in mind, that you cannot listen to the demands of the staff team and decide you will do what you will do what you think is better for yourself, on numerous occasions, your chances have run dry. The consistent nature of disruption that has made a plethora of people uncomfortable, should not persist and seeing as you have been
  4. Appeal is noted. You can expect a response within 24 hours.
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